8 Best Offline Messaging Apps that Run without Internet or WiFi of 2022

Sometimes we need to know about the best offline messaging apps that run without internet or WiFi connectivity.

If you found any trouble with your network connectivity then the offline messaging app is the best solution for this.

Have you ever faced this type of issue?? I know that your reply will be “yes” to this question. That’s why you are looking for an offline messaging app that will help you in this.

Don’t worry, In this article, we are going to discuss the best offline messaging app name which helps you if you are facing bad Internet connectivity on your device.

8 Best Offline Messaging  Apps that Run without WiFi or Internet

# 1. Fire Chat

Fire chat is an android offline messaging app. This offline messaging app is used by Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi to transmit the data with other networks.

Before receiving the data to another one, the message works by bouncing a signal from one device to others till it will not reach the recipient.

The use of fire chat for larger and faster communication. This app is also useful for finding large groups of people to find school campuses or any public transport.

The feature of this offline messaging app is it has peer-to-peer Bluetooth using an encrypted conversation.

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# 2. Bridgefy

Bridegefy is another offline messaging app that lets you communicate with anyone without Internet connectivity. 

Through the help of Bluetooth, it can send data directly with a range of 230ft/ 75 yards.

Bridgefy is similar to fire chat which creates a network in a group of people. You can also broadcast with the bridgefy to make a group of people for any emergency alerts.

The bridgefy offline messaging gives you 330 feet radius travel message speed and also supports the mesh and broadcast mode.

# 3. The Several Mesh

The several mesh offline messaging app creates a direct connection between your phone device. It makes the connection through your Bluetooth networks.

The several mesh apps use a store and forward it to the connection system called a rhizome. The rhizome contains a wide distance of communication with minimum connections.

Several meshes offline messaging apps work like open-source software. It also allows you to make private phone calls and secure messages with data.

The feature of several meshes is it has peer-to-peer WiFi with encrypted conversation and also has advanced features for using themes options.

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# 4. Hike

The hike is a popular offline text messaging app. This app has a ton of features including offline texting messages. The hiking app gives you the option for editing your life photos and 5000+ free stickers to express your feelings and emotions.

The chat theme helps you to personalize the chat window which helps you to explain your mood and make a better connection with your known one.

The hike offline messaging app allows you the feature to hide all your private chats with the help of the password. 

If the recipient phone is switched off then the message will be delivered in the form of a normal massage.

# 5. Signal offline messenger

Signal offline messenger is a direct wifi messenger that sends you a signal to discover any nearby devices. When the device is active then it will show you in color whereas the inactive are shown in the color of Grey.

The signal offline messenger app works with  100 meters of range and you no need to worry about the data it is encrypted with privacy security.

This app has a 250 Mbps direct wifi data transfer and if you send any photos or videos then it will send at high speed without any modification.

# 6. Briar

Briar is another one of the best offline messaging apps that help you to send the data even in a blind spot area through the help of Bluetooth.

For example, if you are traveling out of town and you have your office work then you always need to communicate with your mobile phone.

And in that scenario, if you do not have the data connection then the briar offline messaging app will help you a lot by sending the message through the Bluetooth connection.

The Briar app has its own privacy feature and also offers you the privacy setting related to your business purposes which are encrypted.

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# 7.Textra

Textra is also a great feature in the offline messaging text; it comes with 180+ design themes and with stickers also.

Textra is a  simple offline texting way of messaging. The app offers multiple bubbles for messages and if you want to stop the message you can continue with the delay option.

The app has 21 text sizes to customize your message theme with bubble color. With the help of textra, you will get instant notification and quick replies from the users through the app.

# 8. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a great offline texting messaging app which gives you a great experience. The pulse SMS makes your conversation with more fun activity and endless theme options feature.

You can also secure the messages and your private conversation with password privacy. Your data is already encrypted by the app security policy.

If any text messaging is delayed in sending so you can edit as well as cancel the message at any time.

If you are driving or outside for vacation purposes then you can also create an automatic reply for your contacts by using certain keywords.


The article will help you to come out of the problem of internet connectivity and be able to send your messages offline at any time.

We saw that different phone devices use a different variety of methods to deliver messages.

There are various offline text message apps available that are in use by almost every user to maintain their business work.

I hope this article Will help you to choose the best offline texting messaging app without WiFi or an Internet connection at any time.

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