10 Best Free Music Apps Without WiFi For Android

Listening to music is considered a healing treatment for every person no one in the world is unlike listening to music. In the fast running world, you can’t find time to relax if you have an android phone you can relax in your spare time.

You may experience the music application by streaming with an internet connection.

Here this article will help you to find the best music apps without Wi-Fi with the best collection of songs.

10 Best Free Music Downloaders Apps Without WiFi

These days most people have a smartphone along with various applications if you are crazy about listening to songs to check out the list of music apps.

#1: Google Play Music

Google music app

The most preferable apps on the current days you can download from Google Play Store to listen to songs based on free and paid versions. You can find and store a 50k more collection of songs from different languages according to you.

It is the best free music app to listen to phone storage music, radio stations, by the dividend of song, artist, and albums. You can listen through offline music and a free trial of ad-free listening.

#2: Slacker radio

Slacker Radio

The app gets popularize due to the facility of user can create their custom music station to listen to their favorite music. The Slacker Radio app is specialized to listen to various live streaming radio stations from music apps without Wi-Fi usage.

By using this application you can find hundreds of music stations and interactive music stations. It is suitable for any person who is in a diverse state to listen to various music from different languages.

If you get impressed and willing to download this application you can download it from the Google Play store.

#3: Spotify Music

Spotify music

It is a top preferable music app by many Android users due to the feature of adding handmade songs by end-user to get popularized. This app is considered as a king of an entire music app to have a database of 30 million songs on the music library.

You can listen to the streaming songs from this application without using Wi-Fi, a list of Spotify users can pick and grab their favorite music on the right choice.

You can easily download this application from the android play store to listen to music according to your interest in any song at any time.

#4: TuneIn Radio

Tunein Radio

This app has a collection of 100k and more songs from the free radio stations you can listen to the list of music without using Wi-Fi. This app allows not only music for you it offers various collections of music from different journals that are around the world.

By using this app you can listen to favorite music from a radio station, you have to select the streaming range of music according to your interest. You can also listen and watch favorite podcasts and talk shows.

If you have to receive the experience of traditional music listening you can download it from the Google Play Store.

#5: Shazam


Shazam is one of the popular offline music apps you can download from the Google play store.

Some 100M users are using this app to get the stream on the list of music. A special feature of this app is you can get the song even from the search of the song lyrics.

Without using Wi-Fi you can stream live music with or without the related song track additionally you can sync the list of music from across all devices.

#6: Amazon Music

Amazon music app

It is specially designed as an alternative for Wi-Fi using the application, you can find 40 million tracks of audio with the curated shortlists. The database of this app has a collection of music from the old days up to today’s most popular songs.

By including on the pre-membership on this app you can get the opportunity to upload your custom music on this app to listen for the collection of users.

You can download this application from Google Play Store.

#7: iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio

It is also in the list of music apps that can access without using Wi-Fi, it is being free for all android users. You can get an unlimited collection of music from this application also you can discover live AM/FM stations with the collection of your favorite songs.

You can download this application from Google Play Store to listen to unlimited music from thousands of radio stations.

An additional feature of this application is you can personalize the collection of music according to your taste.

#8: YouTube Music

Youtube music

This application is specially designed for music discovery for users to discover their taste of music from the collection of 30 million songs.

A special feature of this app is it allows the user to listen and watch the streaming music from the endless music catalog.

There is no distraction of ads on this app it gives endlessly to listen to your favorite music. You can download this application from the Google Play Store with the available options of the free and pro version.

#9: Deezer


Normally meaning for the word Deezer is unlimited music as on the same line this application is 100% free with the collection of unlimited music.

You can listen to your favorite music from music apps without Wi-Fi usage and also you can store your favorite music from this app for a certain period of time.

You can download this application from the Google Play store to listen to the collection of music from classical to heavy metals according to your favorite by preparing a chart of the music list.

#10: Pandora


It is the most popular app for streaming music services with a list of popular music from various radio stations. By installing this application on your android device you can listen to your favorite music without using Wi-Fi.

The special feature of adding a song list based on songs and band is a considerable one.

By creating your favorite music list you can share that list with your friends and family list.

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