12 Best Sites To Watch Korean Drama In 2023

Korean drama is ruling out the heart of the people. There is no doubt across the globe that people are very happy with Korean drama series because of the content and the actors too. But people apart from Korea face difficulty because sometimes they are not able to find the site where they can watch the Korean drama easily.

If you are searching for a site to watch Korean dramas, you are on the right page. In this article, we are sharing some of the best options available to all the people around the world when they wish to watch Korean dramas from any part of the world.

It doesn’t matter in which city or country you live; if you wish to watch Korean drama series, the particular size mentioned below will help you. Let’s have a look at all the sites you can explore!

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12 Best Sites To Watch Korean Drama

In this section you will be able to get the details of the best sites to watch Korean dramas in 2023:-


FastDrama, also termed as FDrama, is one of the best and straightest-forward portals available to watch Korean drama series. It doesn’t matter on which device you wish to watch the content; this portal is compatible with all the devices.


It is compatible with all the devices.

The user interface is similar to that of YouTube.

Subtitles are available for the content.

Users can download Korean shows.

Users can simply go to the episode and click on the download button.

This is a light web page to use on a computer.

It has an innovative interface.


Hulu is among the most famous streaming services made so far. Along with the other content, this portal features Korean drama options as well, and users can watch them easily. The interface of the Hulu portal is very simple, but users need to get the whole subscription available to watch some of the shows. although there is some content available for free as well.


The interface of the portal is simple to understand.

From older classics to new TV series of Korean dramas, the options are available for streaming.

The quality and streaming speed provided by Hulu are top notch.

It is available in most of the regions.

Hulu is available for Android and iOS devices as well.

It comes up with free and paid options.

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Netflix is one of the well-known streaming services that people enjoy.This portal is secure to use and also offers great content to users. Even though it works on a subscription model, users need to get the subscription in order to watch their favourite Korean drama and other content available.


It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Content categorization has been done on the portal for browsing the content.

A free trial is available for a specific period of time.

Ad-free content is featured.

The content list is updated regularly.

Subtitles are available for every series you are watching in different languages.


YouTube has also been in consideration for a very long time, and undoubtedly, its users are very happy with it. Do you know that right now, when you wish to watch a Korean drama series, you can try out YouTube as well? Yes, you understand it right. There are some Korean drama series that are available directly on YouTube and from there you can watch them. The content is available for free and no problems will be there.


The interface of the portal is simple to understand.

Content is available with just a click.

It is available in both free and paid subscription models.

Subtitles are available for Korean content.

Portal with no lag

secure for use in every region of the world.

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Prime Video on Amazon

Amazon Prime Video also has the best features for all of your needs, but the Korean drama content is currently unavailable. Users are very happy to use Amazon Prime to watch Korean dramas because it comes with a simple interface and they can get all the details about the Korean drama as well. There will be no need for them to sit through the entire episode and then understand the plot. If they find the particular plot interesting, they can simply move ahead and watch the content.


Users can download the content and watch the dramas for free.

Subtitles are available for the content.

All the related details are available for the episodes.

Amazon Prime Video works on a subscription model.

Users can watch the content on any device and in any part of the world.


Dramacool is also one of the reputed platforms available to watch Korean dramas. Users can download Korean dramas from the site for free. The layout of the website is simple, and users can easily navigate to the content available. Subtitles are also available, which help us understand the content.


Subtitles are available for the content.

Users can download the content for free.

The shows are available in high-definition quality.

Korean shows are available with a single click of the button.

Navigation through the content is very easy to do.

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Rakuten Viki:

Rakuten Viki is also among the favourite options chosen by users when they want to watch drama shows online. This website has content in multiple languages and users can watch it at any time whenever they want. There will be no problem navigating through the content because the search bar is also there and categorization has been done so users can pick out their favourite show and watch it.


Navigation through the portal is simple.

Unlimited features are integrated into it.

Multiple languages are supported.

The new content is updated regularly.

It is compatible with smartphones and smart TVs.


Dramago is also one of the popular websites available for downloading Korean dramas. But some users complain about the interface because they are not able to listen to the content, but don’t worry because that developed person’s series gets them to download the contact and stream the content.


This portal is simple for you.

The content is available for free.

Users can download the content.

It has five to seven servers to stream the shows.

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New Asian TV

New Asian TV is next on the list, and it is among those who have HD quality Korean drama shows available. Users can simply browse through the content and have effortless access to the content. It comes with a user-friendly design, and users can search for the content and scroll through it easily. Users can also take advantage of the light feature, which is helpful in hiding everything but the streaming player will work. You can simply view the content and enjoy watching it.


This portal has an innovative interface.

The category has been done.

A user can simply choose the country to browse through the content.

Web series and movies are also available.

Content is available in high quality.


Kocowa is one of the best options for all those living in North and South America. It has a great collection of Korean drama shows and users can perform the login with the help of their social media accounts, including Facebook and Google. The best part is that the content is available in high definition and can be used by simply browsing proverbs. The subtitles are also available in multiple languages, and according to demand, users can get them.


It is available for Android and iOS both.

It has more than 17,000 hours of classic shows from the Asian country.

The subtitles are available in multiple languages.

The interface of the portal is simple to understand.

Asian crush:

Asian crushes are also on the minds of all Korean drama fans.This portal is the best to choose because, initially, you will get all the content of the show and you can analyse whether you want to watch it or not. Along with that, it comes with free and paid versions, and you can choose any of them. You just need to click on the web series you wish to watch and within no time, the content will be available right in front of you. It is loved by millions of people and is as popular as other streaming hotels available.


Content is available for free and paid in both models.

Both Windows and Android, as well as iOS, are supported.

It comes up with a solution where users can simply raise their request for the particular Korean drama they wish to watch.

Subtitles are available for the content.

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VIU is the last option on our list. It is among the safest websites for both Korean dramas and online shopping. The content is available for free and without creating any account, users can use the service. It is available in 16 countries, and especially those in the Middle East and East Asia consider this portal.


Innovative interface

Content is available in high-definition quality.

The developers update the content library regularly.

There is no need to perform any registration to use the service.

Subtitles are available for the content.

This portal is free to use.


Is it safe to watch Korean dramas in other countries?

Yes, it is safe to watch Korean dramas in other countries. But for that, you need to choose a safe portal. If the portal is not safe, there are chances of problems.

Do I need to integrate a VPN to watch Korean drama series?

It is totally up to the user whether they want to integrate a VPN to watch the Korean drama series or not. If you are choosing safe portals like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, there is no real need to get these.

Is it important for me to get the subscription available to watch the content?

It depends on the application you are choosing. If you are choosing applications that do not work on a subscription-based model, you can watch the content for free, but if the applications you are using are like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you will need to get a subscription to watch the content.

The following are the best streaming sites to watch Korean dramas. It is entirely up to the user to decide which one to use. We would like to let you know that all these sites are safe to use and that no problems will take place. But if you still have the thought that there is a possibility the site is banned in your area, then get a VPN integrator and check out our portal regularly. You will be able to get the best content and all your regular problems will come to an end.

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