How Does Facebook Suggest Friends?

You might be wondering why unknown persons knock on your Facebook doors so that you can add them as your friends. For many people, it is unknown how Facebook suggest friends. There are many ways that Facebook uses to give a new suggestion to you to add as a friend.

Facebook or any other social media uses artificial intelligence and algorithms that help it trace your data, location, and friends. By doing so, Facebook can push advertising agencies, ads, and campaigns to you. Let us understand it in detail.

What Are Facebook Suggest Friends?

Facebook suggest friends works to introduce new and unknown users on this social media which helps you in knowing new users from various countries. The algorithms of Facebook consider different factors like previous connections, your previous activities, and your account info.

However, I would like to say that if you wish to see the desired list of friends, you must be so careful about it. You have to understand how these algorithms work, and how to control them. Your interests, timing, and previous connections are three factors that Facebook uses to decide who should be your friend. Well, in this article, I will discuss various ways that Facebook uses to suggest to your friends.

Working Of Facebook Friend Suggestion System:

Facebook Friend Suggestion System

Like I have already discussed that various ways are there to suggest to your friends. So, go through this section to understand each of them.

Friends Of Friends:

It is the most common way to suggest friends using mutual friends. When you launch the app, you can see there are friend suggestions for having a list of mutual friends. In many cases, you can see that some friend suggestions have more than 100 mutual friends.

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Your Account Info:

Your account Info

Have you ever left your account bio empty? No, most users do not do it. Your account info can control who can be your next friend. Information like school, college, native, places you lived, graduating University, family members, and your check-ins monitor the suggestions.

Friends You Add:

Whenever you put a friend request on Facebook, you allow it to know more about your interests to add people. After that, it investigates for a similar profile that you might be interested in connecting. It may start with the friends of newly added friends.

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Your Likes & Comments:

Whatever you like or comment on Facebook posts will control the suggestions for friends. If you give one like on one page about mechatronics, then it will suggest you add people having the same interests or studies.

Use Of Facebook Search Bar:

Whenever you search for something on Facebook, you allow Facebook to count your searches, and it will suggest friends accordingly. Facebook understands it as if it is your need and will try to fulfill it.

When You Visit Profiles:

Have you ever visited the Facebook profile of any people? You may have noticed that Facebook has put that person on the list of suggestions for friends.

Your Google Search:

It is not confirmed if Facebook uses this factor or not. However, lots of people have experienced it. They said that whenever they were looking for something like University, programs, or courses, or someone, similar things Facebook started to show in their news feed and suggestions.

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How Can You Control Your Facebook Friend Suggestion?

If you want to see a quality list of Facebook friends, then you can use these ways to deal with a Facebook friend suggestion.

You have to stop accepting friend requests that you do not interested in connecting with. If you show your interests to Facebook, it will keep pushing new suggestions on your news feed, and then you can not control it.

Add people if you like their profiles on Facebook, and see their education level, places they lived, studied, or country. Once that person accepts your friend request, Facebook will start introducing new people that can be your friends, but that list will contain friends of your newly added friend.

Final Thoughts:

Did you find this article helpful and informative on how does Facebook suggests friends? In this article, I have covered almost all the possible ways that Facebook can use and used to give you new friend suggestions so that you can control it to keep your list of friends of good quality.

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