What is Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp?

You might have come across various in-built bloatware and adware applications in android devices. This software consumes much CPU and RAM capacity along with good memory space. When it comes to com.sec.android.daemon app is an entirely different application and does not let the user face any such issues.

But before you understand com.sec.android.daemon app, let’s check out what daemon is and get more details about it.

What is a daemon?

A daemon is like a computer virus that runs like a background process and responds to the user’s requests. This program forwards the requests to other programs and thus is a part of the extensive application system. Make sure not to get confused between daemon and service. Both are entirely different terms as service refers to a program that responds to the request from other software and sometimes even performs automated tasks without any user interface. 

What is com.sec.android.daemon app?

com.sec.android.daemon app is a complete pack of several daemons and a system application designed by Samsung to supply strong support to the system for stock, weather, news app, alarm, etc. Daemon shows the information from yahoo news, yahoo finance, accuwetaher.com, and thus other programs use this information for various tasks.

But it may affect the overall performance of your android and can increase the battery and power consumption. Also, it sometimes results in an error and hangs problems with the device. It usually happened when the unified daemon stops working. 

So, in this case, people prefer uninstalling or disabling com.sec.android.daemon app to save data and battery. Although you can control and restrict the background data usage by making some required changes yet if you still want to uninstall it, you can check out the below-mentioned steps to lower the battery and data usage. 

Steps to disable/uninstall com.sec.android.daemonoapp

Suppose you want to get rid of com.sec.android.daemon app, you have two options: either to disable the application or to uninstall it. If you disable the app, it becomes easy to enable it whenever required, but you need to download the program and make all the settings again if you uninstall it. 

Steps to disable com.sec.android.daemonoapp

Step 1: Go to settings and click on the applications tab.

Step 2: Once the applications open up, tap on the unified daemon app.

Step 3: It will give you two options; force stop and disable. Click on disable tab and accept the warning.

Following all the three steps in the series will help you disable the com.sec.android.daemon app easily. You can enable it again by following the same steps and clicking on enable tab when you tap on the unified daemon app in all apps section. 

Steps to uninstall com.sec.android.daemonoapp

As com.sec.android.daemon app is an inbuilt software; android devices do not allow you to uninstall the application. But there is an option to uninstall the daemon app. You can root your android device to control and install the daemon app. It can be done in two ways: using the computer and without using the computer. Let’s check out the steps to uninstall the com.sec.android.daemon app.

1. Rooting without using a PC

Step 1: To perform rooting without using a computer, you must download and install the KingRoot app on your android device. 

Step 2: Once you install the KingRoot app, launch the application and click on the next tab.

Step 3: Wait for the process to complete. It will hardly take few minutes to complete the rooting process. 

2. Rooting using a PC

Step 1: to perform rooting using a PC, you must download and install KingRoot software on your windows/mac devices.

Step 2: once you install the KingRoot app, open the settings of your android device, then click on the System tab and then click on the about phone option.

Step 3: start tapping on the build number and keep tapping until a message “you are already a developer” pops up.

Step 4: when you see the message, go back and choose the developer options.

Step 5: turn on UDB debugging and OEM unlock options.

Step 6: Connect your android device and PC using a USB cable.

Step 7: now, launch the KingRoot app.

Step 8: Now follow the following steps and wait until the rooting process gets completed.

Steps to uninstall the program after rooting

After you complete the rooting process using a PC, you may disconnect your android device from the PC and follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the system app remover application on your android device.

Step 2: Launch the application and search com.sec.android.daemon app

Step 3: Follow the following steps:

Step 4: once you reach the uninstall option, tap the uninstall tab to delete the software from your android device.

Following these steps will help you to get rid of the malware permanently. Ensure completing the process carefully and step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a unified daemon application?

Ans. It acts as a support for various other applications running on your android devices. These applications include yahoo finance, news, and weather. Other applications such as alarms, calendars, cameras, etc., use the data for various tasks, and thus unified daemon application is an integral part of the extensive application system.

2. Does it consume battery, data, and memory units?

Ans. Yes, the unified daemon app runs in the background process and thus increases battery and data consumption. Also, it takes consumes good memory space.

3. Can we stop it from reducing battery consumption?

Ans. Although the battery consumption by the daemon app varies from device to device, if you want to reduce your battery and data consumption, you can disable or uninstall the application.

4. Can I re-enable/reinstall the application once deleted?

Ans. It is possible to re-enable and reinstall the application by following some general steps only.

5. Does the android device allows the user to uninstall the com.sec.android.daemon app directly from the android device?

Ans. Since com.sec.android.daemon app is an inbuilt software; you can not uninstall the application from your device. To uninstall the application, you need to perform rooting with or without using a PC. 

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To improve the overall performance and efficiency of the android devices, people generally look for various ways to disable or uninstall the com.sec.android.daemon app. if you are among those who want to get rid of the program and wants to reduce battery and data consumption, the steps mentioned above will surely help you. It depends on your choice and requirement if you wish to disable or install the malware. Make sure to take the right decision and follow all the general steps to complete the task in few minutes only.