How To Download SoundCloud Songs? All Explained

Very easy guide to download SoundCloud Songs

Firstly, What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud was founded back in 2007. It is an artist-first platform that is powered by a global community of artists and listeners on what’s trending. This platform offers tools and services which helps artists to build and grow their career. This platform contains 250+ million songs from 30 million artists worldwide. Here you can upload and share your songs on your social media handle too. 

That’s not much, you can even earn money through this platform when your video/content becomes eligible for monetization. You just have to create a free account and later upgrade it to access the best of this tool.

But we are here to tell you some great ways to download SoundCloud songs to your PC or mobile device and enjoy it offline later. 

1. Using The Download Feature

Today, everybody is familiar with how to download songs from YouTube, It is much like the same and simple process on SoundCloud.

If you are uploading your content on SoundCloud. You control whether you want your content to be downloadable or not, which is indicated by a [Download File] button, just below the track. Also, you can find the [Download File] option under the [More] option. Tapping on this option will allow you to download and save the file on your device.

If you don’t see any download button, this means that the owner of the content hasn’t made it available for download. However, you can find most of the content with the download feature. But, sometimes this might redirect you to some other site to download the media. Some of the redirected sites may require sign-in/sign-up or log in to your social media platforms just to download your required content. 

You need to subscribe to SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+, this feature will allow you to download and save your content directly to your device which later on you can listen offline.

2. From Your Web Browser

To download the SoundCloud extension you first have to sign in to your SoundCloud account by clicking [Download] under the waveform. Like we already told you, if the owner has allowed his/her content to be downloaded by the user, you will see the [Download] button.

Use the SoundCloud Downloader extension for the browser. You will be able to download, save and you can listen to the song offline. Extensions are available for both Chrome and Firefox web stores for free. But, remember the extension can be removed often if you violate the terms of use.

You can find the SoundCloud icon on your browser. To download the song, copy and paste the URL of the song you want to download to your PC. Now, click on the [Download] button on the Soundcloud media page, your download will begin to be saved on your PC. There is always a security risk with a downloader extension. Keep a check on viruses and malware for vulnerabilities.

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3. Download Via Online Extractor

So the third way to download SoundCloud content is through a third-party website that offers a downloader tool and saves the content for offline use. It doesn’t require any software or extension to download which can result in a security threat. Some online extractors you can try – Sound Wall, SingleMango and KlickAud

With KlickAud online extractor you will be able to download SoundCloud songs. The great feature of KlickAud is it has a rapid download process that allows downloading the whole playlist. But, it’s not compatible with iOS. Simply copy and paste the URL and convert it to mp3. Simple to use and user-friendly and one of the popular options to convert SoundCloud songs to mp3 in no time.

Another cool and simple web tool we have discovered is Soundcloud to mp3. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android helps you download your favorite song in mp3 format. The process is the same as in KlickAud, Just copy and paste the URL of a song or the playlist you want to download. It will directly download the file onto your PC.

Ads are a major drawback of this tool. At least you can bear with ads to download quality music. On the other hand, it’s reliable and fast. This one works with iOS devices.

SingleMango has a user-friendly interface, helps users easily download songs from SoundCloud. With impressive service and reliability sometimes it has a laggy performance. You can use this browser-based downloader in Windows, Linux, and Android devices simply by copying and pasting the URL of the song and download it. Your song will be downloaded as an mp3 file onto your computer. 

But it’s sad news for iOS users, SingleMango isn’t compatible with iOS. You can use the chrome and firefox extensions for a quick download.

Though streaming is trending nowadays, there is no experience like having a collection of your favorite songs wherever and whenever using any device with headphones. Whether you have an internet connection or not, your offline songs will be your best friends. 

Remember – Piracy is illegal, use this guide only for the content provided on SoundCloud and should use this guide for free music only. There is no intent to aid illicit acts of any kind. In this article, we have only shared the process in the interest of people to help them download their free-to-listen songs just for offline use. 


Those were the three reliable sources to download songs from SoundCloud and enjoy your favorite music on the go. Unlimited plan for US$12 you get interruption-free music. The Soundcloud downloader tool makes it easier for you to download song tracks. SoundCloud allows you to download songs legally whose owners have given permission to download at the time of uploading the song. With this, we can say that it is a reliable source to download the favorite content.

After all, we care about your safety and we have mentioned some above. Through this article, we have shed the light on the various good aspects of how to download SoundCloud songs.

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