How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Catching a cheating boyfriend is pretty hard and you have to be focused while doing it. There are so many ways that you can use to know if your boyfriend is cheating or not. Trust is the most important thing when it comes to relationships and if you start to feel a little heavy on the side of trust, you need to investigate the matter.

Mobile phones are the best way to know about a person’s day to day routine and with this advanced technology, you can do each and every move of a human by hacking into their phone. You can install any Phone Spy App from the online market. The Internet is filled with advanced technologies and you can always prefer them to investigate better.

However, if there are ways to find out more information about this matter, there are many more ways to hide it from you. Again, there are two sides to everything and this is how it works with technology. You have to find the most creative and effective ways to look into it. So, we have researched and found out these top best ways to find out if your boyfriend is cheating.

1) Use Spyware Software

Well, spyware software comes with all legal arguments and laws. You have to go through it all if you use such software but it can actually help you a lot. It is one of the best spy software that can help you. You just have to install the app on your partner’s mobile phone and it will give you all the data of their call logs, locations, halts, and everything.

You will get to know all their day-to-day activity and all the locations where they go daily. These apps are of great use and you can get great help from them. If you feel like your spouse isn’t doing anything like that it is better not to use such apps on him. This won’t help and it will only worsen the situation but if you have already installed it, go and check out their GPS locations to make sure they are not cheating.

2) Know who Keeps Calling your Boyfriend

A cheating boyfriend spends most of his time on the mobile phone or calls all day long. If you ask them, they will tell you that it is a call from work or that his boss keeps calling him. It can be one of the reasons but a boss will never keep on calling throughout the day to know if you are fine and all. If you sense anything like that when you are around your boyfriend, you need to find out who this boss really is.

Your boyfriend can easily outsmart you if you keep on trusting in such an adverse situation. People save contact with different names while cheating to lie easily in front of you. There is a find out boyfriend is cheating app where it tells you all about the call logs and who keeps on calling your boyfriend. Dial the same number from your mobile phone and ask them what their relationship is with your boyfriend.

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3) Record their Night Voices

Well, it is always better to go old-fashioned when it comes to finding out your cheating boyfriend. You don’t need their smartphone for this purpose and all you need is a recorder on your phone. Turn on the recorder and place it near your boyfriend’s bed to record what they speak about while sleeping. Sometimes, your boyfriend could be talking to her while sleeping next to you.

You won’t even know if they are doing so and that’s why a recorder will tell you all about the conversation your boyfriend had on the call. Try to keep the recorder on when your boyfriend gets a late-night call and try to act sleepy. Just put on the recorder and keep your device near your boyfriend slowly. This will help you a lot to know everything he talks about on the call.

4) Know about the Day

The Internet tells you everything and all the hotel booking apps, recharge apps, movie tickets, emails, and many third-party websites can tell you a lot about your partner. This is what you have to do and while going through the apps and websites, you will come across many new things your boyfriend won’t tell you easily.

This is one of the easiest ways you don’t even need a find out if your boyfriend is cheating app to know about the day. GO into the browser history or access the emails that are from the last 3 days. It will give you a brief about everything your partner did and this is all you need. If something looks fishy ask them and let them explain what exactly the matter is.

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5) Search Terms

Whenever a person tries out something new, he or she always Googles it or searches it anywhere on the internet. Search engines like Google tend to remember all the things you search for and if you put in the initials, it will tell you what you searched for earlier before. You can experience a lot of new things from it and in the end; it will help you to know what actually your spouse does all day long. You will know how he thinks and the things he thinks of. This will surely turn out to be a lot helpful for you and your relationship.

6) Catch up with Cloud Storage

Sometimes cloud automatically uploads the data onto the cloud storage and even when you delete it from your mobile, the pictures will still be available on the cloud. So, you need to get proper information about the cloud and just access it whenever you have your boyfriend’s phone.

Be it a Google Drive, Google Photos, or Apple iCloud, these things can tell you a lot of hidden things. Just go and check such things out for yourself and check out the pictures from the dates you were away from your boyfriend. To brief it out, go through these images and if there is anything fishy, just take a screenshot and keep it for the real conversation.

7) Track their Location

Wherever they go in their daily life can give you a brief about what they actually do all day long. You just need a GPS locator that can give you the live location of your spouse. To know better, give them a call about where they are and if they tell you the real location, they might not be cheating. But, if they tell you other locations even when you know where they are in the GPS locator, you need to look into the matter.


All in all, you can use any phone spying app from the internet but you need to invest time in it. We hope these tips worked for you and try to use them to the fullest for better results. Try to talk out anything you find fishy to save the relationship and make your boyfriend realize what he’s bad he’s done.

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