How to Turn a Regular Speaker into a Bluetooth Speaker?

Turn a Regular Speaker into a Bluetooth Speaker: Sometimes wired speakers are quite annoying, and you feel like there must be a solution to make them compatible.

If you have searched for methods but not even a single one work in your favor, don’t worry because we are sharing a straightforward project that will help you to convert a regular speaker into a Bluetooth speaker effortlessly. Stay tuned with us to get the details about the right steps.

Steps to Follow:-

  • Get a Bluetooth receiver:

Bluetooth receiver

Bluetooth receiver is a primary requirement to make your regular speaker capable. It is highly efficient to take all the Bluetooth audio Signals and, as a result, convert them into line-level electrical audio signals. It is having low voltage and is resistant to noise as well.

The line-level signals are majorly considered for transporting sound signals with a minimal amount of power. It double boosts up the performance of the speaker and lets you convert the regular speaker into Bluetooth one.

  • Connect the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker:

Now the time has come to connect the receiver to the speaker system available to you. The connecting cables will help you to connect the Bluetooth receiver to the speaker easily. Usually, this works with female stereo aux or RAC output. You can use any of them and establish a connection. Make sure to connect the Bluetooth speaker with all the passive speakers available to make it work. In case the connection is not established between all of them, you will not be able to utilize it.

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  • Pair with Bluetooth receiver:

When you are done with connecting the receiver, now pair the device with a Bluetooth receiver to stop turning on the receiver and set it to pairing mode. Turn on the Bluetooth on another device to establish the connection between both of devices.


The market is flooded with different kinds of Bluetooth receivers. It is essential to go for those which are durable and help you to make the connection with your regular speaker as well. If there are not doing so, you will not be able to get the results you wanted.


This is the simplest method a user needs to follow when they want to turn their regular speakers into Bluetooth speakers. Make sure to follow the right steps so that you can get the results you wanted. Stay tuned with us at to get other related updates.

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