How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller? Complete Info

Xbox one controller is undoubtedly one of the most prominent gaming devices and is famous among users. But nowadays, most of the users experience inconvenient things like their joystick gets stuck or the d-pad starts making problems. In such a situation, most of the users wonder how to take apart Xbox one controller so that the problem can get fixed and they can enjoy their games. If you are also one of those and want to take Apart Xbox One Controller then this guide will definitely help you out…

How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

➤ First of all, you need to prepare the T6 T8 T10 screwdriver kit along with your Xbox one controller.

➤ If you don’t want your screws to fall then you are suggested to work with the tray.

➤ From your toolkit, take the orange prey and then slide it between the plastic seam available on the grips.

➤ Now you need to leave the grip away from the main controller body.

➤ Try to apply some force and then repeat the same with both grips.

➤ Thereafter you need to remove the screws and once the screw gets removed the Xbox controller will get a part just like a sandwich.

➤While following the steps it is necessary for you to be extremely gentle as you may damage the cable that connects the battery.

➤ In the next step, you need to remove the v security screws with the help of a T8 screwdriver.

➤ In the battery housing, you will see a screw hidden behind the sticker remove it.

➤ Now, you can easily take a look over the inner workings of the Xbox gamepad.

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How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller without Torx

A Part Xbox One Controller without Torx
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If you are looking out for easy to use process then dissembling your controller with the help of a Torx screwdriver may be the best option. But if you are not having a Torx and still looking for an easy method then we are having a solution regarding the same as well.  With the help of this tutorial, you can easily take apart Xbox one controller without using a special driver.

➤ First of all, you need to prepare a two-millimeter slotted driver (an electronic grade is preferred).

➤ Now take your two-millimeters slotted bit.

➤ You will see 7 screws including the hidden bonus screw. Unscrew each of them properly otherwise it will not get apart.

➤ This is the easiest method that can help you in successfully taking apart the Xbox one controller without even the help of a special screwdriver

➤ The best part is here you do not need to modify any screw screwdriver.

With the help of the above-given tutorial, it will be easier for you to complete the task of taking apart the Xbox one controller. In case you still face any sort of problem then you are suggested to contact the customer care executive.

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