Best Desktop Messaging Apps for 2022 {Choose the Best}

People always want a Better and convenient way to interact with people at any time. When you are working on your desktop then sometimes you need some messaging app to connect with people. 

To make it easier with the help of the messaging app you can interact with people and can also do chats, videos, and voice calls. 

The desktop messaging app also helps you to save your time by doing instant replies to anyone. 

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best desktop messaging apps names which are full of featured options. 

10 Best Desktop Messaging Apps for 2021 

1. Whatsapp 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers which is used by millions of people every day of their life. It is also the best messaging app for the desktop. 

You can easily use it if you are doing your office work. Whatsapp is safe to use, it protects your data and gives you better security from their side.  

To use the app on your desktop you only need to scan it the first time from your phone device then you are able to connect with this. Desktop messaging apps are safe to use and no one can misuse your chats. 

2. Telegram 

Telegrams also have millions of users who use them as a messenger on their desktop for various purposes. Telegram has its own privacy and policies which makes your chat private and encrypted. 

Telegram offers you the feature of private chats Where you can only do chats that are knowable to you.  

Telegram also keeps the chats of the users confidential without any claims or disturbance. You can use the telegram on your desktop as a messenger app. You really like the app features.    

3. Viber 

Viber is another amazing messenger app for the desktop. It has the awesome feature of making HD videos and audio calls. 

In this messenger app, you will find the disappearing feature of chat and also set the time limit so that the Viber messenger will automatically delete it by itself. 

You can also use the group chatting with GIFs and stickers which help to express your feeling.

Viber protects your conversation with others and the majority of people use Viber messenger because of good privacy. 

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4. Discord 

Discord messenger app is used to communicate and coordinate with assistant users. Assistant users mean the discord app is designed with chat support which talks with you as a person. 

It behaves and chats with you like a human. You can also ask any doubts with this chat support. 

It is beautifully designed with the application feature to make it more effective and real in use. 

5. Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is a widely used messaging app worldwide. Facebook messenger is used to share your audio clips, videos, stickers, images, and many more. 

Facebook messenger is a very common desktop messaging app used by people and also an all-time favorite app. You only need to connect the messenger app with the desktop version where you can perform all your work activities. 

6. WeChat 

WeChat messaging app is a free messaging app that connects you with your family and friends. 

It has also featured options like sharing the videos, audios, sending fun stickers, as well as games options. 

We know that all messaging apps have almost the same features, only a little bit difference related to their convenient platform to use or privacy policy. 

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7. Skype 

Skype is one of the oldest chat and video calling applications. Skype messaging app is mostly used by the business organization for their meeting purpose and for training purposes to their employees. 

Skype app gives you the feature of screen sharing during the conversation and you can also monitor it. 

It is one of the useful app tools because it gives you the Recording of calls and live subtitles. 

8. Signal private messenger 

Signal private messenger app is founded by the signal foundation, this is also one of the most popular apps. The best thing you find in this app is that it is free from ads.

Signal private messenger focuses on keeping the chat’s privacy and security. You will get two amazing features in this app one is dark mode and the second is disappearing messages. 

You may also hear that most WhatsApp users want to switch to another app because of their own new privacy and policy feature. 

9. Google Hangouts 

Google Hangout is lined up with the google tradition to make things easier for people. This is one of the most knowable apps for Windows 10 PC. 

Google hangouts have a pretty and simple platform to use the chat and video calls. You also find a quick way to use it. If you want the app for a simple chat way then it is an awesome app to use.

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10. Slack  

The Slack messaging app is a channel-based app. You can easily connect with the people by a link to provide any resources and services. 

Many organization team members use the Slack messaging app to create the channels and send the messages and files through this app. 

You can also make your own channels on the slack messaging app and start to do conversations as a  team member. 


In this article, we discuss all types of desktop messaging app names which really have a  wonderful feature option for use. 

It is really great thanks to the messaging app which helps us a lot to connect with family members, friends, the office team, and many more. 

We know that in the present time, the desktop messaging app is really worthwhile to make our work perfect. Now you can connect with anyone at any time and can share your thoughts with everyone. 

I hope these all wonderful messaging apps help you a lot to interact with anyone which you want, only you need to download it on your desktop.