12 Best Free Video Chatting Apps For iOS And Android of 2022

Hi Guys, In this article, you’ll know the 12 best free video chat apps that are available both for android and iOS users.

Video calling has certainly changed throughout the years, with quality being very poor in the past, to now having applications at hand that use efficient algorithms, alongside the high-quality internet speeds now offered in homes all over, to make video chatting much better than it has ever been.

It now takes just seconds to contact someone who may be on the other side of the world and establish a stable connection between two devices no matter how far apart they are. 

Because of the high-quality developments within video chatting software, many companies have jumped onto the bandwagon, to try to create the best video chatting apps to date, each offering the user the same style platform, for both iOS and Android.

12 Best Video Chatting Apps For 2021

#1. FaceTime

FaceTime Video chat app

A video chatting app specifically designed for any Apple, iOS product, is FaceTime. The application allows the users to connect with anyone else who owns the FaceTime feature, anywhere in the world, running a quality of up to 720p. 

The best thing about the app is that it runs more like a phone call, with a notification ringing on a device, even if the application is not open. As well as this, the FaceTime app allows its users to choose between video and actually audio too, with the option to turn the chat into more of a phone call, that won’t eat away at mobile minutes. Unfortunately, FaceTime is yet to make an update that allows more than 2 people to access a call, so as of now there can only be one caller and one recipient. 

As long as both callers have an Apple device, be it an iPhone, iMac, or iPad for example, they qualify for the FaceTime app and will be able to partake in video calling globally, as long as there is a reliable internet connection. 

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#2. Facebook Messenger


The Facebook video chat feature is likely one of the best available for those wanting to contact their friends and family via video. This is because Facebook is a globally used app, that more than likely every single person who has an account, will also have the messenger app to speak with their contacts. 

As well as messaging friends, the app allows the users to create group video chat calls, for free. This is a great alternative to the video calling app above, as it allows any Facebook user to contact a handful of others, not dependent on their choice of device, and only needing an internet connection for it to work.

Similarly, from recent updates, the app has allowed the users to play with creative filters while the call is in motion, turning friends into animals such as tigers, or placing funky accessories over their faces like hats and glasses. 

#3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messener

The WhatsApp messaging download currently owns on average, a billion daily users who use the messaging service to contact friends, family, and even work. As well as this, the app allows the users to also video call each other, due to its convenience.  

The WhatsApp application is very easy to navigate around, with a call made in as quick as a few button clicks, ensuring that there is a strong internet connection available, whether that be data or Wi-Fi. 

WhatsApp has definitely bettered itself in the past years, originally being one of the last chosen options for making contact with people due to its lacking in features compared to the other applications available. But, it soon challenges those competitors, announcing its release of the group video chatting feature, one that many didn’t have at the time. 

Unfortunately, the app is yet to offer desktop use, sticking to its mobile chatting routes for now. But regardless, many are still reaching to WhatsApp to contact loved ones all over the world, via messenger and video chatting. 

#4. Tango

Tango Video chat

Possibly one of the oldest apps to be found within an Android device, Tango certainly doesn’t disappoint. Being alongside Android for so long, the app has been given time to develop and better itself, with the regular new releases of Android phones, offering an updated version as much as possible.

The entire application offers its users fully-fledged features of free video calling, texting, and voice calls. It also proving itself to be more than just a video chatting app and adapting to that of a social media platform too over the past years. This allows users to connect with those they may not know, as well as contact those they do.

The app does include some paid features that those who want a little more flexibility can pay for, but it comes as an option-only process, not all users have to purchase the customizable functions.

#5. JusTalk Video Chat

JustTalk Video chat

The JusTalk app is all about video calling, offering its users are great video experience, rather than trying to beat the competition with a whole host of features that may not be used! While this application may not be the most popular among others, it still strives to provide those who are users, a reliable and quality video chat. 

There are some creative features twined into the app such as being able to doodle and draw funny pictures over a video chat to make it more entertaining, as well as record an entire video call, for later memory.

#6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal private messenger

A great alternative to those who may not have access to an iOS device, the Signal Private Messenger, like FaceTime strives for its high-quality video chatting experience and privacy settings. 

