6 Best Free Port Forwarding Software For Windows/Mac of 2023

You might have surely heard about port forwarding while playing the game from PC or when making video calls from skype. Port forwarding helps a person to improve the gaming experience by securing internet connections. Most of the time people choose routers over modems due to safety issues. At this time, port forwarding software proves to be an important tool to get rid of internet-related problems.

The most common issue that people often face while using a router includes the stoppage of games while playing. This results in frustration among players and thus they look for port forwarding. Port forwarding software allows the users to send communication requests from one address and port number combination to another while the packets are traversing a network gateway.

So, to select port forwarding software from the available list, just go through this article and learn about the best one in detail. Some of the best port forwarding software are:

#1. Simple Port Forwarding

Simple port forwarding

Simple port forwarding is a port forwarding software that is designed especially for the Windows system so that users can manage their router ports using it. It is available for users at no cost. With the help of this software, users do not need to open the web interface of the router. They can manage their router ports with the help of simple port forwarding software easily.

You can go for both free as well as the pro version of it. It depends on your choice and need of the time. Though you can opt, anyone, of course, the pro version will let you enjoy more services as compared to its free version. The Pro version will surely make things easier for you. If we talk about the present time, this software supports over 2500 routers. Multiple languages are its other important feature to be considered. It supports more than 50 languages and more than 700 games as well.

Its inbuilt user interface lets the user convert network addresses into static ones with the help of available router IP addresses. Moreover, it also offers to change the default DNS server when required. 

#2. PortMapper


If you want any other software that can help you in port forwarding, you can go for PortMapper without even thinking for a second. This is another free of cost port mapping software that can help you to forward any pert to any IP address. You can monitor any port without any efforts with the help of both TCP and UDP connections. This is because it has the feature of supporting both connections. There are some basic steps that you need to follow before enjoying its services. These steps include selecting the port that you want to map and then entering the full URL of the webserver. You can also go for entering an IP address if you want to. But do remember one thing, in case you have a public FTP server, this software will block access from the IP address.

Another advantage of this software is that it is accessible on all versions of windows no matter what. You can use this software from Windows 95 to Windows 10.

#3. UPNP PortMapper

UPNP PortMapper

It is another port forwarding software that you can go for. Users found it very easy to be used. It helps you to manage your UPNP enabled routers in the local network. Moreover, with the help of this software, you can easily view, add, or remove ports whenever required. You can also access various servers such as SSH, web, game server, and many more that are running around you.

You can also configure port forwarding with the help of the web administration software of your network gateway. However, UPnP PortMapper makes the process hassle-free and much more convenient. It allows you to select an already existing preset or create a new one and then add a port mapping on your computer. This complete process can be done with the help of only one single click. Also, this process involves retrieving IP addresses automatically so the user need not worry about adding them manually. It is available at no cost as well.

#4. Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac

Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac

As the name suggests, Port Forwarding Wizard for Mac is suitable for macOS. It is an application or tool that is suitable for various versions of macOS such as Snow Leopard, Lion, etc. once you enable the UPNP option in your network gateway, this software can communicate with your router with the help of UPnP standard.

For all these services, you need to first configure your router, launch Port Forwarding Wizard, and wait till the router gets detected. After being detected, the port will automatically retrieve required entries from the router and will show them to you.

It also allows you to add more ports for which just click on the add button, fill in the required details such as the port that you want to forward and internal IP address.


Are you among those who use Windows and are looking for a Port forwarding software with numerous features? If it is so then gone for AUTAPF. This software is also available at no cost. You can use this software for port mapping for free. Moreover, it is accessible via the web interface or manages with the help of the GUI interface. It completely depends on your choice.

AUTAPF keeps on monitoring the network interface just to check whether the required ports are available or not? It also allows you to add a new port, delete or make changes in the existing one if required.

It has another feature of the status page. This page allows you to know the current number of threads and sessions that are currently active on your network gateway such as router etc. Furthermore, it allows you to split and multiplex UDP diagrams in various directions, capture data from UDP a DCP port, support for IPV6 and ScopelDs.

#6. PFConfig


As with the rise in the use of the internet, routers have now become a common thing in each house. But when it comes to configuring them, people start facing several issues. This ultimately asks for visiting forums and start exploring things. It finally ends with ruining the configuration of the routers. So if you really want to escape from all these issues, just go for PFConfig.

It is a port forwarding software that will never let to fall in the pit of accessing the router configuration. This is because opening the ports on a router is as easy as selecting any ap and deciding which router you want to configure and that’s it. It does not require many steps to be followed or found on the web on how to do the whole process.

Just download the app from the store, install it, and configure it. After this, you are done with port mapping. 

Final words

When it comes to port forwarding software, there are various options available in the market but the problem arises with the selection of the best among them. All the mentioned port forwarding software is completely free for you and is very easy to use. You can use them for port forwarding in the way you feel comfortable. This software will surely remove your internet connection related issues as they include mostly everything. From troubleshooting to fixing port forwarding issues, from diagnosing the issue to port forwarding, all the things are done by this software, what you need to do is just use the software and enjoy the services.

Using this software will lead you to play games without any worry and feel satisfied. It will not only help you to improve your gaming experience but will also fix all your connection issues. So what are you waiting for, just decide the one you want to install and get rid of all the internet connection related issues.

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