How To Install Google Chrome Browser On FireStick & Fire TV? Step by Step

For streaming videos, Amazon offered a Fire TV stick. Today, with lots of technological advancements, thousands of people use this product as one of the top home electronic appliances for their entertainment purposes. This purpose leads them to install the Google Chrome browser on their Fire TV. With this motive, we have prepared this step-by-step tutorial for the successful installation of the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome With FireStick & Fire TV:

The first reason for people to use the Chrome browser for their internet purpose is that it supports various operating systems like Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Additionally, Google Chrome supports unimaginable features while you consider it as a web browser. Therefore, it becomes essential to install Google chrome on your Fire TV to get the benefits of the following features. Google Chrome protects your privacy, and it is one of the fastest browsers.

  • You can delete your browsing data, browsing history, cache, download history, cookies, and even you can use incognito mode.
  • It securely hides your privacy and protects it. Everyone knows that people can sync their Google account with Google chrome.
  • So, if you use multiple devices, you can maintain the history, bookmark, and many more for each device, respectively.

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How to Install Google Chrome Browser On FireStick & Fire TV?

We gave you a rough idea about the benefits of Google Chrome that why most people prefer this web browser. Now, it is a must to focus on the benefits of Google chrome with Amazon FireStick, as you can download various apps that are never offered by Amazon Fire TV App Store.

Note:- you can not see Google chrome as an official app from FireStick App Store. A third-party method is required to access Google Chrome on Fire TV.

Steps To Download & Install Google Chrome on Fire TV:

In this section, we have concluded with the step-by-step procedure for downloading and installing Google Chrome on Fire TV. We recommend you not avoiding or miss these steps, to avoid any interruptions or failures in Google Chrome installation. Therefore, carefully follow these six easy steps so that you can understand how to install Google chrome on FireStick and Fire TV.

Step 1:- Plugin & Connect

  • Your first step is to insert an Amazon Fire TV stick in the HDMI port of your TV. 
  • After that, you can see the HOME screen as soon as you connect your FireStick. It shows you multiple options like Live Videos, TV shows, Apps, Settings, Movies, and Your Videos.

Step 2:- Go To Settings ADB Debugging

  • Choose this option from the upper-right-hand side.
  • Navigate for My Fire TV in your settings, and select that option.
  • There you can see Developer Options. At there, switch to ADB Debugging. It will be OFF by default.
  • It will give you a pop-up menu. If you select Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and personal data, you might be at risk. So, you have to click on TURN ON.

Step 3:- Download The Downloader

  • Get back to your Homepage, and navigate for the search tool. It has an icon of a magnifying glass like any other searching tool.
  • Type DOWNLOADER, and it will appear under the section of APPS & GAMES.
  • Select the icon, and it will start downloading the downloader.
  • The downloading speed depends on your internet speed. It automatically finishes the installation process.

Step 4:- Download Chrome.apk

  • As soon as installation finishes, open and launch the downloader. There it will ask for storage permission, and you have to click on Allow.
  • A starting guide will help by pop-up. Click on OK.
  • You can download applications on your FireStick through thousands of app stores created by so many people. Follow this link to download the app. Download link:-
  • On the landing page, you can navigate for Chrome.apk among hundreds of apps available there. It automatically starts downloading the file of size 45+ Mb.

Step 5:- Install Chrome.apk

  • It will finish downloading in a few moments, and then you have to click on install. Then after clicking on Done.
  • It gives a pop-up notification for the installed location of the Chrome browser.
  • However, for saving the storage of FireStick, people are willing to delete temporary .apk files from the Delete section, and you can do the same.

Step 6:- Accept Terms Of Services & Privacy Policy

  • Get back to the Homepage of FireStick by clicking on Home Button.
  • NavigateNavigate to Apps & Channels, and find Google Chrome The browser and click on it.
  • Tick the checkbox for the message of Accept Terms Of Services & Privacy Notice. It means you are willing to Accept & Continue. So, click on Accept & Continue.
  • As soon as you hit on it, you will reach the search page of Google Chrome.

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Hurray! Congratulations.

You have successfully installed Google Chrome Browser on your FireStick and Fire TV.

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Tip For Reading Till The End:

We have seen many users use to move the Google chrome app in front of the Apps & Channels list. You can do the same to create a more comfortable environment in FireStick and Fire TV.

Click on your Google Chrome app, and use the options button on the FireStick remote. There you can see the Move to the front option, which helps in doing the same! It will move your Google Chrome Browser to the front of the Apps & Channels list.

Final Words:

In this tutorial, we have included each step required for the successful installation of Google Chrome on your FireStick and Fire TV. We have made this article as easy as possible to make things clear for you. We included the information regarding Google Chrome that you can not directly get this application through Amazon Fire TV Stick. It is because it does not have an inbuilt Google Chrome app. However, you have now successfully installed it on your FireStick, and you can stream content, navigate through websites without interruption.

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