How to Get HBO Max on Hulu? Complete Guide

HBO Max is among those streaming platforms which offer so anticipated content that a user cannot stay away from it after utilizing it for once. If you are looking forward to getting¬†HBO max on Hulu, there is nothing to worry about because some simple steps are there that you need to follow to get it. Let’s get started with the process of how to Get HBO Max on Hulu so that you will not face any trouble anymore.

Steps to Follow to get Hulu on HBO Max:-

For mobile and desktop, the steps a user needs to follow are quite different. Thus, we suggest you know about the steps as per the device available to you so that there will be no inconvenience for you at all.

On Mobile:-

#1. At the very first, get HBO max app on your device.

#2. The profile icon is there at the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it.

#3. Now tap on already subscribed in.

#4. There is an option available through which you can perform sign-in through TV or mobile provider click on it.

#5. It will redirect you to the next page, where it will ask you to select the channel, and from the list, select HULU.

#6. Now you will be redirected to the next page, where you are supposed to mention the user id and password.

#7. Hit on the sign-in button, and it will redirect you to the next page, where you can easily browse through the content of your choice.

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On PC:

#1. When you want to use it on a PC, open the web browser and reach the HBO Max website.

#2. Now hit on the sign-in button at the top right corner of the screen and choose your TV or mobile provider option.

#3. It will redirect you to the next page, where you are supposed to select Hulu from the channel list.

#4. Now, after getting redirected to the AT&T page, mention the login credentials, hit on login, and confirm it.

#5. Now create the profile with all the respective fields and start browsing through the content.

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What to do if I am not able to find out HBO max on Hulu?

If you are not able to find it out, then download the HBO Max separately, and after downloading it, you can simply go through the content available.

What to do if I already have HBO via my Hulu account?

If you already have HBO via a Hulu account, you are quite fortunate this time because it will automatically get upgraded to HBO Max without paying even a single penny. But make sure you have purchased the subscription through HBO now if any third party is engaged, then there is a specific amount you are supposed to pay.


So finally there is a solution available to you through which you can easily browse the content of your choice on Hulu. What are you waiting for? Get it on your device now and start streaming.

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