10 Best GPS Tablets to Run Maps Offline

Best GPS Tablets to Run Maps Offline: At the present time, GPS Tablets are really demanding to explore more information and they work better than mobile devices. 

This is comfortable to watch on a big screen or a tablet rather than on any other particular device. If you are riding in a vehicle then GPS navigation on tablets is more useful for you.

Do you think you should invest money in buying a separate GPS device?

Well, I recommend you instead of investing money to buy a separate GPS device you can also purchase tablets with in-built GPS at the same price. It is also cost-effective for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best GPS tablet names which run maps offline.

10 Best GPS Tablets to Run Maps Offline

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab has an awesome feature and everyone liked this tablet. We recommend this tablet most because it has such a nice working feature.

Its size is in full HD screen, autonomous work for 10 hrs and has a proper GPS without any internet connection.

It gives you the correct location and accuracy of work and the best device for navigation as well.

2. Dragon Touch K10

Dragon Touch K10 is a budget-friendly tablet you can purchase easily. This screen size of the tablet also changes by 10 inches so you can carry it anywhere. 

And you can also enjoy watching Netflix series and scrolling social media easily on this GPS tablet.

The tablet is very responsive and operating always shows you the correct location with complete accuracy. 

Some great features you will get on this tablet are it has a super stylish look with HD display and low camera resolution but works well in the absence of 3G.

3. Hongtao GPS Tablet

Hongtao is also a cheap and powerful tablet that you can easily use at the time of travel. You will get 4GB of RAM and this offers you a dual SIM option and IPS display.

Hongtao also has good storage and works the processing task quickly. By inserting a sim card you can add up to 64 GB for music, movies, and entertainment channels.

The feature you will get in this tablet is its performance with 2G and 3G performance with 4 GB RAM. And one of the best parts is, it also works properly if you are facing any kind of internet connection.

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4. Zonko black tablets with GPS

The Zonko is a GPS tablet that runs with 2GB RAM with high performance. That means it allows you to do all activities like browsing, shopping, and lighting. The Zonko tablets have much sufficient for this.

  • The 10- inch screen size  Zonko black gives you the best performance of music and camera.
  • This tablet is a budget-friendly option for you if you are looking for a low-cost GPS tablet.
  • The Zonko tablet also supports voice call connectivity through the tablet device.

5. TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 is the best and most popular GPS tablet. This tablet is completely touch screen and has 4.3 inches of the display screen. 

You will get 16 GB of internal memory in the TomTom tablet which is sufficient to run the GPS navigation tablet device.

If you are an adventure lover then you have an option to select the device on winding and hilly roads so you can enjoy the riding with this fun activity.

Also, your smartphone automatically synced with the device to get you alert for all notifications of SMS and messages.

If you want so you can connect Siri or Google Now for music, calling, weather updates, and more purposes.

6. LTTRBX 7″ GPS Navigation

This is another one of the GPS tablets which offer you at the cheapest price with the best services. 

The high-quality tempered glass and sensors you will get in this tablet that protects the tablet from any kind of damage.

One of the best things about this tablet is that it has free data from almost 101 regions with 58 languages. You can also download it offline and store the map on the tablet device.

The limitation of internal storage is 8 GB and  2 GB of RAM with a smoother navigation experience.

7. Garmin Drive 52 & Traffic

This Black Tablet comes with a 5-inch display screen size of 480 *272 pixels. This tablet gives you simple alerts, menu features, and a clear map option.

Garmin gives you suggestions and guides you according to the landmarks on your itinerary. If you take any sudden turn or jerks it will display you on the screen map for good advice.

The best thing about Garmin Drive is that you just look ahead and drive comfortably with this feature: Garmin Traffic, TripAdvisor, find the place by my name, and map coverage.

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8. Garmin Dezl 580 and 780 LMT-S

If you are looking for any great feature in GPS tablets then Garmin Dezl is the best option for you. This device gives you the free map option for a lifetime.

To use the Garmin Dezl GPS you need to download the app on your smartphone and sync it with the GPS tablets to start the function.

Then it shows you all live traffic signals, a popular destination, and weather conditions during the time of riding and you can smoothly go through it.

9. Garmin RV 785 & Traffic

The Garmin RV  785 & Traffic is the best one for those who love the outdoors or like to travel outside. Then you should purchase the Garmin RV 785 & Traffic.

The Garmin tablet gives you advanced features like lane departure warnings as well you can record your way.

This tablet provides you with a 7-inch display screen with a camera feature. If you want any parking services for your vehicle it will guide you according to the map with the directory of RV parking Services.

It also supports all kinds of voice and hand-free video calling through wi-fi connectivity.

10. TomTom Go comfort

The TomTom Go Comfort is a good GPS navigator if you want to use it for long-run purposes. It shows you the simple and easy route to reach the destination place.

Also with the help of the wi-fi connection, you can download the route of roads when it changes as well as update this.

At the starting of 3 months, the device gives you the safety camera alerts on the roads and also keeps track of the road, the tom tablet gives you the alerts with notification to save your time.


In this article, our motive is to provide you with information about all types of GPS tablets that run maps offline. Now, you are aware of all features of the tablets and understand very clear which one you feel is the best for use.

If you are looking for a device at a low price then I recommend you purchase the LTTRBX7″ GPS navigation tablet device because it is one of the cheapest devices with good features.

It gives you smooth navigation while driving the time you can hear and keep listening to the navigation voice.

I hope this article will help you a lot when purchasing the best GPS tablet.

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