How To Find Someone’s Real Name On Snapchat?

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to find out someone’s real name on Snapchat

Snapchat is an American multimedia app developed for photo sharing from person to person. In Snapchat, when you sent a snap directly to friends is only viewable for a maximum of 10 seconds and can be re-watched once only.

According to a survey, more than a thousand peoples use different social media platforms, and about 60 to 70% of this use Snapchat every day.

Thousands of people use this platform and talk to people. But when it comes to knowing the real name of the person you are talking to, things work separately and differently. There are many people you don’t know on Snapchat, and you are eager to know that person’s identity on Snapchat. One can find the real name and identity behind the Snapchat account in various ways. But knowing the real name of the person totally depends on the person whose name you want to know. This is because if the person has not added their real name to their account, then it is impossible. But if they have added, then it is possible.

So if you are among those who want to know someone’s real name on Snapchat, then you are on the right platform, and we are your one-stop destination. Here we will provide you the complete information on “how to find someone’s real name on Snapchat?”

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How To Find Someone’s Real Name On Snapchat??

Here are the detailed steps:

If the user has added their real name to their profile:

  • Open friend list: The first step is to just open the Snapchat app and your friend list on it.
  • Search the account: Now the user has to find the account of which they want to know the real name.
  • Gear icon: After getting the account, you want to know. The user can find a gear icon next to the user name of that account.
  • Open the gear icon: Now tap on the gear icon to open it.

Now the user can find the real name right in front of them. But, if the user has not added their name to their profile, then it’s not the time to worry as there are some other ways that will help you out. Here we will provide you the steps that you can use.

Directly Ask:

Instead of spending a lot of time online to know the real name and using the reverse lookups, one can directly ask the person for their name. This may obviously not work sometimes if the account is fake. But if you are having a friendly conversation with that person, then you can directly ask for their name without any hesitation.

Reverse Username Search:

this is the process of using the username or the person to know the real name. So one can use Google by simply using the username of the person and start digging. But if you are unable to get your grievances covered on Google, then try to use other search engines like Bing.

Third-party Tools:

If you are unable to find the real name by following the above two ways, then this will be the last one that can help you out. One can use different third-party username apps that are available online. On this, you just have to give the username of the person, and you can get the real name. Also, there are many apps that can provide you with the real name by just using the profile picture of the person you want to know.


These are the methods that a user can adapt when they wish to check out the real name of the user on Snapchat. Also if you want to know something more about it then do let us know in the comments section below so that we can help you out with the same. Also if there is any suggestion considering the need you had just mention about the same as well.

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