How to add music to Instagram story with and without stickers?

Instagram is the most considered platform for all the users out there because it helps them to go through some amazing features which make their experience on social media more exciting. If you are using Instagram, you might be aware that right now, there is an Instagram story feature on which you can simply add on music and customize it as per your requirement. But sometimes, a user is looking forward to adding on music on Instagram without stickers or with stickers. If the scenario is being so, don’t worry because right now, you just need to follow some simple steps for doing so easily.

Adding music to Instagram stories without Sticker:

Several methods are there that can help you to add music to Instagram stories without a sticker. But you need to be sure about the right steps for it.

Solution 1:-

If you are among those who don’t want to utilize the Instagram default music sticker available, you can simply hide it, and it will disappear from the story. The major reason people hide it because sometimes it creates interference with the content they are sharing. For it:-

#1. Start with creating a story, and it could be anything, including pictures or a video. 

#2. After doing so, the preview will appear, where you can finalize the final appearance. 

#3. Now on this, you can simply add on captions, put on the stickers, hashtags. 

#4. Now you are supposed to “Tap on Stickers” button available on the Sticker’s tray. 

#5. Search for the music, and a music sticker will appear. 

#6. Now you are supposed to select the song you want to put in the story.

#7. Now trim the songs and add on the lyrics you want to add. 

#8. After doing so, there will be a choice between Static and dynamic lyrics. 

#9. Now select the one and decrease the size that it will disappear.

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Congratulations! Finally, the Sticker has disappeared, and there will be no need for you to face any difficulty at all.

Solution 2:-

The previous method was quite easy and simple, but sometimes the problem arises when the song is not available on the list. But right now, there is good news that you can simply put the song to the story with the help of a video editor. 

#1. Just create the story and put a song in it with the help of a video editor

#2. Put it on Instagram. 

#3. Choose any of the video editors available on the Google Play Store of your choice. 

#4. After having the video editor on your device there will be no need for you to worry about anything because after editing the video, you can simply customize it and put it on Instagram as it is.

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Also, there will be no trouble related to the license because you have created it with a third-party application, and you are not answerable to anyone for using the content of choice.


Here we have shared the details related to measuring through which a user can put songs to Instagram stories with and without stickers. There will be no need for you to search for any other method because these two methods are quite reliable and easy to go. If any problem persisting do let us know so that we can help you to deal with it.

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