Control your Computer using your Phone Step-by-Step {How-To Guide}

Here, we will provide the details of how to Control your Computer using your Phone. Stay connected with this article till the end, and know the step-by-step details related to it.

Every now and then, we all have felt like controlling our computers through our mobile phones. We all would like to lie down at our beds and watch our series. 

But when the episode ends, it is always a tough task for anyone to get up and play the next episode. 

And at that moment, we feel like if only we were able to control our computer through our mobile phone, how easy our life would become? 

Everyone has been in that situation at least in the winters when you don’t feel like getting out of the comfort of your blanket at all.

It is possible to achieve that. Now, there are not many things that you would need, and getting it done is pretty easy. You would require a Wi-Fi-enabled PC. And a mobile device that supports either iOS or Android. 

You might need to install a few apps depending on which method you choose to follow to achieve remote control of your PC or Laptop ( whichever you have).

Why do we Need to Control our Computers using our Phones?

I think the answer to this question is pretty simple and straightforward. We don’t like to move again and again and get up and get out of the comfortable position in which we are sitting or lying. 

When watching TV, it is much easier and comfortable, right? Because in the case of a TV, we have a remote control which we can use to control the TV, and we do not have to bother ourselves. 

But the issue is when you have a PC  or Laptop available to watch movies or series. When you are binge-watching a series on these devices, you would have to manually hit the next episode or select the next movie. This is why we need to do it. To convert the task of playing the next episode or movie into a task as easy as on a TV.

How to control a computer with a phone?

Now, coming to the main topic because of which you have landed on this page. Looking for answers that would help you in controlling that PC or Laptop remotely from your mobile phone. There are a few methods out there that I have found pretty effective and efficient. I am gonna list them all, and you can choose whichever you wish to follow and achieve that remote control of your PC or Laptop.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump right into it. Here are the following methods through which you can remotely control your device through your mobile:

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

This is definitely the most popular method out there today. It is pretty simple, and most people prefer to choose this method simply because of the brand name associated with it, that is, Google. 

Here are the steps which you would need to follow to get remote access using this method:-

Step 1:

You would need to install an extension on your Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop. The name of the extension is Remote Control.

Step 2:

And you would have to install an app with the same name on your phone. It is available in the store of your Android or iOS store.

Step 3:

Once these are done, you would have to connect the device using them, and you would gain remote access to your desktop.

If you have any issues with this method, you can read the full guide regarding it: Controlling your PC or Laptop using Google Remote Control Desktop.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

The second most popular method out there. It is a little more complicated than the Google one, but this one is from the brand which is second to Google in terms of name value. 

Microsoft did lose the race when it came to operating systems on mobile devices. But they made the app available on Android and iOS. 

So, this method can still be used. The following are the steps to get remote access using this method:

Step 1:

You would need to enable remote control access on your device, that is, your PC or Laptop. 

Step 2:

In order to do that, you would have to click on the Windows start button.

Step 3:

Then click on Settings, and from there select the system.

Step 4:

Select remote control, and enable that option.

Step 5:

Remember the name of the device which is showing over there.

Step 6:

Once this is done, install the Windows remote control app on your mobile. It is available in the Windows Store, Play Store, and Apple store.

Step 7:

Then open the remote control connection on your PC or Laptop, and enter the name of the device to which you want to connect. The name is going to be the one that was shown earlier.

Step 8:

Then, open the remote control app on your mobile, and enter the name of the device on the app.

Once successfully done, you would be able to connect to the PC or Laptop remotely through your mobile device. 

And the best part about this method is that it does not use Wi-Fi to connect to your PC or Laptop. It uses the internet, which means that you would be able to control your device from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and your device is powered on, and has the remote control connections opened and connected.

Now, I know what you all are thinking, this method is way cooler. Like I said before, this method is a little more complicated than the Google method, but it is more convenient and efficient.

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Virtual Network Connections

This method is also similar to Microsoft. It is very popular in the professional community. Most engineers prefer to use this method to connect with the PC or Laptop remotely. It is complicated like Microsoft, but like that one, has high satisfaction once done successfully. 

Here are the steps to establish a remote connection using this method:

Step 1:

You would need to install TinyVNC on your windows. You can use VNC Viewer on your MAC.

Step 2:

You would need to install the app on your mobile device as well. It would be available in your respective stores.

Step 3:

Once that is done, start the app on both the devices and connect using the address which you would get the option to assign to your system.

This does not connect over the internet, but it does provide you with as much functionality of your system on your mobile as Microsoft remote control app does.

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Remote Mouse

As the name suggests, this only provides you with the option to control your mouse and keyboard over the local Wi-Fi network. You would still need to have a clear sight of your device screen in order to know where to move your mouse and type using the keypad. 

Here are the steps that you can use to set up the remote control using this app:

Step 1:

You would need to install the app on both your device and your mobile phone.

Step 2:

Once that is done, it would show you the option of connecting with the device which has the app installed and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3:

Select your device, most probably it would only populate one.

Step 4:

And once the connection is established, the app would show a blank space that you can use to control the mouse, and the keypad would be at the bottom half of the app which you can use to control the keyboard typing on your device.

This is fairly simple and usually one of the most common ones amongst people who are just wanting to control the mouse of their device to click on next.


There are many more applications available out there in the market which you can use to control your device remotely. 

However, I would recommend that you use one of the ones that I have listed as these are the most popular ones and widely used. They are simple comparatively and do not take much of your time.

I hope that you found this article useful and are able to achieve the remote control of your device using this guide. I have been enjoying my favorite series from the comfort of my bed and blanket using the Microsoft one, but it does mean that the other apps which I have mentioned are inferior in any manner. 

I simply chose to use it as it was the first one that I came across. The rest of the apps were researched and found by me later on sheerly because of the curiosity that I had.

Go ahead and try any one of the apps and you would find that all of them deliver the results which you wanted. Stay home and stay safe,  and this would help you even more by keeping you on your bed or chair only.

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