Top 5 New Smartphone Apps to Track Your Kids’ GPS Locations

Around 2,300 kids go missing in America every day. Tomorrow, it could be your kid. But how do you protect your children when you can’t always be with them? This is where phone tracking comes in. With a smartphone tracker, you can find out where your kid is and get to them before something bad happens. In this article, we will show you the top 5 new smartphone Apps to Track Your Kids GPS Locations to always keep your loved ones safe.

How do we Choose the Best App for Tracking Kids?

There are many apps out there for tracking kids phones, although not all of them can get the job done. We have heard of several scenarios where people thought they got a good parental tracking app, but it turned out that they were scammed.

In this section, we will show you how we chose the apps on this list and the qualities that make them the best mobile tracking apps. 

Ease of Installation

Not all parents are tech gurus. Most parents can barely do anything beyond making calls and replying to messages with their phones. This is why it’s important to choose tracking apps that are easy to install. This way, you’ll be able to install the app on your kid’s phone without arousing suspicions or calling the IT guy at your office for help.

Reliability of Operation

We can’t say we’ve tried every spy app out there, but we’ve tried quite a few and read lots of reviews from users online. While reading reviews, one of our main focuses was how well does the app works? Does it do what it says it does? Will we buy it and find out some of the features don’t work? These are the things we considered while picking the apps on this list.


It’s good that you want a tracking app for kids to keep tabs on them. Yet, things can quickly go sour if the app’s database has a security breach that exposes your child’s private info to everyone on the internet. Therefore, it is important to choose spy apps that are safe and secure. This way, you’re the only other person who has access to your child’s information.

Work on a Variety of Devices

Some spy apps don’t work on iPhones, while others only work on iPhones. Even then, when you find spy apps that work for a particular type of smartphone, they might still not be compatible with the phone’s model. Hence, choosing a spy app that works with a variety of devices is crucial. Ultimately, your choice depends on the kind of device your child is using. If it’s an Android, an Android spy app will do. But if it’s an iPhone, you need to know how to spy on an iPhone, then the following apps will fit perfectly.

New Smartphone Apps to Track Your Kids GPS Locations

1. mSpy

mSpy is a kid tracker phone app that lets you track your child’s location. To do this, mSpy has two unique features: GPS location and Geofencing. mSpy’s GPS location feature allows you to see your child’s location history, including where they are and where they’ve been. The Geofencing feature will enable you to map out a safe zone for your child. Once they step out of those zones, you’ll get an instant alert.

mSpy’s location tracker for kids is not the only feature on the app. Other features include call monitoring, social media monitoring, keylogger, email monitoring, etc. mSpy is one of the most popular spy apps. It is widely thought to be the best tracking app on the market. It’s easy to install and relatively affordable.

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2. eyeZy

eyeZy is another excellent kid tracker phone app that helps you keep tabs on your child’s location. It has a feature called pinpoint, which allows you to see where your child is and their location history. It also has a magic alerts feature, which works as Geofencing. It helps you set safe zones, and you’ll get an instant alert when your child walks into the red zones.

Other features include a connection blocker, files finder, and a social spotlight that spies on your child’s social media apps and text messages. With all those features, it’s easy to see why eyeZy is one of the best tracking apps for the family.

3. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is another family GPS tracker kid control app that lets you keep tabs on your child’s location. Like mSpy, it has a GPS location feature that tracks your child’s GPS location history. It also has a Geofencing feature that sets safe zones for your child.

SpyBubble has other features that allow you to track your child’s activities on social media, who they’re talking to, and the media files they’re sharing with people. 


Localize is a bit different from the other apps on this list. It doesn’t require any app installation, neither does it have extra features. Its sole purpose is to track your child and find their location. 

All you need is to provide your child’s phone number, and you can find out where they are. This is the best app for location tracking for parents who don’t want to invade their children’s privacy. 

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5. iSharing 

If you want to track your kid’s location but don’t want to do it behind their back, iSharing is the best family tracking app for such a purpose. With this app, your child can share their location with you.

iSharing will send you alerts when your child leaves or reaches their destination. You can also get panic alerts when your child is in trouble. All they need to do is shake their phone, and iSharing will send you the panic alert and their location. 


That’s just about it for apps that track your kids’ location. The list above allows you to choose between a hidden GPS tracker for your child and a simple tracking app for kids. It’s your decision which spy software to choose. However, mSpy is considered to be the most reliable and affordable out there.

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