How Do I Change The Color Of My Text Message On Android? All Explained

Do you want to change the color of my Text Message on Android? It would be great if Android users are allowed to change the color of their text messages. But how? Here in this post, we will guide you through how to do it.

Why Change Text Messages Color On Android?

You already know that you can change the color of your emoji on Android. So why not change the text messages color on Android? While talking to your favorite person, if you can change the text color, it will create a memorable moment. So let’s understand how and if you can change the color of your text messages on Android. Every user likes to do it, and the Android system supports doing it with its exciting features and easy usability.

Can You Change The Color Of Your Text On Android?

Yes! Whenever you want to change the color of your text on Android, you can do it. You can change the font color that is the message color. There is no doubt you can do it, and it is an easy process to apply. Android system allows you to perform this task, and you can decide to select your preferred color for your text messages.

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So How To Change Color Of Text Messages On Android?

To change the color of your text messages on Android here is the simplest method to apply.

#1. Go to your SETTINGS and ADVANCED tab.


#3. Choose Conversation Customization from the conversation section.


#5. Change bubble color.

Change Contact Color On Android:

  • You have to land on the Messenger app. (It’s a new Messaging SMS App)
  • After that, go to a conversation with the specific contact you want to change the colors.
  • There you will see three dots. Tap on them.
  • It will show you some options. Choose PEOPLE & OPTIONS around the end. It will show you a small color palette form where you can change the color of contact on Android.

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Reasons For Various Text Colors On Your Android:

Do you want to know why your texts have different colors on Android? You can see the green background to show you that the message you have sent has been sent, delivered, or received. You can see white background on the text you receive from the contacts. It shows you have received a message from your contacts. Similarly, some devices have their unique text messages color system. You can always see two types of colors for both kinds of messages. One is the message you send to your contact, and the other is the message you receive from your contacts.

Final Thoughts:

Did you succeed in changing the color of your text messages on Android? How easy was it? If you do not have green color as a message background color, let us know about your operating system and the type of Android device you use to send and receive messages.

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