How To Reset Black Bluetooth Speaker? Easy Steps To Do It

This article will teach how to reset black bluetooth speaker with easy steps.

Bluetooth has made every music lover’s life easy. As it’s pretty simple to connect a Bluetooth speaker with your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and others. 

But a common problem occurred when connecting the Bluetooth speaker with mobile or other devices is not properly connected. So you may think: How to reset Bluetooth speakers?

If you are facing or having this type of issue with your speaker then you have to reset your Bluetooth speakers

Now if you have no idea about resetting the speakers then don’t worry. In this article, I will share step by step that How to reset a black Bluetooth speaker?

Why Do We Need To Reset Bluetooth Speakers?

Now the question is why do we need to reset our Bluetooth speaker? So the thing is pairing with lots of devices it may occur that you won’t be able to connect with the mobile or any other device. 

So we have to reset the device. 

What Is Reset In Bluetooth?

What does it mean by Reset Bluetooth? I am sure you have heard or even reset many devices in your life. 

Resetting the Bluetooth speakers means you force the hardware and software of the speaker to make all the changes which are made by you, like paired device volume setting and all that. 

But once you reset all the customized settings will be converted to default settings. Your speaker will be in manufacturing mode. Like a new one.  So I hope everything has cleared up for you about resetting the Bluetooth speakers. 

Now let’s jump into the practical thing where I will tell you How to reset Bluetooth speakers with different kinds of speakers.

1. General brand Bluetooth Speaker Resetting :

Connecting any Bluetooth speaker with the device has almost the same functions and processes. But for resetting the speaker the process may be different sometimes. 

Step 1.

First of all turn on the speaker. 

Step 2.

Now you have to unpair the speaker from the pair devices. (iOS simply to go setting and remove them from by tapping on the speakers and clicking on forgetting). 

Step 3.

In android simply tap the device and click on unpair. 

Step 4.

For resetting hold the power and Bluetooth button for a few seconds. ( Sometimes it can be power button with Volume Up & down Button)

Step 5.

With help of the above steps, your speaker will be reset in factory mode and you will be able to pair your speaker with desired devices. 

Tips: Make sure your speaker is disconnected from the source

2. Resetting JBL Bluetooth Speakers:

If you have JBL Bluetooth speakers then you should follow the below steps to reset your Bluetooth speakers. 

Step 1.

Turn the on JBL speaker

Step 2.

Now simply hold the volume up and Play the button together for a couple of seconds. 

Step 3.

With these simple steps, you can reset your JBL speakers in default factory settings. 

Step 4.

Once all the process is done, turn on the speaker with the help of a power button and your device is ready to pair again. 

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3. Resetting Wonderboom Bluetooth Speakers:

Simply follow the steps for resetting Wonderboom Bluetooth speakers.

Step 1.

Turn your speaker on. 

Step 2.

Hold the power button on the speaker for around 15 seconds with the volume up button. 

Step 3.

15 seconds later you can hear a sound that tells you that the device has shut down. 

Step 4.

Press the power button to switch on the speaker. Leg indicator will start blinking which means speakers are ready to pair.

4. Resetting Beats Bluetooth Speaker

If you are having Beats Bluetooth speakers then the process will be a little bit different from the process I showed you above about other brands. 

Step 1.

You get a B button on top of the Beats Speaker (B stands for Beats)

Step 2.

For factory settings, you have to press and hold the Power Button along with the B button for approximately 10 to 12 seconds.

Step 3.

Once you have done this, you will see the LED light flash on the speaker. 

Step 4.

Which shows that your Beats speaker has been reset. 

Step 5.

Now the device is ready to pair again.

Tips: In a beats speaker, you don’t need to press the volume and power button, instead of that you have to press the power with the B button which is available on the Top of the speaker. 

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5. Resetting SONY Bluetooth Speakers:

Resetting the Sony Bluetooth speakers is pretty simple and easy, all you have to do is follow the steps given below. In a few sony speakers, you get a reset button on the speaker with help of the button you can reset the device, but in case this button is missing with your model then follow these simple steps

1. Make sure to turn on the speaker by pressing the power button.

2. You can reset by simply pressing the power button with the volume up button. 

3. Or you can use a pin to press the reset button which is available on a few models of the Sony speakers. 

6. Resetting BOSE Bluetooth Speakers:

Bose is a great company if we talk about speakers. So if you are using a Bose speaker and want to factory reset then follow these simple steps. The process of resetting the speaker is almost the same. 

Step 1.

Turn on the speaker by pressing the power button. 

Step 2.

Hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds.

Step 3.

While doing this make sure all the LEDs on the speaker blinks once. If it blink which means you have successfully reset the speakers. 

Step 4.

In case LEDs didn’t blink which indicates that your speaker did not go in factory reset so do the above 3 steps.

Step 5.

Turn on the device after successfully doing this and your speakers are ready to pair again. 

Tips: Make sure all the LEDs blink while resetting the speaker. If you don’t press the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and leave them before time so that cause not to reset the button. 

I know after reading this article some questions may come to your mind regarding How to reset Bluetooth speakers?

So I have put some FAQs for you. 


Question: Can resetting the Bluetooth Speakers damage them?

Answer: No, resetting any Bluetooth speakers or any hardware doesn’t damage the speaker.

Question: Will it affect any sound quality?

Answer: No resetting the speaker won’t change any audio quality. 

Question: Why is Bluetooth not able to connect?

Answer: cause may be many but first of all check if your speaker is working fine. If all is working fine then there may be some malfunction so reset the speakers. 

Conclusion :

So here in this article, I showed the process of resetting the Bluetooth speaker of the majority of the leading speaker-making companies. 

So if you have any of the above company speakers simply follow the steps but in case if you have other than that then you can apply any of the processes which are told by me.

Because the resetting process is almost the same in the Bluetooth speakers. Hope you have understood the process. 

If you like this article you can share this with your friends and family. If you have any questions regarding this you can leave me a comment below.

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