Can you Connect to Two Bluetooth Speakers at once?

Connect to Two Bluetooth Speakers at once
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Bluetooth act as the source of connecting devices with each other for a very long time. Before the introduction of Android and other sharing apps, Bluetooth was the only major through which users can exchange files with each other just by a simple connection. But thanks to technology that now some gadgets have Bluetooth options available, which make these connections simpler. You can consider the example of Bluetooth speakers.

In earlier times, a user needs to get different cables and connect them to the device is to make the speaker working. But right now, just by establishing a Bluetooth connection, they can easily do it.

Connecting a single speaker with Bluetooth is easy for you will just need to turn on the Bluetooth and put on both the devices in pairing mode. But when it is about connecting two Bluetooth speakers at once, they face difficulty. Thankfully, not anymore! Some simple steps are there that will help you to do so.

Ways to connect to Bluetooth speaker:

Before considering any of the methods to connect to a Bluetooth speaker, it is also important to understand whether your device is compatible with connecting two devices or not. Devices having Bluetooth 5 will allow you to pair with two devices at once easily. But with another Bluetooth version, it is still difficult to do, and the company is looking forward to bring out some other similar solutions for it. Apart from it, the steps are as follows:

#1. At the very first, connect one of the speakers to the Bluetooth device. For doing so, you just need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices and put them in pairing mode.

#2. After putting them in pairing more, just pair them to make the device working.

#3. Now hold the Bluetooth and volume up button simultaneously until you hear a tone.

#4. When you hear a tone, turn on the second speaker and press the Bluetooth button twice.

#5. Now repeat the pairing process as you have done for the first speaker to establish the connection for the second speaker as well.

And that’s it. Within no time, two speakers will get connected, and you will be able to enjoy an amazing sound experience.

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Use of audio company apps for connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers:

In case you are facing any difficulty with other mentioned methods, then simply use the audio company apps available. Right now, ultimate applications are available through which you can pair a smartphone with two speakers simultaneously. But it is applicable to certain models. You need to check it out. For example, the Bose speakers and headphones work with Bose connect only, and party mode features stream audio to two headphones are two speakers at one time.

Certain applications are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can get any of them accordingly. Make sure the application you are choosing must be compatible with your device and help you to establish the connection between two speakers with the mobile phone or any other device.


Here we have come to an end and share the details related to how to connect two Bluetooth speakers with each other simultaneously. Don’t worry anymore because right now, solutions are available for every problem.

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