How To Get HBO Max on Roku TV? Easy Installation Guide

We are all aware that in earlier times, HBO Max was not available for Roku TV. But the reason being was because Roku appears to be a roadblock in expanding the earth view membership base, and it somewhere prevents the fledgling services that might reach the customer. Finally, according to its HBO max rights, a user can stream it on Roku as well. But for it, they need to understand the complete procedure so that things will work in their favor. Here we will be going to share all the details so that you can easily understand how to get HBO Max on Roku TV on your device.

Is it possible to have HBO max on Roku yet or not?

Congratulations, there is good news that there was a deal that got finalized where from December 17, 2020, users will be able to stream HBO max on Roku easily. For all the Binge lovers, the content is available on HBO Max as well, and they can easily browse through it. But don’t forget to follow the steps for installing HBO max on Roku so that things will work in your favor.

Steps To Install HBO Max on Roku

If you are entirely new to it and have no idea how to add the channel to your Roku device like HBO Max. Don’t worry because some major steps are mentioned below to help you with it.

Steps to follow:-

#1. Move the homepage of your Roku TV.

#2. Move to stream channels.

#3. Now select new and notable or movies and TV options from the channel Store.

#4. Click on HBO Max and hit on add channel so that it will get the pin to the homepage.

#5. Now users can perform the signup with the help of existing credentials.

If you are new to it and you are not a subscriber of HBO, you can easily register and pay for the subscription with the help of using Roku pay. After paying for the subscription, you can easily browse through the content.

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For all those who are having the old version of HBO Max, there is good news is that it will get automatically updated to the HBO Max brand new home page. But it has not happened to you. The steps are as follows:-

#1. At the very first select the HBO tile.

#2. A Star key is there on the remote hit on it.

#3. Now pick up the check for the update option.

#4. Finally, the HBO icon will change to HBO Max.

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What is there available on HBO Max with Roku for users?

For all the users out there, 10000 hours of unlimited entertainment is there, and we can easily browse through their favorite movies and TV shows. You will find out all your favorite content, including Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory friends, and so on. You just need to browse through the content so that there will be no trouble for you at all. We suggest you understand the proper guidelines to follow so that there will be no such trouble while browsing through the content.

Closing Words:

So, here we have come to an end and shared all the details related to HBO max on Roku TV. Just get it right now on your device and be ready to browse through Ultimate content.

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