Best Time And Days To Post Videos On YouTube (2022)

Hello guys, do you want to know what is the best time and days to post your videos on YouTube to get a large audience? In this article, I’ll cover all these things, just scroll below…

YouTube is definitely the most popular and most used video streaming platform around the globe. It’s a great place for businesses to be if they are looking to expand the reach of their audience. Creating video content and posting on your YouTube channel is one way of interacting with the large audience this platform has. 

However, you are not the only one posting videos on YouTube. There are millions of content creators who post daily YouTube videos and some of them are quite successful and some are not. Well, apart from the quality of content the criteria that affect the rate of success of a video getting viral and receiving a large number of views is the date and time that video is posted on. 

So, if you are also a business owner or someone who loves to create video content, but does not want to compete with the cut-throat competition on a streaming platform like YouTube, then we would recommend getting your own streaming platform with youtube clone scripts. There are a number of freelancers and even working professionals developers who could help you with your clone. But if you are someone who believes that you are not receiving enough attention on YouTube in spite of having great video content then you might be posting videos randomly at any time any day, which is not necessarily a thing someone would encourage. But don’t worry as we are here to give you an insight into that with this article on the best time and day to post videos on YouTube. So, just relax and read this one out. 

Why YouTube?

First things first there are a number of other free platforms where you can post videos, so why choose youtube?

Well, apart from being the world’s largest video streaming platform on the internet with channels and content, youtube is also a great platform that supports effective advertising. Now, if you own a business, you would have already classified your target audience. However, reaching your target audience is still a question of an effective marketing strategy. Unlike other platforms like Vimeo, Metacafe, etc, youtube helps have a smart algorithm that would suggest your content to the people looking for similar content on youtube. Hence, greatly improving your chances of reaching your targeted audience. Apart from this, there are a number of other reasons why you should join youtube like amazing backend admin, easy management, easy to run marketing, etc. 

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Ideal Time To Upload or Post Your Video On YouTube

So, what is the ideal time to upload your video on youtube to maximize the largest number of views like and subscribe as fast as possible? 

Locate Your Audience

The first step to finding out where your audience is most active on youtube. Keep in mind youtube that timezone plays quite a crucial role behind video success and failure. If you have no idea from where you are receiving the most number of viewers then you won’t be able to exploit this day time trait. So, the first step is figuring out from where you are getting your most number of views and uploading your video based on these people’s time zone and when they are most likely to watch your video. This can change based on your audience location, the topic you are going to upload, etc. 

Grow Your Channel

The biggest the mightier, so obviously the longer you have your channel running on the platform the more data you would be able to collect and upload. This gives you an edge over others as you have more data and content to present to your audience and also you have more data about your audience, which can be used for analysis and improve your marketing statistics. 

Apart from this, as you grow you gain more recognition and subscribers which makes your video popular in no time hence attracting other potential views to your channel. So, make sure that you don’t give at the starting, as time passes you are going to grow and have a strong relationship with your viewers. 

Using Tools

Now, we said above that you need data for analyzing, but you are content creator, not data analysis. so, what to do. Well, as far as data analysis goes you don’t have to worry about it at all. Several tools can help you with and even youtube has some of the google analysis tools built-in. All you need to do is click some buttons and you are ready to go. 

Using The Data

Now you have the data, you have proper visualization for it so that you can understand what’s going on. The step is to make sure that you are making use of this data. Well, google analysis tools provide you with a real-time analysis that provides data for a span of 48 hours. There you can check how many views have visited, the number of subscribers gained, likes, etc. Now, if you think you are making a bit out of your youtube channel, then you can also go for some of the paid tools like video, etc, that can help you get more insight into the timezones for you. This would be helpful in case you believe that your views are not from the same time zone.

Irrespective of the tools you use you need to take a note at the peak hours for your video and make sure to upload your video in those peak hours the next time. 

How Often You Should be Uploading

Now, this concludes the fact that you should be uploading at the time when you can get maximum viewers. Now the question arises how often should you be uploading your content. Now, this is something that can get you riled up as different people are going to give you different opinions and answers based on their experience. That weird part is that they might even not be wrong, but not entirely right for you. 

Well, this is something that you would want to work out yourself depending on the type of content and response you get from your audience. Some people tend to upload a video daily, others 3 times a week, and some even go to a video once a month. So, make sure to find the right upload frequency for your channel, or else you might either get crunch or just blow up your channel. 

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