12 Best Free Music Player Apps for Android (2023 Updated)

Are you tired of streaming the best music? Are you confused about the streaming of music from phone to pc or Pc to phone or table etc? In modern technology, music streaming becomes more convenient and comfortable with the widely used Music Player Apps available for Android from the Google Play store.

Android smartphones changed our lives completely; everything in the world comes to our little palm that does multitasking.

When you are bored with listening to the default music player, this incredible Music Player App helps you in customizing your music experience. Let’s see the app one by one.

List of 12 Best Free Music Player App For Android this year

#1: VLC Media Player – Android

VLC for android

VLC for Android is the most common audio player that comes with a complete equalizer, filters, and complete database that play all types of weird audio formats.

The VLC media player is the best open-source music player for Android available for free with no add contains.VLC for Android is able to play both video and audio files and also network streams, drives, and shares like the desktop version of VLC.

The VLC music player supports all types of video & audio that includes MP3, MP4, MKV, Ogg, AVI, etc. Download the app from the above link. The auto-rotate feature in the app helps to rotate the screen in full view to enjoy the musical theme world.

#2: Google Play Music – Android

Google play music

Google Play Music is the most widely used music player app for the Android version. It also supports the IOS version. In this app, you can add up to 50k songs in your media library and enjoy the music carnival with unlimited fun and greater music effects. It is a free app available from the above link.

The shuffle mode feature is available in this version that enables the user to make use of songs in shuffle mode. You can search the songs even though the web, Android, or IOS.

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#3: KX Music Player – Android

KX music player

KX Music Player is another best music player available for Android. It is an intuitive equalizer that helps to improve the sound quality. It has special features supporting the special formats of files includes MP3, MP4, OTA, MP2, MP1, AIFF, AAC, 3GP, S3M, MOD, WAV, MTM, M4A, OTA, UMX, etc.

This is the major app that supports all types of music files. With the effects of the equalizer, you can enjoy the best theme of the music world with five band equalizers that help you to switch over the bands of your choice.

You can search and play any music albums, based on artist, 3D effects, playlist, folders, songs, etc. Download this incredible app from the above-given link.

#4: BlackPlayer Music Player – Android

BlackPlayer ex music player

BlackPlayer Music Player app is a wonderful app available with a light theme and 6 fonts of choice and 11 color accents to choose from. Download the app from the google play store from the above link.

The playing themes are versatile that has close to 8 themes along with the white widget theme. Make your own customization from the above available option and start exploring the music world anonymously.

It also supports the files that include MP2, Flac, Wav. It has an inbuilt equalizer, virtualizer, left/right sound bass, bass booster, etc. The 3D transition effects and 3D widgets are the additional features available in this app.

Additional features of lyrics viewing and editing are available in this app. It has a sleeper timer, lock screen control support, notifications on new albums, weekly most played tracks details, etc.

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#5: MP3 Player – Android

MP 3 Player

The MP3 player is a must-have music player for all smartphones of Android users. This app is designed user-friendly that enables the user to browse and select the songs based on their taste.

The app has an additional feature of the edit, cut, join, etc in MP3 versions. It is available with the most efficient cutter tool that enables the user to select the lyrics of their choice and make it a ring tone on their Smartphone.

This ultimate MP3 player helps to create your own playlist that helps to create and edit your own choice of songs. Download this ultimate music player from the above-given link.

One can create or edit their own playlist more easily with this ultimate mp3 player. You can easily browse and play your favorite music by albums, genres, folders, playlists, and songs.

#6: Audio Beats – Android

Audio beats

This is a widely used app that has more than 10 million downloads. This is a lightweight app that plays music in a fast and melodic way. It can support all audio files format. It is user-friendly; you can navigate to songs and tracks easily.

This app contains an intelligent sleep timer and many wonderful features. Just download this and try once from the Google play store.

#7: Musixmatch – Android


Musixmatch is the world’s largest collection of people who downloads this app for song lyrics that enables the user to get instantly synchronized with the lyrics for YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and more.

This app features the lyric option with language selection that helps to choose your language that translates your own interesting language. You can get exposure to a new language with the help of this app.

It is easy to play, skip, and pause, directly from your lock screen. So what are you waiting for? Download this app from the above-given link.

#8: Music Player 3D – Android

Music player 3d

Music Player 3D is one of the best 3D Music Player Apps that supports both offline and online music app on Android. It supports all music file formats include MP3, Mp4, AAC, AIFF, WAV, etc.

This app has an equalizer of 5 bands that create their own sound effect on music. It is easy to create your own playlist and it helps for adjusting the speed of the music. Download this app from the above link.

#9: Dub Free Music Player – Android

Dub free music player

The dub music player is a popular music player for Android OS.  You can switch over to your favorite song with an easy click and enjoy the most stunning performance with the help of an equalizer; it improves the sound quality and clarity. The MP3 player supports Mp3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, 3Gp, etc.

This app is available with 3 interesting themes that help for easy switchover of the favorite theme. Download the app now and start exploring the music world with an unlimited collection of songs.

#10: BoomCap Music Player – Android

Boom cap music player

Do your ears desire a 3D sound effect from your headphone? Do you need a finer equalizer and boost your tidal streaming with incredible sound effects? Then download the BoomCap Music player from the above link to satisfy all the above queries.

Boom cap redefines the song’s sound with its outstanding enabled features that happened on any headphone. You can stream your favorite tracks from tidal to enjoy this best boom effect. Boom brings all your music dreams in your pocket and starts exploring the app anywhere.

#11: Sensor Music Player – Android

sensor music player

Sensor Music Player (SMP) is an attractive and effective MP3 app with lots of awesome themes and features available from the Google Play store.

It is easy to change, skip, or pause the song with simplified features. The theme has an inbuilt equalizer and bass sound effect that enable the user to enjoy the most stunning music world.

The easy navigation helps the user to switch over the keys in a simplified way. The smart search bar in the app can easily search for the favorite music added to the playlist.

#12: Samsung Music – Android

samsung music player

Samsung Music player is specially optimized for the Samsung Android device that provides the best user interface and powerful music functionality. It features various sound formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, etc. It provides a clean intuitive interface to the users.

It is easy to search for the favorite artist, genre, music player, folder, song, and composer. You must enjoy this best app by download it from the above-given link.

Musical energy has a greater effect; it connects directly to our soul. It remembers our past life and our olden day’s memory. Over the past 10 years, music can be heard only through radio and TV that too with the choice of the provider.

Last Word

Now in the modern world, music devices are changed from bulky arrangements of sound systems to slim and sleek portable devices. The above best 12 free Music player Apps fulfill the thirst for music. Start enjoying this app by downloads it from Android mobile and have unlimited fun.

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