20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2022

Classic games have always been the best and if you are looking to play them on your PC, you need a ROM to run those games. You just need to find some of the best safe ROM Download Sites from it.

The internet is filled with these websites but choosing which of them is safe takes a lot of research. So, we did all the research for you and came up with these top 20 best and safe ROM websites. Find yourself a perfect emulator and then move on to download the best Safe ROM Download Sites –

Best Safe ROM Download Sites

Below we will provide the best Safe ROM Download Sites:-

1) ROMsmania

The website is pretty easy to understand and you can get the best layout and well-designed navigation. There are a thousand free ROM options available to help you download any game you want on your PC and run it whenever you want. The best thing about ROMsmania is that you can use it in most countries without any VPN.

Site link

2) Gamulator

Looking for all the newly released games with their updated patch? Well, this is the place where you can get your hands on any of the new games released on the internet. Just go through the home page and you will see an extensive list of games to choose from. Download them and enjoy virus-free browsing.

Site link

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3) ROM Hustler

This is one of the oldest ROM websites from which you can download any ROM you want. You just have to enter the name of the ROM you want to search for and the same will appear on the next page. This is among the best of all websites and most importantly, it keeps your PC safe from viruses.

Site link

4) Retrostic

Well, if you are looking for those classic games, this will never let you down. The name of this website says it all as it includes all the old games with a huge collection to choose from. The website supports direct downloading which means you don’t have to worry about viruses. Just one click and it will start downloading.

Site link

5) DopeROMs

Use this interactive platform for your ROM downloading and browsing. There are a lot of games you can find on this website and it is among the best for the collection it has for the users. You can choose your preferred language on this website to download the game and play it in the same language for added convenience.

Site link

6) ROMs World

Enjoy your childhood games with this ROMs world as it has a collection of all the old games like Mario Bros. and many more. You just have to go through the homepage and the pretty layout will make you remember all the games to download and start playing with your siblings.

Site link

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7) Cool ROM

Be it an adventure game or a classic walkthrough game, you can get it all from this website. There are a lot of cool games and the collection is pretty huge. You can get your hands on any of these ROMs without catching a virus or any malicious software on your PC. So, don’t wait and start playing the best of all games.

Site link

8) The Eye

This is the archival website where you can get all the ROMs in compressed states. This will help you save a lot of space and all in all, you must use this website if you are using your mobile data to download any of these games. This is the best website to look for old and modern-day games and this will act like an eye.

Site link

9) RomUlation

Among the best places to download ROM, this is one of them which is also the safest. You can go through the reviews from the users and you will find the things they say about it. Just go on the website and search for whatever you are looking for.

Site link

10) ROMNation

ROMNation has the proper segments for you to find the ROM as per the emulator you need. You just have to go to the homepage for that and its UI is perfect for everyone to understand. You must use it for your ROM browsing.

Site link

11) CDRomance

Looking for some of the original artworks around you? Well, this is what you need as CDRomance provides proper art with the cover for any game you want. It gives you a proper classic feeling for the games you like and play.

Site link

12) RomsMode

Along with a beautiful UI, you also get an amazing collection of old and super amazing ROMs from the old times. Download them today from this website to enjoy a virus-free download for your PC. Enter the name of any ROM and start playing it on your PC.

Site link

13) WoWroms

By far, this is the easiest way to download any ROM you want on your PC. There are a lot of games you can get from WoWoroms and they all can help you in the best way. Just visit the website and look for the game you want in the search box.

Site link

14) Vimm’s Lair

The homepage looks like a lot of vintages and you are right if you think you can get all the old games here. Just visit the website and you will surely find the games from your childhood. Grab on them and start playing.

Site link

15) Emulator Zone

With all the download direct links, there is no virus you will ever get on this website. They provide proper security for each game and you will also get to search for the best of all ROM games. So, download them now and enjoy playing them.

Site link

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16) Old Computer ROMs

As per the name, you will get all the old ROMs here with the best of all old ROMs to help you remember your childhood. It is always bliss to play video games on your PC and this is the best website to search for them. These ROMs are viruses free and you can get to experience them all in just a one-click download.

Site link

17) Emuparadise

Well, this is a paradise for gamers and you can get to play some interesting games. Be it a Guide, ROM file, or an ISO file, you can use it all with the best emuparadise website. With games, you can also download video game music to create the whole vibe while gaming.

Site link

18) NitroBlog

The safest and best platform you will ever get your hands on is NitroBlog. You will surely get s speedy download from this website as per the name but the security is pretty powerful. There has never been any ROM defected by a virus on this website and using it also is easy.

Site link

19) Classic GameROMs

With its innovative design, you will surely get to download and enjoy the best of all the old games. Games like crash cutter, Pepsi man, and many more are available here and you can easily download them. You don’t have to worry about the virus as it offers direct download on your PC.

Site link

20) RomsUniverse

Well, talking of the universe, this is among the best collection of ROMs on the internet. Here you can get your hands on any of the ROM you want. As the name says, you have to find the best ROMs to download and start playing on your PC.

Site link


Now that you have gone through the Best Safe ROM Download Sites, we hope you found your favorite website. However, they all are perfect in various ways and now it’s your decision where to move on. So, let’s start searching for the games long forgotten and refresh your childhood memories.

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