How to Install Kodi 19 Matrix on Amazon Firestick? Complete Explanation

Have you heard about the new Kodi 19 Matrix? The release will probably hit in full swing in 2021 and is still under Beta testing. However, in the meantime, it’s great to be a little ahead and learn how to use this build once it hits the shelves!

In this guide, I will be showing you the best and easiest way on how you can install and set up the Kodi 19 Matrix on your Amazon Firestick! Seems interesting? Then keep reading and find out more!

However, before moving on directly with this tutorial, don’t you think it would be great getting a little acquainted with this new Kodi build? 

Short on time?

Here’s a list of all that we’ll be covering in this guide. It’ll guide you on a little better as you proceed:

  • What is the new Kodi 19 Matrix?
  • How to install the Kodi 19 Matrix on Firestick 
  • Kodi Matrix 19 features 

What is the new Kodi 19 Matrix?

Kodi 19 Matrix is the predecessor of the Kodi 18 Leia series, only that it is better, offers a lot of features, and comes with bug fixes. It’s said to be the next biggest development, and for as long as 2 years now, bringing big changes in the entertainment sector.

However, only the Alpha builds had been released, with the Beta 1 now on the way. The first Beta version is said to target mainly bug fixes rather than the specs of new features. Plus, the Kodi 19 Matrix is built with the Python 3 interpreter, where you’ll be able to load on Python-based add-ons on your device.  

Need to know what’s new about Kodi 19 Matrix? You’ll find the specs mentioned below, but first, let’s take a look at how you can install Kodi 19 Matrix on your Firestick. 

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How to install and set up Kodi 19 Matrix on Firestick?

There are two methods you can use, one’s the “Downloader method” and the other is the “ES File Explorer method”. Here’s how you begin with the Downloader method:

Downloader method

➤ Launch your Firestick and head to the home screen.

➤ Now, go into your “Settings.”

➤ You’ll see the option of “My Fire TV” or “My device”, click on it.

➤ Next, select “Developer Options” 

Developer Options

➤ Enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

Apps from Unknown Sources

➤ Click on “Turn On

Turn On here

➤ Go back to your home screen and click on the search icon or the magnifying glass. 

➤ Look for the “Downloader” app. The downloader app is necessary since you’re downloading third-party apps like Kodi 19 Matrix. Since it’s not available on the Amazon Store, you’re going to have to sideload it. 


➤ When you find the right app, click on “Download or Get.”

➤ Next, click on Open.

➤ Now, enter the Kodi 19 Matrix download link “” into the URL path field, and then click on Go. 

➤ Your file will start to download.

➤ Once it’s downloaded, click on “Install” to proceed.

➤ Wait for a few seconds and then launch the Kodi app by clicking on “Open.”


ES File Explorer Method

Because Kodi 19 Matrix isn’t available on the Amazon App Store, you’re going to need to sideload or use a workaround method to install it on your Firestick. The ES File Explorer method is the second procedure you can use if the Downloader method doesn’t suit you. Here’s how you can begin:

➤ Startup and launch your Firestick device.

➤ On the home screen, click on the magnifying glass icon and look for “ES File Explorer.” 

ES File Explorer

➤ Once you find the correct app, click on it. 

➤ Then, click on “Get.” 

click on Get

➤ Wait for the ES File Explorer app to download and when that’s done, click on “Download Manager.” 

➤ You’ll see a “+New” sign towards the bottom of the screen, so click on that. 

Plus New

➤ Now, you’ll be prompted with a pop-up window. Enter the link “” in the URL path field, and then click on “Download Now” to continue. 

➤ Once downloaded, launch Kodi 19 Matrix on your Firestick and enjoy unending entertainment!

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How different are the Kodi 19 Matrix features from Kodi 18 Leia? 

If you look below, you’ll see a few of the newer features that Kodi 19 comes with. They are:

  • New and improved browser support 
  • Improved music, games, and audio/video libraries.
  • Advanced improvements to Estuary.
  • Various improvements were made to the security suite
  • Integrations with official third-party apps like Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.
  • Rejuvenated AirPlay support
  • Samsung smart TV support 
  • Advanced 3D video support
  • Improved smart home integration

What add-ons are the best for Kodi 19?

Add-ons are third-party apps that can be sideloaded with Kodi on your Firestick. However, because not all add-ons are safe and some often come with viruses or don’t work at all, I’ll be highlighting all the working add-ons that are the best for Kodi 19. They include:

  • Daily motion
  • Popcornflix
  • SnagFilms
  • BBC iPlayer
  • YouTube
  • ITV
  • Pluto TV
  • FilmRise
  • Classic Cinema
  • USTV Now
  • Crackle 
  • Fox Sports
  • Sky Sports
  • ViaPlay
  • DAZN
  • Adult Swim
  • CBC Radio
  • iTunes Podcasts
  • ABC Family 
  • Twitch
  • ZDF
  • Rai Play
  • Funimation

How to use an add-on on Kodi 19?

