8 Smart Ways To Make Money On Instagram In 2022

Smart Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram evolved as a simple photo-sharing application in 2010 and transformed into a powerful marketing tool within a short period. As of 2021, Instagram has gained more than one billion active users and became the fast-growing social media platform.

Business people and entrepreneurs use Instagram to reach their target audience and increase their brand engagement. 

From the Instagram Business survey, 80% of users follow at least a product or brand, 60% of them identify new products on Instagram, and more than 200 million users visit a business profile daily. The involvement from each user makes Instagram a potential platform for business.

Because of this activeness, Instagram becomes the right place to make money for many entrepreneurs. If you are planning to grow yourself on Instagram, here are the creative ways with smarter ideas.

What Are Essential On Instagram To Make Money?

The necessary things which have to be mandatory on Instagram to make money are explained below,

  • Create a business account filled with correct information, building a professional look to your profile.
  • Post your content regularly with quality information on the Instagram feed to increase your followers and create brand trust.
  • Take high-resolution photos and publish them with attractive effects.
  • Use hashtags relevant to your brand in each post to make your product familiar among your followers.
  • Respond to comments in your post to engage with your followers and make yourself active by commenting on others’ posts related to your product.

The above points will increase your followers, and now, let us see how to make money with creative ideas.

Easy Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Depending on your followers, your content, and your involvement, you can make money on Instagram with the below ideas.

#1. Grow as an Influencer

An influencer is one who has built a strong reputation by having more followers and sharing content regularly. Marketing a product by an influencer can reach out quickly to many target audiences. Many people find influencers to do sponsored posts that help in spreading information about their product to new audiences.

Influencers make money by publishing sponsored posts. You can also become an influencer by growing your Instagram followers. Come up with regular posts that create higher engagement among your audiences. Becoming an influencer needs more hard work and takes some time to reach higher.

Before publishing a sponsored post, know the interest and needs of your followers. From these analyzes, you will come to know the type of brand suitable for them. Reach out to the people dealing with those products and have a deal to post about their brands on your page. List on the influencer marketplace to increase the chance to find your page by many brands. 

Always have interaction with your followers to have greater results. You can get a good offer even if you have Instagram followers of over 1000 people.

#2. Publish Affiliate Links

Use Affiliate marketing to make money on Instagram. Affiliate marketing is nothing but a medium to increase a company’s sales and gain profit by promoting the purchase links on your Instagram feed. Join many affiliate programs and add links to your page. Set a commission amount for the sales that you generate from your Instagram page.

Since Instagram has billions of users, the engagement of people is higher compared to other social media. Undoubtedly, it is the right place to promote affiliate links. Insert a link on your bio provided by the affiliate network. You can track the number of clicks and sales made from the link. 

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Provide the affiliate links in your bio, post captions, or on Instagram stories for promotions. Share the links on other social media to grab your follower’s attention and it may create a conversion. When a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn the commission amount from the specific brand. 

All the links on Instagram are non-clickable which means your users have to copy the link from your post. To make it easier, use the call-to-action link in your bio for better performance.

#3. Sell Products on Instagram

In recent years, Instagram has grown into a sales generator for many e-commerce brands. Most people use Instagram to search and buy a new product. So make the shopping experience easy for your followers by giving a shop button, product tags, and shoppable stickers on your post. Build a website for your product to know the detailed information about your brand.

As another option, you can choose an e-commerce platform to bring out your e-commerce website and use Instagram as a marketing channel by promoting your website. In the beginning, go with the dropshipping business; that is, you will sell the product and pass the sale details to another person handling the shipment activities, also no need to maintain the stock at your end.

Another best way is to learn the selling procedure on Amazon and promote your products through Instagram. Add these conversion links in your content regularly and give a CTA link in your bio, helping your interested followers to shop easily.

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#4. Use Filters On Instagram Stories

Instagram launched Instagram stories as an additional feature in 2016. No one has imagined such huge popularity from the Instagram story feature. Currently, more than 500 million people create content on Instagram stories daily to engage their followers. The high engagement rate gives opportunities to their brand to gain new audiences.

Many business people and companies use masks and filters in their stories to prove their expertise among their followers and promote their brand. If you have excellent creative skills, you can use this filter platform as an income stream by creating an attractive post for other brands. Promote yourself by creating content using filters and posts in your feed to grow your popularity. 

#5. Sale Conversion From IGTV Videos

Instagram also bought a way for the creators through video ads. IGTV videos were rolled out in 2018, providing the long-form of video for 15 minutes. Publishing IGTV videos on your feed help your followers to engage with your brand.

Use your creativity while preparing the content that results in increasing views for your IGTV videos. Make a tutorial video giving a brief explanation about your product in an interesting way. While posting IGTV videos, you will have a preview of about 15 seconds about your video. So the way of giving a video preview should intend your followers to watch your full video that may lead to sales conversion.

IGTV is an amazing channel to display your own products, shoot tutorial videos with your product. The creative content will make new audiences and build a strong relationship with your followers. 

#6.  Give Captions For Business

Instagram has grown into the biggest marketing platform. All types of brands use Instagram to promote their product. As of now, 92% of small businesses plan to invest their time and hard work in social media marketing. The competition for marketing on Instagram becomes higher day by day. So you need to grab your followers by giving attractive content.

The popular brands will have a staff for creating the content, whereas the small business people will look out for a freelancer to reduce their marketing cost. So the small brands will need a caption writer for their business at less cost.

In order to grab those opportunities, you have to prove yourself by showing your content writing on your social media. Run a separate Instagram page with creative content to gain potential clients for your writing skill.

#7. Be A Brand Ambassador

Giving sponsored posts on Instagram performs well, but most business people want to have a long relationship with their influencers. Most companies look for brand ambassadors to promote their brand in a positive way on a regular basis.

Instagram is the right place for business people to find brand ambassadors since it plays an important role in influencer marketing. Brand ambassadors will combine with the companies to promote their products. The large brands will give a new product to their influencers freely to do a review and to promote them.

Most of the ambassadors will find brands to promote their products also in finding their target audience. It creates a huge opportunity for the brand ambassadors to make money with other brands. If you have engaged audiences, you can get high profits from the influencers.

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#8. Provide Social Media Marketing Service

Most of the brands use Instagram to promote their product and reach out to new audiences. This huge engagement made Instagram a strong sales platform for many small businesses. According to Instagram business, more than 25 million business people and about 2 million advertisers are on the Instagram platform. 

The competition among the brands is growing day by day. So in order to drive among them, use social media marketing services which will be the professional way to grow. Use other social media to promote your brand, and other experts also find your business increasing your opportunity. Since Instagram is the leading social media, use most of your creativity to increase engagement.


Instagram is one of the fast-growing platforms on social media with a large number of people and a higher engagement rate. This advantage brings Instagram to make money easily if you are using it in the right way. From the above ideas, start investing your time and effort to gain a higher profit within a short period.

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