How to Install DirecTV App on Firestick & Fire TV?

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Today I’m going to tell you how to Install DirecTV App on Firestick and Fire TV?

With all streaming services app available today in the market, one often wonders how to access live television with all of the local and international channels. There are certain apps and sites available for live TV, but they are often limited to the channels available in that region. There is a solution to your question, and the answer is the DirecTV app, which is owned by AT & T.

DirecTV app offers you a wide range of entertainment from live TV with hundreds of channels and your favorite shows and movies available to you whenever you want. DirecTV app provides you with a lot of premium content available on your device. DirecTV app is available on all major platforms and needs a data connection or WI-FI to operate. With thousands of shows and movies available to watch, one may never be bored again.

DirecTV app is only one of the apps with the help of which you have access to live TV and on-demand movies, shows available to you. The cost of a subscription to the DirecTV app is very low when compared to other streaming services available.

Read Before Begin

Your IP will be easily revealed while streaming online. As a result, your online activity can be easily tracked by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), app developers, government agencies, and hackers. 

At the end of the day, if you have streamed any copyrighted video, you may face legal issues. We recommend using a VPN to avoid these issues (Virtual Private Network). 

By changing your IP address to different locations, a decent VPN can help you hide your true identity. VPN, on the other hand, is useful for gaining access to geo-restricted media.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other apps/services are geo-restricted in certain areas. You’ll need to install a VPN on your smartphone to get around those restrictions.

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How to Install DirecTV App on Firestick?

DirecTV app is available on the Amazon app store and can be directly installed through that only. To install the DirecTV app through the amazon app store, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open your firestick device.

Step 2: Connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 3: Click on the search bar on the home screen

Step 4: Search for the DirecTV app.

Step 5: From the search results, select the DirecTV app.

Step 6: Click on get, the DirecTV app will start to download on your firestick device.

Step 7: After it is downloaded, your device will automatically install the DirecTV app.

Step 8: Once the app is installed, click on open, and the DirecTV app will launch.

Step 9: Sign in to your DirecTV app account and enjoy the world of entertainment. (if you don’t have an account you can sign up for it by clicking on the option of sign up now)

In some cases, you might not be able to find the DirecTV app in your Amazon app store on your firestick device. It is possible because of the geo-restrictions in the amazon app store, but don’t worry, there are different alternative methods that you can opt for to download the DirecTV app on your firestick device. But before you can download the DirecTV app by using these apps, you have to change the settings of the firestick device. To change the settings on your device, follow these steps.

1)  Go to settings

2) Select ‘my fire TV‘ or ‘my device’ from the options available.

My Fire TV

3) Click on developer options.

Developer option

4) Click turn on “Apps from unknown sources.”

Apps from unknown sources

5) A warning dialog box will appear, again click turn on.

Turn on

Now that you have changed your firestick device’s settings, we will talk about other methods to install the DirecTV app on your firestick device.

By using the Downloader App 

One of the ways to install the DirecTV app on your device is by using the downloader app. You can easily download the downloader app from the amazon app store. To install the downloader app on your amazon firestick device, do the following.

Step 1: From the search bar search for the downloader app.

Downloader App

Step 2: From the results, select the downloader app and click on Get or Download.

Get or Download

Step 3: The downloader will start downloading.

Step 4: Once the downloading is complete, the app will install automatically.

Step 5: Click on open, and the downloader app will open.


After installing the downloader app on your amazon firestick device, follow these steps to install DirecTV app on your device.

  • Open the downloader app.
  • Enter the URL “
  • Click on the go, the Downloader will start to download the DirecTV app on your firestick device.
  • Once the download is complete, click on install and the app will start to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, click on open, and the DirecTV app would open on your firestick device.

By using ES File Explorer

If in case the Downloader is not working or the app crashes whenever you try to install the DirecTV app, then there is another way to install the app i.e., with the help of ES File Explorer. First download the ES File Explorer app from the amazon app store, to download, follow these steps

  • Search for ES File Explorer.
  • From the results, select ES File Explorer.
  • Click on get.
  • After the file downloads, it will install automatically.
  • Click on open, and you are ready to go.

Once you have installed the ES File Explorer, follow these steps to download the DirecTV app on your Amazon firestick device.

  • On the home page of ES File Explorer, click on the download icon.
  • Click on “add (+)” showing and paste this link “ to download the DirecTV app. Click download now, and the file will start to download.
  • Once the download is complete, click next.
  • On the next window, click install, and the DirecTV app will start to install on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the DirecTV app.

Features of Direct TV App

When you install the DirecTV app on your firestick device, you can access your favorite channels and shows with just a click. You can even watch on-demand shows and movies and have access to live TV on your firestick device. Other advantages of direct TV app on your amazon firestick device includes:-

  • Access to international channels, movies, and shows.
  • Very low cost of the subscription and users can opt for monthly or annual payments for the service.
  • On-demand movies and shows are available.
  • Hundreds of live TV channels are available to watch from.
  • Movies and shows from different genres are available for streaming anytime on your firestick device.
  • Users have the right to cancel their subscription any time they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- Is DirecTV a legal service?

Ans:- Yes, it is completely legal and can be downloaded from Amazon.

Q:- Is it possible to watch DirecTV material indefinitely?

Ans:- Yes, you may install DirecTV, access its content, and stream it indefinitely.

Q:- What is the current difference between DirecTV and AT&T TV?

Ans:- Instead of a name, DirecTV is the original moniker for AT&T TV. This means that there is no distinction between both apps. However, you won’t find DirecTV Now because it has been replaced with a new title, so if you search for it on Amazon, you’ll discover AT&T TV Now instead.

Q:- Is DirecTV now unavailable?

Ans:- No, DirecTV isn’t unavailable; the reason you can’t find it on the Google Play Store or other stores is that it’s been renamed. This app is now known as AT&T TV Now, so if you want to get it, type that name into the App Store.

Q:- Is DirecTV available for free to Firestick users?

Ans:- No, DirecTV is not free for anybody; if you want to watch live TV channels, you must pay a monthly plan. Installing Mobdro, Live NetTV, or RedBox TV, on the other hand, is recommended if you wish to view some free live channels. These apps are absolutely free to use on FireTV and do not contain any advertisements.

Q:- Is it possible to get DirecTV on a FireTV Stick?

Ans:- Yes, DirecTV can still be downloaded via the sideloading method on a FireTV Stick device. A user only needs to download the Downloader program and then follow the instructions I outlined above. Anyone can instantly download the DirecTV app for their device in this manner.

Q:- What programming information does the DirecTV app provide?

Ans:- For movies and series, you’ll find episode names, descriptions, photos, star ratings, and additional airings. There’s also information on the cast and crew. 

For similar shows, parental ratings are available. You may use your tablet to view live scores from sporting events without missing any of the actions.

Yes! You may listen to your music whether traveling by plane, train, or car. You don’t need an Internet connection to watch taped episodes, which is the nicest part. 

While connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Genie HDDVR at home, you can download your recorded shows to your smartphone.


We hope that the methods mentioned above help you in downloading the DirecTV app. DirecTV app is one of the best streaming services if a person is looking for live TV channels and on-demand movies and shows. With a very cheap subscription and multiple devices streaming, it makes it very budget-friendly. With hundreds of TV channels and international content and storage space of about 20 hours, it is the best live TV streaming service, provider.

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