What is Amazon Fire TV Stick? All You Need To Know

Amazon Fire TV Stick: We are in an era where technology is so advanced, and for every requirement, there is a solution available. Whether it is about entertainment or study the categories are occupied with the best options. One can take the example of the amazon fire TV stick. Do you know that Amazon comes up with a Fire TV stick for all the users out there?

If you plan to purchase an Amazon Fire TV stick, we suggest you go through this article and understand what it is and how it is beneficial for you in the present situation.                   

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Fire TV stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is a media streaming device that allows users to stream videos, play music, install applications on their TV. Android platform is used to build it up, and as a result, it converts normal TV to a smart TV. After having the Amazon fire TV stick, a user can install Android applications on the device and play games as well. It acts as an HDMI stick, and the HDMI port is required on the television to make the connection. In case the HDMI port is not there a user will not be able to connect it effectively.


Understanding the design of the fire TV stick as well you will get astonished to know that it is no bigger than a USB. Yes, you get it right. A user can simply plug it into the television slot and avail of all the benefits. If the slot is not there, you will not be able to connect it at all. Along with its USB design, there is a micro USB slot as well through which you can easily charge it.

The device is compact and doesn’t appear to be bulkier and requires a lot of space. It owns remote along with voice control features which means you can utilize technology to an extent in an extraordinary manner.


There are multiple uses in which the Amazon TV fire stick is really very beneficial. These are as follows:-

  • A user will be able to watch everything available on online platforms whether it is Netflix or Amazon prime
  • From the internet, a user can browse through video content and others
  • A user will be able to sideload all the Android applications
  • A user will be able to watch TV without the DTH and cable connection because you can browse through live net TV, jio TV, and others. But for the same stable internet connection is required
  • It comes up with a voice remote that is Bluetooth connected, and a user can operate it easily.

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How to set up an Amazon fire stick?

Setting up an Amazon TV fire stick is really very simple. It is not any rocket science that a user cannot understand. For it, the steps are as follows:-

  1. Connect the Amazon Fire TV stick to the HDMI port of the TV
  2. Now get to the power adaptor.
  3. When you are done, get the remote.
  4. Sign in with an Amazon account. (On amazon the credentials will be reloaded otherwise you need to mention that same)
  5. Now the home screen is laid out in such a way that you can browse through all the applications right there. You will be able to browse through the content but make sure to connect it with Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection.

Parental Control setting:

How one can forget about the Parental Control feature, it comes up with. Users can set up a PIN so that they can restrict the access of adult content by their children. The best part is on the Amazon app store the content is available with maturity rating by age group, which clearly lets parents decide what they want to get open for their children.

Some more features to know:-

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, some additional features are also there which let users still fighting at about this Amazon fire TV stick. These are as follows

  • A user can connect Bluetooth, headphones, and speakers to the fire stick easily.
  • A user can track the data used easily.
  • A user can stream through their favorite digital content without any trouble
  • The fire stick is quite fast to use as it works on a 1 MBPS plan as well.
  • The applications on firestick are available from Apple App Store and PlayStore and can be utilized to make the mobile as a keyboard.

Final verdict:

Here we have reached the conclusion and discussed Amazon fire TV stick in detail. If you are looking forward to getting it analyses our review and place your order for it. Also, if you want to know something more about any other device, do let us know about it as well.

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