11 Best Website like textsheet In 2022

Are you looking for a Website like textsheet? Well, we are here to provide you with the top 11 websites that can be used as an alternative to Textsheet. 

Text Sheet was one of the websites that were very helpful for students to complete their assignments, but Text Sheet doesn’t exist anymore. Because it was forcefully shut down by the Chegg. Chegg complained against Textsheet for copyrighting. 

Chegg said the text sheet was using their content and providing the students to complete their assignments and other school works. Now there is no hope of coming back textsheet for students. But don’t worry, we will introduce you to the top 11 Website like textsheet. 

Top 11 Best Textsheet Alternatives | Website like textsheet

If you were a Textsheet user and now missing it, don’t worry guys, we hold your back. There’s a couple of websites still available similar to Text Sheet that can help you to complete your homework, assignment. 

So without any further delay just dive into the topic and find out about the top 11 Website like textsheet. 

1. Studylib

Our first website like Textsheet is studylib. This is similar to the text sheet and has a variety of study materials that you can use to complete your homework. 

They don’t charge you a dime for that. You can download any study materials from the site, which are uploaded by other students or users. You can log in on the site by using your Facebook account or Gmail account.  

For remembering things they have a unique feature called flashcards. Even if you upload the content on the website, they allow you to create flashcards with the help of images and audio.

studylib supports multiple languages that create options for creating flashcards and content in different languages. 

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2. Sparknotes

Our next site is Sparknotes for an alternative to websites likeTextsheet. Sparknotes is also a free website like the above one. This website is known for English literature, maths, biology, and other topics. 

If you are preparing for competitive exams like GRE, SAT, ACT, and others then this could be the best website for you in replace of Textsheet. You can sign up for the website by using your email address. 

If you want to complete Shakespeare’s play this website has the whole play for Shakespeare. If you can click on any scene to get details everything. 

3. Slader

Another strong contender of Website like textsheet is Slader. Before we introduce you to this, you should know this is a free platform but if you need an expert’s verified answer then you need to spend 1.5$for it. 

Click the book name on the home page, or you can also type the ISBN of any book to find. If you are good at any topic, you can upload your study materials here to help others. At the same time, you can find the solutions to any study-related problem. 

Simply use the search bar and type your problem, it will start guessing the most relevant questions and answers. 

4. Chegg

One of the best and trustable Websites like the textsheet is Chegg. They have experts who provide you every problem solution, and along with that, they have tools for calculations. 

If you are weak in algebra then you can try the calculator. They allow free users to solve 3 questions every day, however, if you move to the paid subscription, then you need to spend 14$ a month to access all site data.

You can create flashcards or you can use them, if you want to buy any book then they have plenty of books available. 

5. Khan Academy

Khan academy is also a popular website for solving school and college projects. According to the Khan Academy, there are 617 Million people around the globe who are taking advantage of it. 

Khan academy holds a good grip on English, maths, science, history, SAT, and other subjects. As students or teachers, you can access all the content of the website for free. The courses are well designed and well structured. 

They offer you practice sessions as well, where you can understand about yourself study. If you are looking for a website like a text sheet then Khan Academy could be the best for you. 

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6. CK-12

CK-12 is one of our best alternatives for Website like textsheet. This is the website which has a large number of libraries and well-designed courses. 

The CK-12 is free to use for all users, you just require an account for this. Which is simple to create. You can access Science, Maths, Social Studies, Photography, and Adult Studies. The course is well designed in square boxes with images. 

Therefore it makes it easy for the students to choose the right one. Simply click on the course you want to learn. Once you join classes, you receive assignments from the teachers. They have made it easy for the students to save the entire study materials in one place. 

7. Course Hero

Course hero is also quite a famous and popular site for providing study material and completing your assignments. They have 24×7 support so that if you are stuck somewhere, you can ask the experts to solve the question. 

They solve all your study-related problems and help you to complete your assignments. You can enter your school name and course name to access the course. You can access the website in two ways, the first one is free and the second one is to pay the monthly subscription. 

For accessing the free, you must upload a course to help other students. If you are unable to upload the course then you need to pay 9.95$ per month to access the premium courses. This website delivers high-quality study materials.

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8. Byju’s

There are a rare number of students who are not aware of Byju’s. This is one of the most popular among all. Byju’s is not only popular but also provides you with the ultimate courses. 

The majority of courses are free here, however for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, GRE, SAT, and many others you need to take a subscription. Byju’s provides you different types of courses like classes, CBSE, Commerce, ICSE, JEE, NEET, and many more. 

Byju’s offers you free trial classes, for testing purposes. They have scholarship options as well which are located on the home screen. As a student, you must go through it. 

9. Crazyforstudy

Crazyforstudy is one of the largest websites in replace of text sheets. They have a collection of more than a 50million study books. Crazyforstudy suits the higher education students. 

This site offers you courses in Accounting, Economics, Finances, Leadership, Management, Algebra, Geometry, and many more. You can search any book by its name or ISBN. 

You can get the best offer on this site, you don’t need to pay the entire fee at the starting of the course. Simply pay 50% when requesting your college assignments and 50% later when you get satisfied with the service. You can try their QnA for testing your skill. 

10. Coursera

Coursera is also one of the wonderful websites for studying online and solving your school and college assignments. On this website, you can take a free course, you get a lot of degree courses and certificate courses. 

You can do Data Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Languages, and many more other courses. For students go to the “For Students” tab and enter your school’s or college’s email id to get access to the courses. 

11. Quizlet

Our last but not least website like Textsheet is Quizlet. This website has a large number of study materials for school students and college students. 

Quizlet gives you 15 days free trial on the study materials, therefore it is our advisory to use this website for 15 days as a trial if you get satisfied with the courses and services you can go with paid. 

They’ve courses for Languages, Science, Arts, Maths, Social Science, and many more. You can sign up here as a parent or as a teacher. The best thing about this is, this platform offers you services on android and iOS devices as well. 

With the study materials, you can access flashcards as well to memorize things easily. This could be the best option for studying. 


Text sheet was one of the best websites for school students, and college students to complete their homework, and for completing the assignments. However, Chegg complained against the text sheet and they shut down the service. In this post we provided you with the top 11 Websites like textsheet, that should be useful for you in terms of study materials. 

These top websites offer you different types of courses and certificates as well. A few of them are free to use, while others take a nominal charge for the courses. 

We hope this article was helpful for you, if so you can share this post with the needed one. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the Website Like Text Sheet, you can leave us a comment below. 

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