Top 10 Best photo/document scanner apps for Android & iPhone 2019

Top 10 Photo & Document scanner apps fo

Are you looking for best scanner apps to scan your document immediately or for further use? Here the article will explain to you about the 10 Best photo/document scanner apps to scan your documents easily and efficiently. In the modern world, most of everyone has a Smartphone or iPhone with quality cameras. If you are panic about your valuable documents, make a scanned copy of the documents by using your phone and make it safeguard from theft or loss.

10 Best Photo/Document Scanner Apps

#1: Pic Scanner – In iPhone especially for scanning old photos

It is a mobile application that has been used only on the iPhone. You can take a snap of photos and documents from this application to get a PDF scan copy of a document or photo. This app has a special feature to do perspective corrections in the auto detected mistakes. This app will enhance the list of photos and documents with additional captions. A special feature of the app is saving the scan documents in cloud services to retrieve back.

Pic Scanner


#2: Cam Scanner – PDF creator in Android and iPhone

This app is considered as the best and famous scanner app in 2019, it has been used by both Android application user and iPhone user. Special features of the app are using a camera for scanning, then digitizer the scanned documents or photos in PDF format or supportive format required by the user. It has the benefit of special cropping and ensuring picture quality using different layouts. Even by using this app you can share the scanned document from the app to your family or friends by the confidential transaction.

Cam Scanner


#3: Picture Scan App – In an Android application by Photomyne

The app has a feature to convert the captured picture into digital live records on the file manager, and you can share the records to others in the right file format. The beneficial quality of the app is it can scan multiple analog photographs at the same time. You can re-edit the saved documents with the features of auto-rotating, cropping. It has an additional quality of saving an entire scan album into a digital album.

Picture scan app


#4: PhotoScan – Available in both Android and iPhone store

The app is considered as one of the best from the 10 Best photo/document scanner apps. Due to its special feature of scanning directly the photos/ documents digitally instead of capturing pictures and converting them to scan copy. The ultimate specialty of the app is it can crop and edit the scan picture or document by detecting the edges of the picture/document.

Photo scan by google photo


#5: Camera Scanner Image Scanner – Android application

When you install this app you can come to know the quality of your mobile device changes into an amazing scanner. The app uses your mobile camera to take any picture of document/photos to digitize in the high definition scanner format. By using this app you can share the scanned file to others, also you can update the file into cloud account to retrieve the file later in the future. Auto photo enhancing and fast document scanning feature makes the app famous for users.

Camera Scanner Image Scanner


#6: Photo Scan – In Android mobile application store for document scanner

Especially the quality of automatic detecting correction in documents and doing a perspective correction to save a document makes the app familiar in an Android application store. It saves your time from editing work and it enhances the captured image with colors and maintains the quality ever. It helps to save the scanned document in image format or documentation format as per the personal pattern of a user.

Photo Scan, Document scanner


#7: Photo Scanner plus – available in the iPhone app store

This app is considered as the best scanner app from 10 Best photo/document scanner apps. The app is available on iPhone application store and it is only applicable for iPhone user to scan fastest the document or photo. You only have to capture the picture remaining scanning work will be done automatically by the app to digitize it. You can store, restore, edit and share the memories of pictures and documents with trustworthy people.

Photo scanner plus


#8: Photo Scanner . Photo Editor – Android phone photo editor

The app is specially designed to work as a photo editor by using your android mobile camera. The app works fastest and provides the easiest way to make a scanned copy of multiple papers in a single capture. The capacity of the app can store 50 pictures in each album by adding subtitle to retrieve later easily. It detects the picture automatically and crops perfectly to save the picture in High definition format of your old photos and new photos.

Photo scanner photo editor


#9: Photo Scanner – available in Android mobile application store

The App is produced by Gaba Studio Apptools to Google application to experience the basic level of scanning methods. This app automatically detects the edge of the captured page to crop in the format of Black or Grey or White scale scanning. The App works very faster and reliable than other than the 10 Best photos/documents scanner apps.  This app provides the option of thumbnail view to see the list of scanned documents in a file. The additional feature of the scanning QR code and Bar code as per recent trend makes the app to use by most people to experience the new features.

Photo scanner


#10: Old Photo Scanner – Available in Android Application store

The app is specially designed to scan the printed pictures in the digitized form. This app works quickly and easily to scan old pictures by using the filter features available in the application. It has the feature of smart cropping on unlimited albums to save the pictures on your android internal or external storage on phone. Creating tag lines on photos help to retrieve later and it offers you an option to share pictures.

Old photo scanner


Bottom line

So the above-mentioned apps are considered and used as the best apps from Top 10 Best photo/document scanner apps (Android/iPhone) 2019. Hope you find and gathering information about the top 10 scanner application in this article to make use of it from a handy communication device.

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