Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Which Is Better?

Edge vs Chrome? Microsoft vs Google? Which would you choose? One of the biggest debates of this generation. A company that has dominated the PC with their operating system, and one of the biggest companies of the last few decades when it comes to home desktop PC or Laptop. 

Then, things started to shift in the last decade with Google emerging as the greatest competitor for Microsoft. The two giants have started to compete in a lot of areas in the field. From desktop operating system to mobile operating system. The debate seems to get hotter with each passing year.

One of the biggest debates is regarding the internet browser of both companies. Microsoft has been dominating the operating system on the desktop for quite some time, and the default internet browser was very good until Google decided to launch their own internet browser which is known as Google Chrome.

Their internet browser is now considered to be used by the majority of the population. Every Android device already has it preinstalled. And every person installs it on their Windows desktop as well.

The fierce rivalry has made the debate go on. With each company trying to overcome the other with new updates and features for their internet browser on a regular basis.

So, today I will go ahead and provide you an in-depth look at both internet browsers, and provide my opinion about which internet browser is better. And using that information, you can choose your internet browser when added with your own point of view on this heated matter. 

Microsoft vs Edge: Comparison

I am gonna provide you my insight on the matter by providing you with my observations regarding both browsers in different areas of comparison and you should be able to conclude which one you would prefer.


Let’s start off with the comparison of both the most basic thing and probably the first thing that people would notice. The design and the user interface of the browsers. Google Chrome had dominated the market with its design and the user interface when it was against the internet explorer.

However, things changed when Microsoft came out with their new internet browser Edge. Edge had a sleek design and the user interface was hugely improved over its predecessor which was Internet Explorer. 

Google’s advantage of having a good design and a great user interface was diminished and the other factors started to come into the picture.


In terms of performance, Google Chrome beat Internet Explorer hands down. It crushed the Microsoft competitor when it came to performance. However, things turned around for Microsoft when they launched their new internet browser which was Edge. Edge managed to beat Google Chrome in terms of RAM Usage.

Google Chrome did manage to beat Edge in a few benchmark scores but Edge leveled the field with its performance in terms of memory usage. So, if you’re running a system with low memory on it, Edge would be the idle Internet browser for you. But if you’re not running a system with low memory, then I would recommend using Google Chrome.

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Both the browsers have earned their right to brag about their features. Both have a large number of features available. However, I would give this one to Edge for various additional features that it possesses that are not available in Google Chrome. Both the browsers support the installation of extensions.

Google Chrome has a vast number of extensions that you can install from the Google Store. However, Edge has a Windows store, and you can easily install any extension from there, and you would not run into any problem in running it. Edge also has many features that Google Chrome does not have like the collection feature, read-aloud feature, etc. 

Edge does lack in terms of the number of extensions that are available as compared to its competitor. However, this gap can decrease very rapidly as soon as the developers realize how convenient and easy it is. The developers would start making apps for Windows, and as soon as that happens, Edge is going to be the clear winner. The strong fort of Google Chrome would become its downfall.

Casting is also another feature that is going to be won by Google Chrome just because of the fact that the almost majority of the population which uses that feature casts the device on a Chromecast-enabled device. And therefore, Google Chrome will hold a great advantage over Microsoft Edge in terms of casting. But I am sure that Edge will definitely try to change that situation.


This is one of the features which has a  clear winner and that is going to be Google Chrome. Google Chrome can sync your entire data from your mail, to your contacts,  from your Google Maps data to your Internet browsing history to your youtube video search data. You can just open any device and login and your data would be available on any Google-based device. 

Microsoft Edge is able to sync some of your data and you could access them from other devices as well, however, it is not even close to the capabilities of Google Chrome. Everyone uses Gmail, and uses Google Contacts to save their contacts, and uses Google cloud space to digitally store their photos.

And once you have synced your device, you would be able to access the file from any device of your choosing. Microsoft does not have that capability for now, but it is still the early days of Edge, and there is a very high possibility that they will enhance their capabilities in these terms as well.

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As we know that Microsoft Edge is available on multiple platforms like the PC or mobile devices. It used to be the default Internet browser in Windows Mobile phones, however, they are now out of the market and are no longer available. But Google Chrome still remains the more easily accessible Internet browser on multiple devices, and the Android devices are still available in the market which has Google Chrome as their default Internet browser. And most people prefer to use that only. Microsoft Edge is available in the play store to install and use it.

Security and privacy

Both the Internet browsers have good security and privacy settings available. Both stand on equal grounds in terms of security and privacy. Both have ad blockers and a way for you to keep a track record of your browsing history.

The features are available in all the browser versions, i.e., on a PC or any mobile device. And you can customize which pages you want to allow and which you want to block. The feature remains the same in both Internet browsers. So, in terms of this department, both the browsers are equally good and expect them to get better over time as regular updates keep taking place.


Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have their own merits and drawbacks. You would need to pull out your notepad and compare the pros and cons of both the Internet browser on the basis of your need. If you want connectivity and accessibility and more extensions, then Google Chrome is going to be a clear choice.

However, new extensions would become available on Microsoft Edge as well once it starts becoming popular again. And in terms of performance, Microsoft has an Edge as it requires exponentially less memory to run on.

So, get your boards on, and use the Internet browser which you need after checking your requirements. For now, I would say that the debate on which one is better is at a stalemate.

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