How to Reset Astro A50 Headset? Simple Methods

If you want to reset the Astro A50 headset, then today we will discuss on how to Reset Astro A50 Headset. Stay connected with us till the end.

Learn How to Reset Astro A50 Headset

Before we go, remember that a hard reset like this will destroy any customized settings you have saved for your headphones.

You can probably make do with it even if it isn’t ideal because your headphones aren’t working right now. we would just take a screenshot of your defaults before moving on.

So, if you are having trouble, you must take these actions in the hopes that they may help and solve your issue.

So that any software problems can be swiftly resolved, the Astro a50 settings should be restored to their original condition.

Step 1:

Start by placing your Astro A50s on the charging port. On the headset’s right side, simultaneously press and hold the Game and Dolby logo buttons for 15 seconds

Step 2:

When you notice that they are charging, shake them about. The charging LEDs on the dock should start to flash.

Step 3:

After you notice the dock charging, press the Power button on the headphones to turn them ON, and then remove them from the dock.

Step 4:

Next, look for the Dolby On / Source Audio button. It will be on the side of your headphones. That button is in the middle.

Step 5:

Strike a balance between the voice and the game. “Game side” is inscribed on the outer ear cup of the Astro A50 headset. It ought to be on its right side.

Step 6:

After locating these buttons, press and hold them all at once for approximately 15 seconds.

Step 7:

After the 15 seconds are up, put your Astro A50s back on the charging port. The power light should now turn on and your headphones should work!

How to hard reset the Astro a50? (Video)

When should you attempt a headset reset on your Astro A50?

Now that you are aware of the price or cost, you can reset your headset. Knowing the circumstances in which this must be done will be very helpful to you. 

Because of this, we have compiled a few scenarios based on user problems and solutions. We anticipate that you will gain from these circumstances. The following is a summary of some methods by which you might need to reset your Astro A50 headset.

  • Your headset’s power light is not visible.
  • The sound on the headset is broken.
  • When your Headset turns OFF, the process begins.
  • The microphone is not functioning correctly.
  • The headset is unable to connect to your gadget.

These are only a few instances that occur often among users.

Final Words

The Astro A50 is one of the most popular gaming headsets on the market right now. And for good reason that they have a lot of power.

The Astro A50 Headset primarily works with PS4, PC, and Mac platforms and offers high-quality sound. Either it is made expressly for that platform, or it is at ease there.

But even great things have their share of flaws. Fortunately, a fast hard reset can solve the majority of issues you’ll run into with the A50s.

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