How To Watch HBO Max For Free?

We all know the market is flooded with enormous streaming platforms, and all of them provide good content to users. But among all of them, HBO Max is creating a buzz all around. But the major problem people are facing with it is that they need to get the subscription available to browse through their favorite content. But if you are not looking forward to getting the subscription here, we will be going to share some methods through which you can watch HBO Max for free.

Stay tuned with us so that we will be able to share every little detail with you, and you can easily go to your favorite content without paying for any subscription.

Utilize the free trial of HBO max on Amazon Prime video US:-

If your Amazon Prime video US service is available, you are quite fortunate this time because it will not let you browse through any website to watch HBO Max content. The HBO Max is available as an additional channel, and you can get the Prime video subscription available with you.

They might be a chance you will not be able to get all the content as the subscription provides you, but still, your favorite shows like Game of Thrones, his dark materials, the undoing, etc., are available. You can easily browse through them and enjoy them. It comes up with a 7-day free trial option on Amazon US. You need to pay an amount in starting but before the seven-day period, and you can simply cancel it, and it will get refunded to your account.

Additionally, if you are not a Prime user, get the free trial of Prime video now, and it is available for 30 days. You can perform the sign-up to Amazon Prime video US and at the HBO Max as a channel. At this time, there will be no need for you to pay any fees.

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Switch from HBO Now to HBO Max for free

If you are using HBO now, there is good news that when you want to switch to HBO Max, there will be no need for you to pay even a single penny. HBO will be going to upgrade HBO now to HBO Max for free. But it is only applicable to those who have subscribed through HBO now got the form and pay the bill directly to HBO. If you have subscribed to HBO now through any other platforms like Amazon Prime video or any other, then you will not be able to upgrade it as you wanted. The reason being is because these other service providers have an agreement with HBO Max related to the same concerns, which will not let you utilize this advantage.

We also want you to know that if you live outside then us, you are supposed to utilize VPN Service to have a hassle-free experience.

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Get HBO Max through AT&T all through your TV service provider

If you have got the TV and broadband through AT&T, there is good news that you can get HBO Max for absolutely nothing. They come up with a subscription where you are not supposed to make the preferences according to you. Check out the plan and see whether you are eligible for an unlimited free trial or not. On the website, you will be able to get an idea about it.


Here we have come to an end and shared all the basics that will help you to get HBO max for free. But it is important to note that if you have not subscribed for HBO previously, you will not be able to get it for free. Also in case, if there will be any update related to the same in the future, we will let you know about it as soon as possible. Stay tuned with TechRuth so that you can have all the details about your problems and solve them without any trouble.

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