8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites: It is really frustrating and irritating for you if you receive a number of phone calls from an unknown name. Have you also got phone calls all the time and you are looking to avoid these types of calls?

Then your problem can be solved by using the reverse phone lookup sites. There are some free reverse lookup sites available where you only need to enter the phone number that you have received and track it from the app. 

It also shows you the information whether the phone is a ring or it is in the spam report. Here, we are going to discuss all types of reverse phone lookup sites which really work in your daily life.

List of Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant checkmate is one of the most trustworthy phone lookup services. Instant checkmate provides the search option to find any unknown number calling.

First, you need to select the number that you have received after searching. If you find the owner of the person then you can go ahead and start to check it about their background, the person’s criminal background, social media, and more about them. 

The instant checkmate defines all the demographic data of the person. You can use it without any hesitation because it is confidential and provides unlimited searches. 

This site receives the 5 – star rating for customer service to provide the best searching platform. 

2. TruthFinder 

Truthfinder has its own reputation to provide accurate information according to the current database. It’s having an unlimited search option and has many public and social media records. 

You can use it on both androids as well on the iPhone. The truth finder site is clear with its own type of method of retrieval. This site provides you with straightforward information and only takes some minutes to find all the records of the unknown person. 

It also has a great service by customer support offering an expected kind of results.  

3. Intelius 

Intelius is the best reverse phone site to look up the address details of the person. If you want to find your old friends or any family member, you can now search on the Intelius lookup site which will give you the result in one attempt. 

This site is designed for mainly searching the finder relationship rather than providing the information. 

This site has a cheap subscription but you provide you with all the necessary detailed information. 

The customer service of the Intelius is good but users find some more features on it and want some improvements.

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4. People Finders 

People Finder is a User – Friendly and easy platform to search for anyone. You need to enter the first and last name of the person which you are looking to search for the information and then the city name in which they reside. 

After that, you need to send it through the credit card information. After the match is found you can download the full report. 

This report gives you the information about where they lived, relatives name, phone numbers, their property like such information. This site has received a 4.6 stars rating and really has good customer support. 

5. BeenVerified 

The BeenVerified reverse lookup site is popular for its uniqueness in results. The sites give you a number of ways to use the search functions. 

For Example:– if you are searching by using the VIN search function. First, you need to enter the 17 digits VIN number of the specific vehicle then they will provide you an endless amount of information related to the vehicle.

This site is up to date and current, available on both apple and android devices. You will also get a variety of navigation for unlimited search. 

If you talk about the BeenVerified customer service it receives many massive thumbs up for its best service. 

6. GoodHire 

GoodHire site is new in the market and it is designed professionally and friendly. The good hire site provides different pricing options for both small as well as big organizations. 

This site also looks up other features like checking on vehicles, drug use, ongoing alerts, San actions in the health sector, and credit reports. 

This website is excellent for people who run their information and never get disappointed with the accuracy of the reports. 

The people give 5-star ratings for the performance of its excellent service.

7. RentPrep 

The rent prep allows you to check the background information about the landlords and tenants. You can check the address, bankruptcy, checking any sex offender registry, nationwide, or any evictions. 

In this reverse lookup site, you need to choose two plans which work extremely well with their competitive prices. 

The review of this site is positive and only needs some improvements in other areas of activity. 

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8. PeopleSmart 

People smart is an affordable and proof-good site for use. People smart gives you organized results with a constant monitoring record of changes with neatly ranked information. 

People smart is easy to navigate and save your all views for any previous searches if made. 

The customer service support you will get is really positive that offers correct information.


The reverse phone lookup will help you to find any kind of unknown number which makes you irritated. Nowadays getting a lot of calls from an unknown number and it is necessary to check why you are getting the calls from other numbers.

The reverse phone lookup sites are really worthwhile in such a scenario where you really don’t need to get confused by such fake calls.

I personally want to recommend to you the Truthfinder site which is best for reverse lookup phone services.

It will provide you with all the necessary information through their end and also the customer service platform where you can connect yourself to your problem.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to avoid such fake and unknown number calls.