How To Change iMessage Bubble Color In iOS? Easy Steps Guide

For all the iOS users out there, the Apple iMessage system hits at the top because it let them customize it as per their requirements. They can simply add voice note camera photos, emojis, and so on to the message easily. It is not only available for iOS, but iMessage is also there for Mac OS and iPad OS as it allows cross-device input.

Talking about the interface of the iMessage app, it shows a green bubble for the message which has been sent to those who are not using iOS, and a blue bubble is for all the messages sent or received over iMessage.

But when a user is into it for a longer time, they look forward to changing the color. If you are looking forward to changing the iMessage bubble color, don’t worry because there is a solution available. Let’s get started and look at the steps you need to follow for doing so.

How to change the bubble color?

Before you head towards any of the procedures let you understand that a third-party application is required for changing the color. The third-party app is available on the Apple App store by the name “color text Bubbles on iMessage.” This application is highly efficient for changing the font size, color, and font style messages which are sent in. It is available in free and paid both versions. The free version allows the user to make basic customizations, and the paid version offers full customization.

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Steps To Change iMessage Bubble Color In iOS

After getting an idea that a third-party app is required for making the changes, you might be getting curious to know how you can perform it effectively. Let’s get started and look at the same:-

#1. At the very first, open the app store on your device and search for the Colour Text Bubbles on the iMessage app.

#2. Some results will appear in front, choose the right app, and then tap on getting and mention the Apple id and password if it asks for verification.

#3. After mentioning the same, wait for a while until the app gets downloaded and install on your device.

#4. After the installation of the application, open the messages app on your device and hit on compose a new iMessage by tapping on the compose button.

#5. When it appears and click on the Apps icon and scroll to the right menu above the keyboard and select color.

#6. Type the custom message option is there, select it and tap the message in the bubble.

#7. A range of color bubbles appear. Choose any of them to send the message you want.

#8. When you type on send ad will appear, and you need to wait for 5 seconds. After it, you can skip it by hitting on later.

Congratulations! Finally, the color has been changed.

These are the steps that a user needs to follow whenever they want to change it. We suggest following the steps attentively so that not even a single mistake arises later on when you wish to utilize it.


If you don’t want to face unnecessary ads in between, we suggest you upgrade it to the paid version as it has unlimited options available for users. If you are among those who love to experiment with color, investment in all these applications will be worthy of every single penny.

Final words:

Here we have shared the steps that will allow you to change the message bubble on iOS easily. What are you waiting for? Start customizing as per your needs without waiting for any other application to work in your favor.

If there is any problem persisting, do let us know, and we will help you to get all the details related to the problem arising. Also, do not go for any third-party app apart from the app we have mentioned above because it might steal all the information from your device and create some problems.

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