Top 10 Best Webinar Software Platforms For 2023

A webinar is a combination of two words, “web” and “seminar,” which means a seminar that is conducted online or virtually. Hosting online events have a lot of advantages, like physical events. Therefore, you should consider hosting one for your business.

An online seminar is an effective marketing strategy that digital marketers can utilize. It has benefits that can help a business grow. Conducting a single webinar can bring you over 1000 leads. Now, that’s a lot of potential customers.

Are you thinking of starting a webinar now? If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some reasons why you should organize one for your business.


Besides generating more leads for your business, webinars have other benefits for your business to grow, and here are some of them.

Build Brand Value for Your Target Audience

Hosting a seminar allows you to engage with your audience. Therefore, every time you host an online seminar, people will remember you. When they need something that your brand offers, it’s your business that will come first on their mind.


A webinar is more effective than most marketing forms while being cost-effective. All you need is a list of attendants, a webcam, content, and an internet connection. It would be easier to conduct a webinar than to create a physical seminar or convention.

Understands Target Audience

Hosting an interactive seminar, where there are question and answer segments, allows you to understand what your potential customers want. In this way, you can try to tailor your products and services to your audience.

Added Revenue

You can create a paid webinar packed with valuable content, especially if you have a large audience. For a few dollars, you can get some revenue stream.

Build Relationships

People don’t like doing business with companies. They want to interact with people. Online seminars give people the chance to get an insight into you and your brand, which will increase their trust in you.

Builds Authority and Trust 

Business hosting seminars can showcase their expertise in that industry. Showing your skills and knowledge in your field will establish authority and trust. Hence, people will purchase your product or service.

Now you’ve seen the importance or benefits of hosting a seminar for your business. It’s time to host one for yourself. There are many software platforms you can use to start your webinar. Here we have listed a few you can choose from and begin.



Webinar Jam: Top webinar software

When it comes to the best webinar platform, WebinarJam has to be on top of the list. It’s often utilized by businesses for its affordable price and great features. Newbies will enjoy this platform whenever they plan on selling products or services.


  • Participants and presenters: You can invite up to 5000 people in a single presentation and six presenters.
  • Multiple devices: WebinarJam is flexible and adaptable on any device. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even phone.
  • Better quality: No need to worry about pixelated images or unclear frame rates. WebinarJam will take care of it in a smooth way. Get HD video quality, 30 FPS, and great audio broadcasting.
  • Live chat: As mentioned earlier, having an interactive webinar allows you to understand your audience. That’s why WebinarJam has a Live Chat option for that. You conduct live Q and allow private comments, highlight comments, create sticky announcements, and more. Get all of this in real-time.
  • Perfect recordings: You get recordings that are exactly as what happened during the live seminar. It will show comments, the exact moment they were posted, and the products and surveys you offer from your presentation. In addition, you can schedule the Replay Rooms.
  • Run a webinar anytime: You can start a webinar anytime you want. You can either go live right now, schedule an event, create recurring series of webinars, and an “Always-on” room.
  • Bring Attendee to the Spotlight: You can make your audience participate by bringing them into the spotlight. With a single click, your attendee can now speak, share their screen, and broadcast their webcam. Furthermore, you can easily return them to their “Attendee-only mode.”
  • Automated email and SMS: Send out automated emails or reminders to your registrants for them not to miss your event. You can also send post-webinar messages to thank your attendees or if they have missed out on it.

Price: The basic plan with two presenters and 500 attendees is $499/ year.


Demio: Top Weninar software

Another outstanding webinar platform to consider is Demio. It’s known to provide a hassle-free experience, a modernized look, and a combination of live recorded and mixed hybrid webinars. It runs effective webinars with less work on your part.

Your audiences don’t have to download the software for them to attend your webinar. In addition, you’ll enjoy excellent marketing tools for better results.


