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How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless?

Are you feeling annoyed because your speakers are wired ones? Do you want to turn them into wireless ones? If yes, don’t worry anymore because right now, solutions are there to turn them into wireless ones. Just follow the right is that we are providing below.

We suggest you understand every step in detail for a better result.

How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless?

Get a wireless speaker kit:

At the very first, it is essential to get a wireless speaker kit. The market is flooded with numerous options for wireless speakers, and the wireless speaker kits are basically Bluetooth adaptors. This comes up in every price range can you can go for any of them. It doesn’t matter whether you purchased an expensive one or an inexpensive one. There will be a difference with the sound quality only. The steps you need to follow are similar.

Reason: the reason for choosing a wireless speaker kit because there are no real amplifiers with these wireless speakers. To convert wired speakers into wireless, it is essential to have a source for amplification.

Connect an amplifier:

Connect the Amplifier with. Multiple old speakers are there were no amplifier is available. These are required to provide necessary amplification and sound. Plug the amplifier into the power source and connect it with the speaker with the help of RCA cables. When you purchase a wireless speaker kit, check out the audio parts as well. Usually, three audio parts are there, including the transmitter and two receivers, along with AC adaptors. Check it out for better connectivity and to complete the task with ease.

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Connect the transmitter:

Now the time has come to connect the transmitter for the sound system Amplifier with the help of a cable. Make sure to connect it appropriately because if the same is not connected, then you will not be able to use it.

Connect the receivers:

Now remove the existing speaker wire from all the audio devices and use receiver cables available in the kit. These will connect the receiver and speaker with each other. Connect the AC adaptor cable by plugging one and into the power source and another one into the receiver. There will be a power light flashes and starts blinking. Repeat the procedure for another speaker as well with the help of the remaining cable available.

Finally, turn on the system and listen to the speaker system carefully and check out whether it produces good sound from the speakers or not. Check out all the light on the speaker to understand whether it is working effectively or not.


We hope the information we have shared will help you to convert your wired speakers into wireless ones easily. We suggest you follow the steps carefully to get the desired results. If any problems arising, stay tuned with us at techruth.com, we will bring out all the amazing updates for you. for sure there will be no need for you to look at any other portal after connecting with us.

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