Installing an add-on on Kodi 19 doesn’t require that many steps, and is a little similar compared to that of Kodi 18. Here’s what you should do:

  • Launch Kodi 19 Matrix on your Firestick 
  • Click on add-ons and then on the package icon on the top left of the screen.
  • Now, click on “Install from Repository.”
  • Click on “Kodi Add-on Repository and look for “Video Add-ons”. Once you find it, click on it.
  • You’ll see a list of add-ons, navigate through it till you find the one you’re looking for.
  • Now, once you find it, click on the “Install” button and then wait for the installation process to complete. 
  • Launch the add-on you installed on Kodi 19 and enjoy your content! 

NOTE – Always use a VPN 

A point to note; because you’re downloading Kodi on Firestick, a third-party open-source app, you’re going to need to protect yourself with the best VPN for Firestick

Kodi often holds libraries of copyrighted content, allowing you to download free add-ons on to the platform. To maintain your privacy while Sideloading apps on Kodi, especially on your Firestick, you need to make sure you’re well protected. 

A VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, allows you to sideload third-party add-ons on Kodi, on to your device without getting spied on or monitored by internet service providers, the government, or bodies that own the copyrighted content.

Of course not all VPN services are the same, and to use the best one for Firestick or Kodi, you’ll need to select one based on a few certain requirements. If you’re interested in learning how to choose a VPN for Firestick so that you can safely download Kodi 19 Matrix on your device, take a look at the short tutorial below:

How to choose a VPN to install Kodi 19 Matrix on Firestick 

There’s always a certain criterion required to choose any VPN, and such is the case while choosing one for Kodi or Firestick. Here’s what you look for:

  • Server coverage

Offers plenty of server coverage, allowing you to connect to multiple IP addresses. This allows you to mask your identity or even sideload or download multiple add-ons or apps, from anywhere in the world. 

  • Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth 

Looking for a VPN that allows great speeds and unlimited bandwidth. To get the full Kodi experience, you’re going to want to dodge buffering and data caps. So, the VPN you go for needs to allow it. 

  • Advanced security features 

Security features are something beyond important to look into. Make sure the provider you settle for offers military-grade encryption that’ll help secure your data and online presence while using Kodi. Other advanced features include a Kill Switch, Split-Tunneling, obfuscated servers, Double VPN protection, and DNS / IPv6 leak protection. 

  • Compatibility with Firestick and allows simultaneous device connections 

Should be compatible with your Firestick or Fire devices, along with other operating systems like Windows, iOS, or Android. Additionally, the added perk would be that it allows multiple simultaneous device connections. 

  • Free trial or testing period

Look for free trials and a refund period. This allows you to test the VPN app first, before settling for any. 

Once you’ve chosen a VPN software to use, subscribe, download and install the app on your Firestick, connect to the best server, and then proceed to install Kodi 19 Matrix on your Fire device.


Q:- Is Kodi legal and safe to use?

Ans:- Kodi is entirely safe and legal in and of itself. Kodi may be downloaded from the official app stores for a variety of systems, including the Google Play Store for Android and the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. These app stores will never enable the distribution of harmful or illegal applications. Keep in aware, though, that third-party addons can broadcast unauthorized content on Kodi. Streaming such content is against the law.

Q:- On Kodi, what can you watch?

Ans:- Movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, documentaries, children’s programming, anime, and just about anything else are available to watch.

Remember that Kodi does not create any of its own content. To get your content, you’ll need to use Kodi add-ons. For whatever form of video you want to watch, there are hundreds of add-ons accessible. Kodi supports both official and third-party add-ons. Using Kodi builds can also improve your experience.

Q:- Is Kodi compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Ans:- Kodi is compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Cube. On all Fire TV devices, the interface and navigation method is the same (FireStick 2nd Gen, Fire Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube). This guide’s Kodi installation instructions also work on the Fire TV Cube.

Q:- What is the latest version of Kodi for Firestick?

Ans:- Kodi 19.1 Matrix is the most latest version of Kodi. This version was released in May 2021, with minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

Q:- What’s the best way to get Kodi to function on my Firestick?

Ans:- A quick reboot of the Kodi app will usually solve any issues you’re having. Simply remove the app’s data from your device’s settings.

Q:- Is it feasible to use Kodi to jailbreak a Firestick?

Ans:- Jailbreaking is defined as installing Kodi or any other app that isn’t available on the Amazon App Store. There are, however, a plethora of other ways to get the most out of your device.

Q:- How Do I Remove Kodi on a Firestick?

Ans:- To delete any apps from your device, go through them all and hover over the one you want to get rid of. From the three horizontal lines on your remote, select uninstall.

Q:- Is using Kodi on a Firestick legal?

Ans:- Kodi is fully legal to use and can be installed on nearly any device. Some of the content available on Kodi, however, may be illegal. Always use a VPN, as stated on this page, to use your Firestick anonymously.

To conclude

Now that we’ve come towards the end of this Kodi 19 Matrix guide, I’ve shown you the best possible ways (2 methods) to download and install Kodi 19 Matrix on your Firestick or Fire TV device. I’ve even highlighted a few of the new and improved features of this build compared to Kodi 18 Leia. However, since Kodi 19 is still under beta testing, and the guide had more to do with its alpha version, it is best you wait till the entire build is released in 2021. Secondly, Kodi is an open-source platform, which is why I also recommended using a VPN service for the best and safest experience. 

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