  • Interface: Demio has a friendly user interface that allows users to manage it easily. You don’t have to download the app or software to join a webinar. They have a one-click browser option.
  • Promote events and effective marketing strategies: Create effective registration forms, thank you notes, collect your participants’ information for new leads, increase attendees with email reminders, and export registrations and contacts into a CSV file.
  • Polls and survey: Let your audience answer questions on surveys or polls.
  • Offers and CTAs: Lead your viewer to products or offers by including a sign-up page and URL while conducting the seminar.
  • Chatbox: Get real-time chat messages from your audience either in a private or public chat mode.
  • Excellent video quality and recordings: Aside from good quality live videos, you can also record your webinar in HD quality, and it can also be downloaded in MP4 format. Share your recordings to your audience to increase engagement and customize your replay button.
  • Integration: Whichever app you are using, you can easily connect it to Demio. It will improve the conversion of automation and tagging of your audience.
  • Support and reliability: It offers 24/7 live chat support, with a response time of 5 minutes or less, the platform is secured with the best protection to ensure all data are stored privately, and get step-by-step guides and demos.

Price: Try the 14-day free trial. Paid plans start at $34/ month with 50 attendees.


Livestorm: top webinar software

Start building relationships with your audiences or customers by making webinars or video meetings. Livestorm is designed for all types of businesses, whether you run a small business or a large enterprise. Furthermore, you can make it easy for your attendees by letting them join your online seminar without downloading any app, plugins, or add-ons.


  • Types of seminars: Livestorm can support any type or form of seminars you plan to hold. Whether you are to host a recurring, pre-recorded, on-demand, or live event webinars, Livestorm can handle anything.
  • Webinar features: Host with HD quality of unlimited webinars, share screen or app to attendees, no downloads required, and share videos or pre-recorded seminars to your viewers.
  • Audience interaction: Allow real-time chat with the audience, let them send and upvote questions, answer polls and surveys, and bring the spotlight to them anytime.
  • Set up webinar registration: Create invites that are appealing to grab attention. You can add a cover image, your company’s logo, embed the form anywhere and add other fields you need.
  • Reports: Get a detailed report of how many people attended your live session, how many people registered, get the information of the registrant, and see if they stay in your live attendance for the whole time or not.
  • Recordings: Record instantaneously, store your replays, and get reports on how many people viewed your replays.
  • Integration: Easily export your data in CSV and XLS format, integrate more than 1000 apps and get real-time notifications from Slack.

Price: Free. Paid plans start at $99/ host/ month, billed annually.


GoToWebinar: Top Webinar Software

GoToWebinar is an excellent platform that you’ll trust to run your webinars. They hosted 2.7 million webinars a year. Now, start planning your webinar hassle-free and stress-free. Bring your goals to GoToWebinar and watch how you’ll bring more leads to your company.


  • Easy Planning: View webinars, set schedules, and use ready-made templates or use past webinar’s settings.
  • Get more audiences: Create invitations or registration forms that include your company’s logo, color, image, name, and more. In addition, you can also grab people’s attention to sign in your webinar by adding questions or use your channel page.
  • Recordings and integration: Record and share your webinars online to reach more audiences and integrate more apps like CRM or marketing automation to manage things easily.
  • Reports: Find out about the number of attendees, how many stayed the whole webinar, how your webinar did, and what channels drove your attendees to sign up.

Price: There are four webinar plans of GoToWebinar, starting with $49/ organizer/ month, billed annually.


GetResponse: Top webinar software

With more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, GetResponse has already proved its worth to a lot of companies, although it is known as an email marketing platform, GetResponse has now a Webinar solution.

You can bring your business online and start connecting with your potential customers. With webinars, you can increase your conversion rate and engagement.


  • Easy setup: It takes a few minutes to create your webinar, its URL, registration form, and more.
  • Reports: Get detailed reports of your webinar by gathering the number of attendees, device’s used, location, and more.
  • Maximize audience engagement: Share files and videos while presenting, ask attendees to answer polls and tests, share screen, Livestream on Facebook and YouTube, and use a call-to-action button.
  • Host webinars anywhere: With the free app, you can host your webinar anywhere you are with your mobile device. You can streamline videos and audios, record webinars, have a live chat, and interact with attendees. Furthermore, attendees joining your online seminar can join using a mobile browser.

Price: The paid package plan starts at $49/ month with a maximum of 100 attendees.

#6. ZOOM

Zoom: Top webinar software

We all know that Zoom is a communication software that many businesses use to conduct meetings with remote employees or clients. But you can also use your Zoom account to host webinars for your business. It’s a scalable and reliable webinar solution that will get your money’s worth.

