How To Change Emoji Color On Android? Complete Guide

Change Emoji Color On Android: Don’t you think it would be great if you can change the emoji color on your Android smartphone and use those emojis in your chat? When you see your keyboard, there are some emojis available in different skin colors. Currently, they are at their default SETTINGS of skin color.

Changing Emoji Colors On Android:

To change the emoji color on your Android device, you can tap and hold on to the emojis you wish to use in a different color. It will show you some options for skin colors. If you want to use various colored emojis, you can select one option from the given options. But remember that it will become your default emoji skin color, and you have to change again to use other colors.

Change Color Of People:

#1. Go to choose the PEOPLE emoji section. You can do it from the bottom of the keyboard. There is a smiley face.

#2. Touch and hold any emoji face. It will give some options.

#3. Slide your finger right and select your favorite colored emoji.

Once you change its color, it will stay forever. You have to change its color again to use another colored emoji. It also helps you to change the hair of emojis color because it changes together.

Update Emoji On Your Android:

  • On your Android, navigate for LANGUAGE and INPUT options.
  • Then look for the option KEYBOARD and INPUT METHODS. It shows you Google Keyboard. Select it.
  • Select the ADVANCED option from it, and your device will use emojis.

Change Emoji On Your Android:

  • To change emojis on your Android phone, you have to root your Android phone.
  • After that, you have to use Emoji Switcher to change Emojis on your Android phone.

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How To Customize Your Emoji?

Do you want to customize your emojis on your Android phone? You can use it to create and develop new emojis from your desktop. You can choose to CUSTOMIZE SLACK from the menu and tap on ADD CUSTOM EMOJI and UPLOAD IMAGE to select the file. You have to give a name to that file. Thus, this name is the recognition of your emojis. Click on save to save your emojis when it is done.

You can also modify emojis on your Android temporarily. Press and hold on to any emoji you wish to update. But remember to select emojis from the bottom of the keyword. Direct selection of emojis from the upside will change differently. This method gives some emojis to send directly without changing your keyboard. It will create a display and show you some emojis that are modified versions of the selected Emojis. You can touch them to send directly.

Final Thoughts:

Did you try one of these ways to change your emoji and emoji colors on your Android phone? If you have tried and enjoyed different colored emojis, let us know and share some methods you know about changing emojis and emoji colors on Android smartphones and tablets.

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