The application itself offers the user a trio of video chatting, group calls, and voice calls, with secure, end-to-end encryption for top security. The open-source, free and easily navigated app is a popular choice for those who want to speak with friends and family, without the trouble of their information getting taken or broken into, with privacy as its top-selling feature. 

#7. SnapchatSnapchat Video chat app

Particularly popular within the teenage age range, an app that has overtaken the competitors of Facebook and Instagram among the younger generation, is Snapchat. But, this was not enough for the picture messaging app, as it now offers the users the ability to video chat too.

Being both a personal call and group call featuring app, Snapchat has quickly become a choice for those who want a simple call, without having to have a specific device or setting, just an internet connection. 

The entire app has a series of creative features from a user being able to transform themselves into augmented reality, 3D characters with the use of their filter collection, read up on the latest social media news on the feed, and chat, record, and share memories with all the connected friends on the site.

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#8. Skype

Skype Video chat

Skype is most commonly known to be the original video chatting platform, being around much longer than its FaceTime companion. But, still keeping up as a chosen alternative to the popular iOS app. 

The application is best known for its quality, stability, and even still now, its popularity among ages. Not only does Skype allow its users to video call, but text, voice call, and even offers the option to pay for phone call minutes, to contact someone to their real phone number.  The video chatting features allow users to group call up to 10 people, offering a positive, perfectly acceptable video chatting experience. 

#9. Google Duo

Google Duo

The Google Duo application is a very simple, video chatting service, that allows the users to contact anyone within their call log for free, via video, as long as they have the Duo app available as well. 

While this may be a Google-developed app, those on the iPhone can get involved too, with the cross-calling platform, whether the user is android or iPhone, they can use Google Duo. The easy and free app is a popular choice among many. 

Not to mention is the favorable feature, of being able to see who is ringing before picking up the phone. Great for those who may want 5 minutes to themselves, or know they can save the video chat for the next day without any trouble!

#10. Viber

Viber Video chat app

A 2013 launched app and already accumulating 11 million downloads, Viber is clearly a popular choice for both iPhone and Android users. The app itself has many attractive features that make the average video calling app much more attractive.

The app allows the users free, international video and voice calling with the option of text messaging too. Viber enjoys its additional features, from being able to hide personal messages sop no one apart from the user can see them, the addition of stickers and emojis to text messages, and its automatic encryption securing any messages or calls to keep them safe. 

#11. ooVooOoVoo video chat app

While it may have started off as a simple messaging app, ooVoo developed itself into a group video calling app, allowing users to speak with up to 8 people at one time. Alongside this, however, ooVoo did stick to its routes, keeping the messaging features and updating what was available with them.

For example, the user can share images of video messages and texts. Not to mention the platform being fully compatible, so any device from mobile to PC, Apple, and Android can use this app in order to contact their friends and family. Not to mention being made with cutting-edge technology, making ooVoo highly competitive in the world of video chatting, and superior to that of the same developed use.

#12. Line Messenger

Line Free call and chat

This video chatting app, in addition to many others is very popular with many online users and allows them to contact absolutely anyone across the platform, as long as they have the internet connection to obtain the application. Not only does the app allow people to video chat for entertainment and conversation, but it also works alongside businesses to offer them a high-quality platform to hold video conferences, that can feature up to 200 people. 

The app also lets those signed up send messages with stickers and even use entertaining filters while using the video call feature. Line messenger can also be used on both mobile and desktop, making it easier for those conference calling to control their video.

While there is a lot available on the app for free, some features are to be paid for by the user, however, if they are happy with what’s available for no charge, then they can use the app as it is.


There are so many kinds of video chatting applications available for both iOS and Android users, with most being available for both across a multi-platform feature set up. While for many it may always be about the iOS FaceTime app, this isn’t accessible to everyone, so having a range of alternatives is very important.

It should be said, that the 12 different applications mentioned above don’t seem to make a dent in the extensive collection of video calling platforms available for download, but these are the best, free ones that should definitely be looked into before deciding which one to download.

Each all works, in the same way, to offer the user a quality, video calling experience that can reach anyone over the world just with a simple internet connection. But, depending on the extent of entertainment the user would like to experience, it will depend on which application is best for them, and their device.  

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