You can choose from 100 to 10000 attendees, create a customizable registration form using your brand, and integrate apps to easily manage it.


  • High-quality videos and audios: Get HD live videos with virtual backgrounds. In addition, you can also have 100 live video panelists that can interact with the audience.
  • Recurring and on-demand webinars: Expand your online seminars with on-demand and recurring webinars. Use recordings and auto-generated transcripts.
  • Reporting: Get detailed reports on the number of attendees, polls, Q and As, the number of people who sign up, and more.
  • Stream online: Stream your live webinar on Facebook, YouTube, and other integrated customer service app.
  • Host controls: You can mute/unmute, promote an attendee to panelists, and allow your attendees to engage in the webinar.
  • Integrate and streamline marketing tools: Streamline marketing automation like Salesforce, Panopto, Kaltura, and others.

Price: Starts at $40/ host/ month for 100 attendees.


Webinarninja: top webinar software in 2020

Webinarninja is your all-in-one solution to host your online webinar. In just a few seconds you can set up your webinar details, and run any form of webinars you want. It’s used by large companies like AppSumo, BareMetrics, and John-Lee Dumas.


  • Interact with attendees: Make a pleasant and friendly environment by interacting with your attendees. Ask attendees for questions, run multiple polls, and get real-time chat responses.
  • Send email notifications: Remind your registrants of your webinar by automatically sending email confirmation and reminder. Add a personal touch and send follow-up emails too.
  • Customizable registration and thank you pages: Add your brand’s logo, color, image, and video. Save the template for future use.
  • Integration: Bring your automatic marketing apps to help you with the conversion of leads.

Price: Plan starts at $39/ month, billed annually with 100 attendees.


JetWebinar: Top webinar software

If you need a platform that has an impressive scale, JetWebinar has a lag of less than 300ms with over 10000 attendees. You don’t have to worry about delays anymore. If you’ll be hosting a large scale webinar, you should consider using JetWebinar.


  • Speed: It is considered to be one of the ultra-fast broadcasting platforms.
  • Real-time communication: It delivers real-time communication with your audience.
  • Unlimited attendance: You can scale up your webinar events to as many attendees as you want. JetWebinar has no upper limit.
  • Access on any device: Host webinars using mobile devices or any device. In addition, attendants of the webinar don’t need to download any software to join.
  • Integrate with other tools: JetWebinar works with a variety of application tools because its API interface can match the app and this webinar platform.
  • Landing page builder: Easily customize your landing page with JetWebinar’s drag and drop page builder.

Price: Starters package begins at $63/ month when billed annually.


WebEx: Top webinar software

WebEx is more than a platform for video conferencing, team collaboration, and cloud call. You can host a webinar with WebEx and enjoy its amazing features. The only downside with WebEx is that it doesn’t have marketing tools with it. But if you are only seeking a platform to manage your webinars, then WebEx can deliver it for you.


  • Events and webcasting: Host as many as 100,000 attendees with a webcast and white-glove service. Make your online event interactive and engaging to your participants.
  • Engage with attendees: Your participants must be part of your discussion or presentation. Therefore, you must deliver an interactive webinar like screen sharing, Q&A, polling, and live chat.
  • Customized invites: Create invitations or registration sites that show your brand.
  • Recording: Get high-quality recordings and share them online for replays.

Price: Contact the sales team to determine the price and plan you need for your business.


ClickMeeting: Top webinar software platform

Last on our list of webinar platforms you might want to give a try is ClickMeeting. It is designed for serious marketers. It is packed with dedicated webinar tools and features that you’ll enjoy for your business.


  • Customizable webinar page: Add your logo, image, and show your brand’s niche by designing your webinar page to show your customer your business.
  • Create a registration page: Build an appealing registration page for prospects and gather information from them. You can create a better prospect list and relationship with your potential customers.
  • Stream Live videos: Reach more audiences by streaming your live video on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Analytics: Gather reports and analytics of the number of participants and other metrics.

Price: Free. Price varies on the number of attendees or participants.


A webinar is an effective marketing strategy to increase your leads or prospects and turn them into paying customers. With the right tools and content, you’ll be able to increase your business’s leads, and eventually your sales. 

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