Best WhatsApp Tracking Apps You Need to Try in 2023

There are plenty of apps currently available on both Android and iOS platforms that offer users the ability to track WhatsApp and other messaging apps. However, most of these apps require the user to either root or jailbreak the Android and iOS device respectively.

In this article, we will identify the top five WhatsApp tracking apps that are do not make such demands. The list of features offered can be different for Android or iOS platforms so be sure to check which app suits your needs best. You may need other monitoring features as well if you are planning to use a tracking app, so we have listed other features of each app as well. The apps on our list are ranked for features, compatibility, and affordability, so without further delay, let’s get down to our list.

#1. mSpy


MSpy is the best tracking app that is primarily oriented towards providing kids monitoring options for parents. With mSpy, you can remotely read all sent and received messages on the device. However, access to photos and call logs requires that you jailbreak or root the device. The app offers other valuable features too, such as call monitoring, GPS location access, key logger, multimedia access, and others. It is compatible with Android versions 4.0.3 and above. For iOS devices, mspy is compatible with all iOS versions up to 9.1. The basic version of the app costs USD 16.66 per month, while the premium version costs USD 69.99 a month.

#2. Spyzie


Spyzie is another advanced monitoring app that offers WhatsApp tracking features. You can use Spyzie to remotely monitor all sent or received WhatsApp messages on the device. You can also go through all the photos, videos, and other documents exchanged via WhatsApp. However, these must be downloaded and saved on the device before you can access them. Other features offered by Spyzie include call monitoring, GPS tracking, SMS monitoring, app blocking, and multimedia access. The app is compatible with all Android versions 4.0 and above. For iOS, it offers compatibility with all versions 8.0 and above. Spyzie offers three subscription packages. The basic version costs USD 29.99 per month, the premium comes in at USD 39.99 a month, while the ultra-version costs USD 49.99. Bear in mind that WhatsApp access is not available with the basic version. You will either have to buy the premium or the ultra-subscription, which is expensive.

#3. IKey monitor


IKey monitor, like mSpy, is predominantly designed as a parental monitoring app and the list of features available reflects that. You can monitor WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp voice notes, as well as all sent or received messages. However, you cannot access photos exchanged on WhatsApp on an iOS device. iKey monitor offers other features as well that are similar to other apps mentioned on this list. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. For Android, it works with Android 2.3 and above. Similarly, iOS versions 9.0 and above are supported by the iKey monitor. Unlike other apps on this list, iKey offers a free trial version, though with very limited functionality. As for subscription packages, there is only one costing USD 29.16 per month for both Android and iOS.  

#4. MobiStealth


MobiStealth is another WhatsApp tracking app available for both Android and iOS. You can use MobiStealth to read all WhatsApp chats as well as access photos exchanged on all chats. While these features are offered by other apps on our list, there are important things you should keep in mind with regards to MobiStealth. For example, the WhatsApp functionality is dependent on the version you are subscribing for, and the operating system of the device. You can access the chats on the iOS device, but access to pictures is only available with Android devices.

Other features offered by the app include call monitoring, SMS monitoring, location tracking, and others. MobiStealth offers different subscription packages. For Android, the Pro version costs USD 59.99 per month, while the Pro-X version comes in at USD 69.99 a month. You can only access photos on the pro version, while the Pro-X package lets you go through the WhatsApp chats as well. There is only one subscription package for iOS which costs USD 8.33 per month, though you cannot go through pictures exchanged via WhatsApp.



XNSPY is a sophisticated monitoring app that offers a broad range of features. For WhatsApp, you can go through all the messages exchanged via the app. But this is not it, you can access all exchanged photos as well. Similarly, XNSPY also lets you go through the complete WhatsApp call log remotely. However, the call log access feature is only currently available for Android-based devices. XNSPY offers other valuable features too. These include access to all multimedia files stored on the device, call monitoring, text monitoring, real-time location tracking, instant alerts, and device remote control.

The basic version of the app costs USD 4.99 a month, while the premium version comes in at USD 7.49 per month. Bear in mind that you can only access WhatsApp photos with the basic version, but full functionality with the premium version. The app is compatible with all versions of Android 4.0 and above. For iOS, XNSPY is compatible with versions 6.0 and above. These features, affordability, and widespread compatibility.

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