How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile & Status (2022 Updated)

A complete and Genuine information about how to know who viewed your WhatsApp profile and Status!

Gone are the days when people used to sit back and wait for their loved ones to contact them. These are the days when everyone just loves to ping their friends and relatives whenever they miss them or in some urgent need. For this, they use various social media stuff and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many others. These apps have become a part of our lives and we can’t imagine even a single day without scrolling them up and down.

If we talk about WhatsApp, you can see it on almost every smartphone. This is only because of its immense features such as unlimited messages that are end-to-end encrypted, voice calls and video calls for free, great security and privacy, etc. It also allows you to share documents, pictures, audio, location, and contacts with anyone that is already available on WhatsApp. Furthermore, it has the feature of WhatsApp web and WhatsApp desktop that makes it stand out from the queue.

Now the question arises “is there any limitation attached to WhatsApp”? Well, the answer depends on you.  This is due to the privacy settings done by you. In everyday life, lots of people visit your profile section to stalk you and you might not be aware of it. This sometimes creates a problem for many of people and can be a limitation for them. So if you are one of them and how know who viewed your WhatsApp profile and status, this article will surely help you out.

How to know who viewed my WhatsApp profile

If you literally want to know who is stalking you, then it’s high time to be happy because there are several applications available at Google Play Store, iOS store, and other stores. These applications allow you to check who the people visiting your WhatsApp profile regularly. But when it comes to the fact whether these applications are real or fake, you might be disappointed. This is because these apps such as “Who visited my profile?”, “WhatsApp who viewed me?” etc. are not real at all. According to some reality check tests, all these apps failed to identify the real stalkers. They just updated the “visitors” column with some random individuals who even do not know you and never visited your profile.

Now, the question is still there how to know who viewed my WhatsApp Profile? Just believe that no third-party application can tell you about it. If you try such applications, It will be only a waste of time and nothing else. This is because due to some security and privacy norms, you can never get to know who visited your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp cares for your data safety and security and thus never allows anyone to let them know anything related to profile section visitors. So it can be concluded that there is no way to know who saw your WhatsApp profile.

How to know who viewed my WhatsApp status

It might be possible that you have created the same mindset for WhatsApp status as well. But you will be glad to know that you are wrong. Yes, there are ways to know who viewed your WhatsApp Status and most surprisingly, you can even know the exact time if you want to. Generally, WhatsApp allows its users to update their status whenever they want for 24 hours. You can share anything such as images, videos, content, GIFs, etc. any time without any issue. After that, you can even check who is watching your status from time to time. Apart from status updating, there is another shocking thing for you. WhatsApp allows its users to customize status privacy. You can update the settings related to “who can see my status updates” just by visiting the status privacy section and choosing among the below-given options:

  • My contacts
  • My contacts except…
  • Only share with…

Are you still in a dilemma about how to know who viewed my WhatsApp status? Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open your WhatsApp application

Step 2: click on the “Status” tab

Step 3: click on the “My status” option

Step 4: you will see a status “pop-up

Note: search for an eye icon

Step 6: click on the eye icon

To understand better watch this video

Once you click on the eye icon, you are done with it. It will give a pop-up of all your contacts who viewed your status in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, when you click on the “Status” tab, you will find three dots on the right side. It allows you to know the total number of views and provide other options such as forward, share, share to Facebook, delete, etc. Isn’t this so simple? You need not follow any typical steps or download any third-party application to know your status viewers. This feature is provided by the WhatsApp team and you will also find some changes in it from time to time.  

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People often feel excited to know who has viewed their display picture, status, about, and other things updated by them. But you need to know what are the things that you can know about WhatsApp and what you cannot. For instance, you can know who has viewed your status in the last 24 hours but you cannot know who visited your profile section to view your DP or about the section. It might make you feel sad but you have to understand the fact that WhatsApp cares for you. It never compromises with the users’ safety and privacy terms and thus allows you only some things to be known in detail.

WhatsApp provided this feature of updating stories just a few years ago. This not only made the users feel advanced but also allowed them to share their moments easily all the time. But the problem is that some of the users still do not know how to check the viewers and other related things. This article will surely be helpful for them and make this task easier. It is like a game that can be played with fingertips only.