20 Best Xbox One Games For Female Gamers of 2022

As this is the new era of digitalization, everyone is keeping pace with the latest technology. One of those technologies includes the Xbox platform. Game lovers will be glad to know that you can now play unlimited wonderful games on the Xbox platform.

Though it has been seen that games are always designed for male players but now the scenario has completely changed. There are numerous games on the Xbox platform that are specifically designed keeping in mind female or girl gamers’ choices. So if you are a female gamer and want to play one of the best Xbox games, have a look at the below-given list of wonderful games: 

20 Best Xbox One Games For Girl Gamers In 2022

#1. Kingdom Hearts III

It is an action game that is based on the power of friendship. It is actually the twelfth episode in the series of kingdom hearts. This game is completely based on the story of a fifteen years old teenager named Sora and his friend. In the game, he uses a key-shaped weapon to fight against the darkness and the most attractive thing is the inclusion of Disney characters accompanying the protagonist all the time. 

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#2. Minecraft

This is a game that provides complete freedom to players. It is a 3D game without any particular goals. This game world is made of up cubes which include different objects such as stones, trees, water, lava, clouds, etc. The player only needs to remove the cubes from one place to another to build up new things from the same cubes again and again. 

#3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is a game in which a character plays the role of a monster slayer and tries to find his daughter. The character has been named Geralt of Rivia in the game who can increase his powers by playing side games to earn experience and gold.

#4. Shantae Half-Genie Hero

Shantae is basically a character that represents a half-genie and uses his hair to fight with the enemy. During the whole game, Shantae conquers dances to gain power and get transformed into various characters.  

#5. Overcooked

As the name suggests, this game is based on cooking. Those players who love cooking can fulfill their desires by preparing meals, using different ingredients, serving the food, and doing many other tasks. They are given a time limit for all these things and need to deliver different meals at different times.

#6. Assasin’s Creed Odyssey

The plot of this game revolves around the war between Sparta and Athens and is perfect for both male and female game players. They just need to go hunting and win the game.

#7. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

In this game, players act as space shooters and use various objects such as weapons, shields, engines, etc. The player can control only one character in the single-player mode while they can also go for multiple player game if wants to play with friends or any third person.

#8. Life is Strange 2

This is based on the Mexican American teenager namely Sean Diaz and is completely related to the environment. The character chooses various choices and thus leads the game to branches in the storyline.

#9. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Battle lovers can play this game very well as they need to go on a war in the fictional world of Thra against each other. The heroes of Thra get summoned by the Aughra in dream space and recall their memories with the help of one another.

#10. The Sims 4

This game is best for those who love to create a character of their own. This game even allows the player to build a profile based on different options available. In this game, the player creates a single sim and then tries to create new characters in the form of a family of up to 10 generations. This is known as a legacy challenge.

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#11. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

It is a game perfect for adventure lovers. It is the twelfth installment in the series of Tom Raider. This game is based on the story of a girl named Lara Croft who explores central and South America with the help of craft equipment. It includes hunting animals, using various resources, solving puzzles, etc.

#12. Just Dance

In this game, players act as on-screen dancers after the song gets started. This game can be played using pictograms that show various poses and the players have to follow them. Based on the accuracy, the player gets rank and reaches to next level step by step. 

#13. Lego Worlds

In this game, players are allowed to make their world with the help of Lego bricks. Once the player collects different objects hidden across the map, they are awarded currency called studs and further this can be used to build a predefined Lego structure. 

#14. Stardew Valley

This game is actually a simulation role-playing game in which gamers are taken to the farm of a deceased grandfather called Stardew valley far away from the fast-running life of the city. Players are allowed to enjoy the life of a farm in this game. They are free to perform activities related to a farm such as mining ores, herding cattle, growing crops, etc.

#15. Mirror’s edge

It is an action-adventure game that is set in a quasi-futuristic city. It just requires the player to control faith and complete levels one by one by performing many activities such as jumping, running, sliding, etc.

#16. Child of light

A fictional land called Lemuria has been taken where a fictional character called Aurora wakes up after dying from a mysterious illness. She requires moon, sun, and stars if she wants to return home but all the objects are being held by the night queen so the player control both the characters and can even swap between them if required. 

#17. Ori and the Will of Wisps

This is an action-adventure game that demands the players to solve puzzles and move between different platforms. This helps them to unfold the world with different powers and abilities.

#18. Apex Legends

The plot of this game is set in a science fiction universe comprising of twenty teams with three players each. They land on an island and hunt for a weapon so that they can defeat all other players and can win the game by remaining alive.

#19. Ori and the blind forest

The character has given the name, Ori who plays the role of a small white guardian spirit. It requires players to solve puzzles and move between different platforms. It also allows the user to share the power with players with the help of a feature known as “Soul Links” to strengthen Ori’s skills.

#20. Rayman Legends

It is the fifth sequel of the Rayman series which can be played by four players at one time. They just need to collect Lums by defeating other players and unlocking the world by moving between various levels of the game. 

Last words

All these Xbox games are perfect for female game players as they require lots of engagement, focus, and keenness to win the game. Just go through them once and enjoy gaming.

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