5 Video Editing Mistakes To Avoid

Video Editing Mistakes To Avoid: The art of editing is like storytelling. In editing, you combine complex clips and turn them into a refined story. Editing is essential after creating a video but it can be a very complicated and intimidating task. Without editing, a film or a video contains no volume. This part of post-production is considered as important as shooting. A good editor holds the power to make people believe that they are in the video or film by his editing skills. You can use multimedia software like Movavi Slideshow Maker, Lightroom, and GIMP for editing purposes.

We all make mistakes. But this art of editing can be learned with practice and patience. Here are some of the mistakes that people make often. However, you must avoid them to make your content look professional and perfect.

#1. Incomplete/over transitions:

Transitions play a huge role in your video and films. Basically, they are used to move from one shot to the other by subliminal or liminal effects. They can have a huge impact on your content but people usually fail to use them properly. The overuse of transitions can be as much of a problem as their deficient use. Sometimes, the length of a transition gets longer than the previous clip. And a black screen appears after that shot. In such a condition, you can either trim the clip or cut down the length of a transition.

Other than this, too many transitions can distract the viewers from the real content. Therefore, you must avoid these mistakes.

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#2. Inappropriate Pacing:

Setting the pace is vital to establish the general stylistic feel of a video or film. Pacing is used in a scene to invoke a certain mood. Sluggish pacing can create an element of suspense whereas quick pacing draws intensity, excitement, and dramatic action. Do pacing according to the nature of the shot or clip. After cutting the clip, go back and see if your video has rhythm. By altering the shot length, you can add a good pace to your video.

#3. Out-of-sync Audio:

This is the most common mistake that we see in various videos. This can make the viewers distracted and piss off at the same time. It happens when the audio and the movement of lips do not match. To make the audio and lips sync, you can split the clip and readjust the audio.

Out-of-sync Audio

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#4. Unnecessary Jump cuts:

It is an editing technique that cuts two sequential shots. Generally, the jump cut is used to make the subject look moved forward through time. It is an amazing technique and can give a magical effect to your clip. However, people often overuse this technique and it can give your content an immature look. So, avoid using unnecessary jump cuts in your video.

#5. Poor Audio Mixing:

Audio mixing is the most complex element of editing. Poor audio quality refers to poor video. Generally, your video contains three sounds; music, voice, and the clip’s audio. If you do not want the clip’s audio, you can easily off it from the settings. However, voices like running boots, shutting doors can be added to give a realistic view of your content.

An important thing to notice here is that if the music is too loud, you must put down its volume. Try to relate the background music with the nature of your dialogue and narration. Background music must remain in the background. Make sure that the music blends properly with the voice.

These tips will help you avoid such little but impactful mistakes and thereby give your video a polished and professional look.

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