What Does “FYP” Mean On Tiktok? All Explained

Have you ever see people commenting FYP on Tiktok videos? Have you seen FYP comments on your Tiktok videos? It might confuse you to understand what it means. Am I right? Let me answers this so that you can understand what do people maybe typing FYP on Tiktok videos.

In this article, I will share facts related to FYP in derails so that next time, whenever you see a comment on FYP on your videos or videos of other Tiktokers, you can understand what people want to say. Let us start with this article.

What Is The Meaning Of FYP In Tiktok?

FYP stands as an acronym, and it means to say that For Your Page. In simple words, FYP means that Tiktok fills a page of users full of Tiktok videos, and it shows those videos to users. It helps you enjoy the video that it is offering at present, and you have enjoyed the videos that it had given in the past.

Since Tiktok had launched in 2016, it comes with a section called For You. It is a place where Tiktok shows you videos based on artificial intelligence and algorithms to think that you might like those videos. It is a page where it offers you videos. That is why people call it FYP or For Your Page.

What Does It Do?

First of all, FYP is a part of algorithms that Tiktok uses to filter and surface the content on your landing page. On the EXPLORE page of Tiktok, you can find more interesting-videos, engaging videos, and entertaining videos.

It helps the creator of these videos to get a chance to show their talent to more people. Ultimately, the creators become popular and can get an offer to place ad tags on their content, which makes them earn money.

However, no one could have guessed the proper functioning of these algorithms, and it remains a mystery. But, Tiktok had shared a blog revealing some of the secrets of its success and the success of creators.

In that blog, it said that whenever you see For You Feed, you will see videos and streaming based on your interests, and you can find more related content on the Tiktok.

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Why Do People Have Used #FYP?

Have you ever seen some of the creators have used #fyp on their Tiktok videos? You might have seen hashtags like #fyp, #foryourpage, and #foryourfeed, and many more. People think adding those hashtags to their video description tells Tiktok and its algorithm to push their video on For You page of other users.

It had become a most trending act of Tiktokers, and FYP had become synonymous with video songs going viral! There was a rumor that if you have not used one of these hashtags, your video content will not get viral, and you will not become famous Tiktoker.

Do These Hashtags Truly Work?

Do not disappoint if you are a Tiktoker, but no. These hashtags do not work. If you have noticed a few of the displayed videos on your For Your Page, you must have seen most of the videos have not used hashtags to viral. However, there are thousands of videos that are not popular but have almost all the hashtags used in Tiktok. These types of videos have only a few views.

What does it mean? It means that the algorithms of Tiktok do not care about hashtags.

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Can Comments With FYP Help Your Videos To Get Viral?

Like I have said in the previous section, comments with FYP can no help you. If someone comments on your videos and write FYP, it does not mean your video will go viral. It is because no one can see what the algorithms of Tiktok do in the background of the app. Also, there is no guarantee that the developers of Tiktok will add features like this or not.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand the meaning of FYP in TikTok? Have you ever thought about using these types of hashtags with the description of your Tiktok videos? I have tried to cover almost everything that you require to know about FYP and hashtags so that you can stick to reality.

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