Do Villagers Despawn in Minecraft? Complete Guide

Today we will explain the details of do villagers despawn in Minecraft. If you are wondering about these details then, read this article and know about it.

Do villagers despawn in Minecraft?

Numerous players of Minecraft could experience this. The issue can be that the villagers are having problems with the server bug or that they have managed to get away from it. If there are no players within 128 blocks, villagers may despawn.

Mobs in Minecraft may only have a 2.5% probability of despawning every second if they are more than 32 blocks away from a player. All mobs could despawn, with the exception of those whose despawn periods are quite specified, but this is unlikely.

Yes, villagers should not despawn on their own and do not have set despawn times. An in-game glitch or any other bug may cause unforeseen issues. These are extremely prevalent today.

Another truth is that while villagers can pass away for a variety of reasons, you might not always be able to keep them alive.

  1. The villagers of Minecraft can become witches when struck by lightning. After that, they despawn.
  2. Intruders may also be able to kill them.
  3. Breathing became tough behind closed doors.
  4. They might even perish as a result of their AI, which could starve them to death. Farms of iron golems would cease to exist.
  5. They are numerous.

With the exception of when they are killed by explosions, zombies, or other players, Minecraft villagers remain immortal in old age. 

Now you might be wondering what you can do to make sure they live their lives to the fullest. Let’s look at the next section.

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Keep the villagers indoor

In order to keep your Minecraft Villagers safe from intruders, you should keep them indoors as much as you can. It will be simple to keep them inside the house without a door.

Stay well-lit in the area

If by chance, your area lighting level is below 7, zombies will readily spawn there. Villagers will consequently be more exposed. Make sure that every location, especially for villages, is well-lit.

Ascertain that the shelter is [properly closed]

A shelter does not imply that it will not have a roof component to effectively cover the entire shelter or dwelling. As a result, anytime you confine your villagers inside, make sure that no area of the shelter has an access to the sky. 

If not, the game engine might not recognize it as a house and allow hostile mobs to spawn there. You’ll be to blame for that.

Villagers must Remain in the village

Remember that in the Minecraft game, a villager should never depart from their initial village by more than 32 blocks. Otherwise, after six seconds the game system will stop taking the villager or villagers into account.

That indicates the villagers you sent out of range will be easily murdered by other mobs. That’s unfortunate since you’ll only have six seconds to return to the area that can be reached. Otherwise, your villager in Minecraft will despawn.

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Can villagers Respawn?

Breeding Villagers

Here’s a final piece of advice: breeding. You might not have believed that breeding would have any bearing on your villagers’ movement at all. 

If villagers are not purposefully paired up for breeding, they tend to despawn more frequently. We are not completely clear why.

They appear to just walk away and head to other adjacent towns if you don’t do this every so often. Make sure to keep an eye out for when your villagers are in the mood to mate and breed them sometimes to offset this. On this one, you don’t have to be very watchful, but it still helps to be aware of it.

Curing Zombie Villagers

You will need a Splash Potion of Weakness, Lingering Potion of Weakness, or Arrow of Weakness in addition to one Golden Apple if you find zombie villagers and cure them.

To protect your zombie villagers from the sun, you must first move them to a secure location. As soon as they recover, make sure to keep hostile mobs away from them. When they get weak, feed them the golden apple. 

You can also give them a weakness potion or shoot them with the pointed arrow. They will be on the road to recovery once they start shaking and producing red swirls.

They will once more be healthy villagers prepared to begin reproducing normally in around 2 to 5 minutes. Also, make sure to plan their transportation so they may be sent back to the village if you have kidnapped them.


The villagers despawn in Minecraft, as mentioned above. The possibility still exists that your villager will despawn from your Minecraft environment. 

Your villager will soon despawn if you stop monitoring the Minecraft monsters. As a result, you will notice that sometimes the villagers in Minecraft actually despawn.

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