How To Get Sponsored On Instagram?

Social media has become one of the most excellent marketing tools these days. From a being just a launched in a college dorm, it has turned to a broad avenue that boasts billions of users each day. Today, one of the most popular social media platforms is Instagram. 

Instagram has clearly grown over the years. The social media powerhouse now boasts of a billion users every month, with 500 million people using Instagram stories each day. As Instagram becomes a household name, brands have started seeing promotional opportunities on Instagram and leveraging it.

However, in recent years, organic posts have had a hard time appearing in a user’s newsfeed. While organic posts are not easily seen, paid ads are not as cheap as they used to. 

These had made brands look for other ways to market their brand and reach for their audience. Collaborating with Instagram influencers and having sponsored posts are now a thing for many brands as part of their promotional activities. 

Who are Instagram Influencers?

Instagram Influencer

Users who have amassed a large following and established credibility over the platform are considered as Instagram Influencers. These are content creators who work on their personal feed to share content on Instagram and build communities that have the same interest. 

To be called an influencer, you need to have a following of around 1,000 to hundreds of millions. Aside from the number of followers, you need to have a high level of engagement with your niche audience. 

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Ways To Get Sponsored On Instagram

If you have been working on your Instagram page and wishes for a brand to sponsor you, here are some ways you can achieve that goal. 

#1. Find Your Niche

You cannot be an effective influencer if you will work on general interest. To see the best engagement from your possible audience on Instagram and target the right market, you need to define your niche. 

Do you want to feature sumptuous, traditional cuisine? Are you into fashion? Do you want to focus on being healthy and fit on your platform? Are you into new places and want your niche to be all about travel? 

Find your instagram niche

Finding your niche can help you stand out and make your Instagram feed unique. Look for something that interests you. Find something you are good at. It is also best to study accounts that are similar to yours. Whatever you want to showcase in your Instagram feed, you need to be consistent and specific. For your feed to be aesthetically pleasing in your viewers’ eyes, your feed should be cohesive. Do thematic postings. Choose a mood and tone for your brand. It should also evoke a robust color palette that will help audiences recognize your brand from a sea of Instagram posts. 

A brand wants to work with someone who knows what they are talking about and will make their product reach a more targeted audience. 

#2. Get To Know Your Audience

Once you can define your specific niche on Instagram, you need to know who your audience is based on your following. Start by looking at your analytics. Get your audience’s gender, age, and geographical location. Check also their engagement rate. At what time do they usually comment, or what kind of posts do they react the most? Knowing these details can help you create a follower’s persona, which can help you generate more specific content. 

#3. Build A Cohesive Instagram Feed

On Instagram, you capture your audience’s attention through pictures. You talk to them through pictures. This is why it is essential to pick a “style” that would resonate with your niche market and your personal brand. 

Being an Instagram influencer, the aesthetic of your feed is essential. This means that the type, color, and texture of your posts are crucial. 


The type of image should resonate with your brand. Building your brand as a budget traveler in different places around the world, it would be off if you would post a luxury cruise that sails over the ocean for days. If your feed is built with food, you will not put an image of a rescued seal within your feed. Your color palette will also matter. 

#4. Write Compelling Captions

Even though your images are the leading star for your Instagram feed, you still need to write a compelling caption for your visitors. Your personal branding should spill over on your caption, as it will be the voice of your brand. 

Share a funny story behind a photo. Tell inspiring thoughts and write daily musings. Ask questions that will make your audience think and hopefully engage with you. Whatever you want to share with your audience, do not forget to include a call to action. 

Should you be working already with a particular company,  make sure your captions are compelling. A caption is an essential part of any sponsored ad. 

#5. Post Always

Another critical factor in building your name as an influencer on Instagram is posting consistently. 

Over time, Instagram’s algorithm has been changing a lot. Without any fresh content, you will not appear in your follower’s news feed. Post at least once or twice a day to make sure you stay relevant and help grow your following. Some followers may leave your page or completely forget about you if you become stagnant with your post. Always offer new insights and valuable information to your audience. 

Find the best time to post. Though you have to some trial and error postings once you’ve all figured it out, your customer engagement will also increase. 

#6. Engage With Your Community

As you try to build your name as an influencer, you must continue to engage with your audience. It is a vital move to make your Instagram followers grow. 

Engagement on Instagram is a massive predictor of your success. With more than impressions and even clicks, most companies will want to know your engagement rate. If your contents have a stable engagement rate, brands will want to work with you. 

#7. Use Hashtag and Geotags In Your Posts

A ticket to make your posts easily seen by your target views is by using hashtags. It is even an excellent way for companies to discover you. Using hashtags helps you stand out and be easily found, especially now that users can follow a specific hashtag. 

There is no limit on how many hashtags you can put on an individual post. However, you need to find the right number that works for you. Research also on the right hashtag to use since not all perform as good as the other. Make it as specific as possible. Try to remember as well that the fewer the hashtags have, the better. Fewer users mean that your image can be likely found. Hashtags make your account discoverable, so make sure it relevant to your niche. 


Geotags, on the other hand, is as essential. But they are entirely different. If you use a geotag for a precise location, people can easily find you in it. Since this is more specific in terms of demographics, you can gain more followers who are interested in the same place. The use of geotags also helps brands notice you. 

#8. Always Have Contact Information In Your Bio

When a visitor opens your feed, the fist that they’ll see aside from your profile picture is your contact information. Having this information where it can be easily seen will also help brands and companies to reach you. If you own a blog site or a website, include it as well in your bio description. 

Putting all of the possible channels to contact you signals brands and companies interested in a potential partnership. Adding a website or blog gives your followers a chance to know you better and your versatility. 

#9. Identify Brands You Want To Work With

Should you wish to put yourself in the forefront and make the first move in your journey to becoming an influencer, shortlist the brands, you want to work with. If you are just starting out, reach out to smaller brands instead of the bigger fish in the market. 

As you pick the brand that you can work with, choose those that reflect your beliefs and ideologies. It is best also if you have tried their products or services personally. Working with these companies that you believe in will appear more authentic to your followers than you just do for the Gram. 

#10. Reach Out To Brands 

Finally, once you have a list of brands you want to work with, take the initiative and reach out to them. To reach out, you can send an email, slide them a direct message, find them in other social media sites like LinkedIn, or attend any possible events. 

Email templates are easily accessible on the internet these days, but it would be better if you make it personalized. Add your own flair and personality to your message—research about their products. Tell them why you believe in them and why your partnership would work most positively. 

Bonus Tip: Know Your Worth

It will be easier for you and the brand that will possibly sponsor you if you clearly know how much you charge. Check within the industry-standard, but always remember that it could vary based on your negotiations. Do not set your charge high when you are just starting out. Hear your chosen brand out, and always remember to make a good deal. Once you can score a sponsored post, do your best and give what you promise. 

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Final Thoughts

Getting sponsorship on Instagram is not that easy as you think it is. It requires more effort on your part, especially if you’re just starting out. However, once you establish your personal brand and create a place in your chosen industry, things will get more natural, and brands will look for you instead. 

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