Where is the Power Button on a TCL Roku TV? And how to turn On/Off without a remote?

If you are searching for the details of where is the power button on a TCL Roku TV. then today we will provide the all details related to it, and also provide the details of how to find it.

Where is the Power Button on a TCL Roku TV?

Below the middle of TCL TV

On a TCL Roku TV, the power button is normally found at the center of the bottom or along the back of the right-hand side.

In the majority of Roku TV models, this is the typical location. It is not readily visible unless you look at the bottom of your TV, and finding the button can be challenging unless you do.

Where is the Power Button on a TCL Roku TV step by step details.
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Power Button is TCL Roku TV’s mid-right side of the back

The rear of the mid-right side of a TCL Roku TV, close to other buttons and ports, is another typical location for the power button.

Once the Roku TV is placed on the wall and equipped with HDMI cables and connections, the back side becomes hidden, making it challenging to access the power button. Use a flashlight to see the TV’s back, where you will locate it in the center of the right side.

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Bottom Right of TCL Roku TV’s Back

On the TV’s back, certain models also have a power button along the bottom right corner.

On TCL Roku TVs, the power button is frequently out of sight, making it challenging for many users to find.

The user cannot access this area and it is the most difficult to find. You won’t think that a switch could possibly be located in the lower middle bottom of the TV’s back because we typically don’t see any buttons there.

How to Turn ON the TCL Roku TV Without a Remote?

You are not alone if you misplaced your remote and are currently having trouble finding it. We are sure a survey would be conducted to see how many of us occasionally misplace our TV remote. Many of us will be made to look bad.

However, trying to operate your television without the remote is what really frustrates you, not losing the remote.

Connect to your TV and manage it directly with an external device, like a streaming media player or universal remote.

As an alternative, you might be able to utilize a TV remote app that you download to your phone or another mobile device as a remote control.

Check the TV for a physical power button. The power button is typically found next to the other input/output ports on the TV’s rear.

If you have a smart TV, you might be able to turn it on using a voice assistant or a mobile app by connecting it to your home network.

You can attempt to reset your TV to factory settings if everything else fails. Usually, doing so will enable you to enter the main menu and turn on the TV.

How to Turn OFF the TCL Roku TV Without a Remote?

The power button on a TCL Roku TV is typically located directly beneath the TCL logo in the bottom center of your TV, next to the TV power indicator light. 

Depending on the brand of your TCL Roku, there are typically three additional buttons under the light in addition to the power button.

If you still can’t “see” the Roku TV power button, don’t get alarmed just yet. As we already stated, current TV power buttons are quite deftly concealed. To locate what seems to be a white, transparent panel on the Roku TV, feel beneath the TCL logo region.

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The use of your smart TV may be complicated by a broken or lost remote. While you wait for your new remote to come, you must find the Power Button on a TCL Roku TV.

Your TCL TV may be rapidly turned on and off. You learned everything there is to know about where is the Power Button on a TCL Roku TV, and how to find it in this tutorial.