14 Best Websites With Free Online Books For Kids

Online portals are not only developing for the sake of entertainment but for the sake of education as well, there is a lot of content students can find out. One can take the example of websites to find free online books for kids. We will learn the best websites with free online Books For Kids.

In previous days online portals were not available with that many resources where kids can find out books of their choice. But thankfully now websites are there for catering to all their needs when they want to have access to all the new books.

If you also want that your kid must have access to appropriate books, you are on the right page. Here we will share the destinations to find out the free online books for kids so that next time there will be no need for you to think about where you can go to get the best book for your kid. Stay tuned with us to find the best portal out there.

Website offering free books for kids:-

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress features classic children’s books for free online. A Library card is not required over it. It has a full-page scan feature available that allows the user to have the experience of reading an antique book. Users can easily choose from retro classics to the original illustrations and get the book. If you want to download the book for your kids, just browse through the category and get it immediately.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online

Storyline online is the portal developed by the screen actors Guild Foundation. It features some actors and actresses who are going through the books of their children and reading them. Each and every story you will find out on the portal has a free activity guide available which you can view on Schooltube or YouTube. The content available on the portal is up to the mark for kids, and with activities, they will be able to learn new skills as well.

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Open Library

Open Library

Open Library is a non-profit internet archive option available for users out there. Regularly the collection of links available for free online books gets updated, and all of them are focusing on kids and adults. Right now, almost 20000 free titles for children are available, and users can download them easily. Some titles are new, and some are classic, but all of them have well-versed content available which means your child will definitely going to enjoy it.

Free Children stories

Free Children stories

Free Children’s stories is a portal that focuses on opening traditional meaningful and some storytelling content to every child and parent. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent or a teacher. If you want that, the child must get well versed with good content this portal is must choose to have. They have organized a collection of online books into the story, and it ranges from children from the age of 3 to 10 years old. The categorization has been done, and accordingly, users can choose from it.

Book Trust

Book Trust

Book Trust is the portal that allows users to have access to all the interactive books out there. They can easily download them or read books online. For children, you will find out some classic books and some modern titles. Make sure to scroll down through the pages so that you can find out about the best book. Moreover, it also features some children online games, which is sufficient for polishing the skills of your children.

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International children’s digital library

International children’s digital library discovers books across the globe. This is a free site that allows users to read the books independently. But they cannot download the content. Kids and adults will be able to learn about different regions of the world and can understand the culture in other countries. This platform allows kids to have access to international content as well, which means they can get well versed with content in other countries.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is among the best places to find books for kids online. It is an award-winning website from the Oxford University Press. The major reason for creating this portal is to allow children to have access to well-versed books, which help them to learn about the culture and other aspects in detail. On this portal, as a parent, you will find out some guides and games which are highly sufficient for developing the reading skills of your child.

National Geographic Young Explorer

National Geographic Young Explorer is basically a magazine focusing on kindergarten kids. Not only for kindergarten kids but for first-grade students, as well as some content, is available. They can easily listen to the magazine and follow the highlighted text. This brings out interest in non-fiction stories and helps them to understand some more aspects in detail.

Cloud Library

Cloud library is a portal like Overdrive where users need to verify their library card number, and after that, they can have access to the application on a computer and mobile device. Here users can read the titles online and download them. The best part is categorization has been done, which lets users find out the book according to their child’s interest.


Overdrive the facility available to many public schools and libraries, which let the library customers borrow ebooks and audiobooks easily. There is no need for them to pay even a single penny. If the library you are visiting has access to the same server with just perform the login on the application with the help of a portable device and answer certain questions. After performing This small survey, you are ready to have all your favorite books in your favorite language easily. Categorization has been done that helps you to get the books easily.


Storynory is the portal focusing on fairy tale classics children audio stories along with some original stories. Here you will find out some stories which are easy to read, and text is also included on the site. Moreover, downloading the audio to your computer option is available, which lets the teacher for parents to download the book for better explanation. Users can easily translate text into different languages as per the requirement.

Amazon free kids ebooks

Being one of the most considered shopping portals, Amazon also features free kids ebooks option. Here you will find out more than 3000 eBooks available. Just browse through the free eBook section available on Amazon and be ready to have access to all of them. Make sure to perform the login with your Amazon account because if you have not performed the login having access to all these three books will be impossible for you.

Read to me

Read to me is somewhere similar to storyline online and features all the popular children’s books out there. From all the famous performers, to will be able to find out the books. Additionally, certain activity guides are also available, which are essential for polishing the skills of your child. It has some discussion question paper available which also focuses on developing the skills your child is having.


Last but not least in the list, Hoopla is another service that allows users to have access to the local library. On this portal, you will find out a long list of popular and new release titles. Users can download graphic novel services and some movies and music as per their requirements. Additionally, the interface of the portal is quite easy to understand, which clearly means that all your entertainment needs will get fulfilled over it.

So what are you waiting for? Get the free website for online books for kids now so that finding out the book of your kid’s choice will be easy for you, and there will be no problem at all. Make sure to perform the login and fulfill all the requirements of the portal so that you can have an amazing interface and experience over it.

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