7 Ways to Fix LG TV not Connecting to WiFi Issue

Sometimes users feel annoyed when their device does not get connected to Wi-Fi or any issue purchased. Right now, the same is the scenario with a smart TV. LG TV is among the most considered choice when a person wants to get a smart TV. But people face the problem when it is not connecting to Wi-Fi. If the same is happening with you and you want to know how to fix LG TV not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue, you have landed on the right page. Here we will discuss the solutions to Fix LG TV not Connecting to WiFi Issue.

Ways to consider:-

Unplug the devices and make the connection again:

Sometimes the problem arises with the devices. We suggest you unplug the modem router and TV simultaneously. There is no particular procedure you need to follow for it. But unplug all of them and wait for almost two minutes. Then plug in them again and check out whether it is working or not. There must be lights on the front or top to indicate connectivity. If these lights are not there, then it has not been settled up. During this procedure, we suggest you not disconnect the Ethernet cables, just unplug the power cords.

Unplug the Ethernet cables along with power cords and connect them again:

If you are done with unplugging the power plug but still it is not working, just unplug the Ethernet cable along with the power cord. After unplugging them wait for a particular duration and connect them again. Make sure to connect them tightly because in case the power cord is loose or the Ethernet cable is not placed appropriately, it will not show connectivity.

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Check out for other items causing interference:

There might be a chance some other devices are also connected to the same Wi-Fi which may interfere with the activities. This could be other routers or any household electronics. We suggest you check it out. In case the same is connected, then just update the firmware of the modem so that it can help you to have access to these devices along with LG TV easily.

Look for the Simplink feature:

The sampling feature is also there on your TV. Just simply off it and make the connection. Sometimes this feature interferes with the activity and then contributes to the problem.

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Check for the time zone and date:

We suggest you look forward to the time zone and dates as well. These sometimes become the most common issue which we neglect. But do not neglect it because the time zone and date are an integral part of when you want to connect your LG TV to Wi-Fi.

Look for the Quickstart feature and turn it off:

If there is a quick-start feature in your LG TV, just look for it and turn it off. But make sure it is not available in all the LG TVs you need to check it out. After doing so, just make the connection and have a look at whether it is working properly or not.

Check out whether the software is up to date or not:

If the software is not up to date, a problem will arise. We suggest you check it out. Look forward to settings and checking for updates. In case there is an update, you will see a popup in the settings menu. Just update it and wait for a while and try to connect it with Wi-Fi again.


These are the best solutions that will help you to fix LG TV not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue. Make sure you are not neglecting in point because if the same happened, you would not be able to make the connections at all. If there is anything troubling you do let us know so that we can bring out the solution for the same trouble arising. Also, visit www.techruth.com for some amazing updates that you would not like to miss at all.

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